Historical Information About The Last Name Calloway

The Calloway name is a historically significant one, with a rich history dating back centuries. The name has been associated with many famous people and events, making it an interesting topic for genealogy enthusiasts and history buffs alike.One of the most famous people with the last name Calloway was jazz great Cab Calloway. He was a singer, songwriter, bandleader, and actor who was born in 1904 and died in 1994. He was famous for his unique style and his big band sound.

Another famous person with the last name Calloway is General George Armstrong Custer. He was a cavalry officer in the American Civil War and the American Indian Wars, and he was killed at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

There are many other interesting people and events with which the name Calloway is associated, making it a fascinating topic for further exploration.

The Popularity Of Calloway As The Last Name

The Calloway name is one that is popular throughout the United States. In fact, there are more than 1.5 million people who have this last name. While there are many different spellings of the name, the most popular is Calloway.There are many theories about the origin of the name. One popular belief is that it is derived from the Gaelic name Cailean. This name means "young warrior." Another possibility is that the name is derived from the Old Norse name Kalli. This name means "beautiful."

Regardless of the origin of the name, there are many people who are proud to carry the Calloway name. This name has a long and rich history, and it is sure to continue to be popular for many years to come.

Naming Ideas With Calloway As The Last Name

As a new parent, one of the first things you have to do is choose a baby name. And if you're like most parents, you want a name that is unique and special. But how do you find the perfect name?One option is to use a name that is unique but still has a familiar feel. For example, you could use a name like Calloway. Calloway is a unique name, but it still has a familiar ring to it.

If you're looking for a name that is both unique and stylish, consider using a name like Calloway. Calloway is a name that is both uncommon and fashionable.

If you're looking for a name that is both unique and traditional, consider using a name like Calloway. Calloway is a name that is both uncommon and classic.

If you're looking for a name that is both unique and modern, consider using a name like Calloway. Calloway is a name that is both uncommon and trendy.

If you're looking for a name that is both unique and timeless, consider using a name like Calloway. Calloway is a name that is both uncommon and ageless.

So, if you're looking for a unique and special name for your baby, consider using a name like Calloway.

List of People with the Last Name Calloway

Mary CallowayRobert CallowayWilliam CallowayJames CallowayMichael CallowayJohn CallowayCharles CallowayDavid CallowayJ CallowayLinda CallowayPatricia CallowayWillie CallowayD CallowayRichard CallowayThomas CallowayAnthony CallowayA CallowayGeorge CallowayJoseph CallowayBarbara CallowayBetty CallowayAngela CallowayKimberly CallowayLisa CallowayElizabeth CallowayT CallowayJennifer CallowayDeborah CallowayKenneth CallowayK CallowayChris CallowayChristopher CallowayJoe CallowayKaren CallowayLarry CallowayCynthia CallowayRonald CallowaySharon CallowaySandra CallowayBrenda CallowayDonald CallowayDenise CallowayEdward CallowayPaul CallowayDonna CallowayMichelle CallowayCarolyn CallowayCarol CallowayKim CallowayKevin CallowayDorothy CallowayDaniel CallowayShirley CallowayPamela CallowayAmanda CallowayLawrence CallowayDiane CallowayDebra CallowayTerry CallowayMark CallowaySusan CallowayJason CallowayCurtis CallowayBilly CallowayJoyce CallowayTimothy CallowayAmy CallowayStephanie CallowayBrandon CallowayJerry CallowayGloria CallowaySteven CallowayChristine CallowayJimmy CallowayHelen CallowayTammy CallowayJacqueline CallowayMelissa CallowayTeresa CallowayBobby CallowayShannon CallowaySteve CallowayTracy CallowayRebecca CallowayJessica CallowayAlbert CallowayKelly CallowayAshley CallowayRuth CallowayJudy CallowayJanice CallowayNancy CallowayAnn CallowayCrystal CallowayApril CallowayTina CallowayHenry CallowayAndrew CallowayLaura CallowayErnest CallowayRaymond CallowayKathy CallowayCarl CallowayGary CallowaySarah CallowayAnnie CallowayRobin CallowayBill CallowayMartha CallowayBrian CallowayBeverly CallowayGregory CallowayAndrea CallowayTheresa CallowayFrances CallowayMargaret CallowayTiffany CallowayKatherine CallowayCheryl CallowayJessie CallowayMarcus CallowayMatthew CallowayJack CallowayHarold CallowayTony CallowayJohnny CallowayClarence CallowayEric CallowaySheila CallowayVirginia CallowayArthur CallowayJeffrey CallowayJesse CallowayPhillip CallowayDoris CallowayEvelyn CallowayLeslie CallowayWanda CallowayStephen CallowayJonathan CallowayNicole CallowayPatrick CallowayRachel CallowayJamie CallowayWalter CallowayLynn CallowayJoshua CallowayFred CallowayEarl CallowayJackie CallowayNathaniel CallowayAlice CallowayRuby CallowayRay CallowayChristina CallowayFrank CallowayCalvin CallowayCatherine CallowayEddie CallowayShawn CallowayAnna CallowayKeith CallowayDana CallowayJean CallowayJanet CallowayScott CallowayRhonda CallowayLouise CallowayAaron CallowayYolanda CallowayKathleen CallowayRose CallowaySherry CallowayMarie CallowayJeffery CallowayRicky CallowayCarrie CallowayJustin CallowayMattie CallowayCourtney CallowayMarvin CallowayConnie CallowaySamuel CallowayPaula CallowayHoward CallowayMildred CallowayRandy CallowayRoy CallowayClifford CallowayLee CallowayGrace CallowayGwendolyn CallowayTonya CallowayRonnie CallowayJohnnie CallowayJuanita CallowayVictoria CallowayRegina CallowayMaurice CallowayEugene CallowayHeather CallowayCraig CallowayCharlie CallowayEmily CallowayGerald CallowayGladys CallowayEthel CallowayWayne CallowayAllen CallowayDanny CallowayPauline CallowayRoger CallowayFelicia CallowayRalph CallowayJerome CallowayThelma CallowayDennis CallowayKatie CallowayMarion CallowayVanessa CallowayLewis CallowayFrederick CallowayLeonard CallowayBrittany CallowayCassandra CallowayCharlotte CallowayHarry CallowayStacey CallowayDouglas CallowayLucille CallowayJulia CallowayMelvin CallowayNathan CallowayBessie CallowayAnita CallowayTanya CallowayLillie CallowayTommy CallowayDarlene CallowayValerie CallowayAmber CallowayAntonio CallowayLois CallowayBernice CallowayHazel CallowayAndre CallowayBryan CallowayBruce CallowayErica CallowayLori CallowayDarryl CallowayBertha CallowayTroy CallowayFreddie CallowayReginald CallowayWarren CallowayTerrance CallowayStanley CallowayRandall CallowayTravis CallowayRodney CallowaySamantha CallowayDarrell CallowayLillian CallowayLouis CallowayDerrick CallowayRyan CallowayJeremy CallowaySonya CallowayAlexander CallowayJimmie CallowayGeraldine CallowayEdna CallowayLonnie CallowayPhyllis CallowayHattie CallowayLeon CallowayCorey CallowayCandace CallowayMinnie CallowayMae CallowayLeroy CallowayVincent CallowayBenjamin CallowayLamar CallowayEmma CallowayTyrone CallowayFloyd CallowayClara CallowaySean CallowayAustin CallowayEbony CallowayFlorence CallowayAlvin CallowayHerbert CallowayAlexis CallowayClaude CallowayBernard CallowayVictor CallowayMack Calloway