Historical Information About The Last Name Cannon

Are you curious about the history of your last name? If so, you'll want to learn more about the Cannon surname. This name has a rich history that dates back centuries.The Cannon surname is derived from the Old French word "canon," which means "large gun." This surname was originally used to describe someone who worked in a cannon foundry. Over the years, the Cannon surname has been used by many notable figures, including American president James A. Cannon and English Prime Minister William E. Gladstone.

If you're interested in learning more about the Cannon surname, be sure to check out the Cannon surname project. This project is a great resource for genealogy enthusiasts who want to learn more about their family history. You can also visit the Cannon surname forum to connect with other people who share your last name.

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The Popularity Of Cannon As The Last Name

The Cannon name is one that is quite popular in the United States. In fact, it is the 14th most popular last name in the country. There are many different variations of the Cannon name, including Kanan, Kannan, Cannan, and Cannoni. The name is thought to have Irish and Scottish origins.There are many famous people with the Cannon last name. One of the most famous is musician and actor, Billy Cannon. Cannon is best known for his time playing for the LSU Tigers football team. He was also a two-time Heisman Trophy runner-up.

Other famous Cannon include author and journalist, Anderson Cannon, and Olympic gold medalist, Ernie Cannon. There are also a number of celebrities who have changed their last name to Cannon, including actors Dean Cain and Charlie Sheen, and singer Mariah Carey.

So why is the Cannon name so popular? It is likely a combination of its Irish and Scottish origins, and the numerous famous people who have carried it. The Cannon name is sure to continue to be popular for many years to come.

Naming Ideas With Cannon As The Last Name

If you're looking for a unique baby name, Cannon may be the perfect option. This name has a strong and masculine sound, and it's perfect for a little boy. If you're looking for something a little less common, consider some of the following options:Caleb








These are all great names that have a similar sound to Cannon. If you want to give your child a name that's unforgettable, choose Cannon as your child's last name. This name is sure to make a statement, and your child will be sure to stand out from the crowd.

List of People with the Last Name Cannon

L CannonMary CannonJohn CannonSteve CannonSusan CannonBetty CannonKevin CannonDonald CannonBarbara CannonDebra CannonChris CannonFrank CannonNancy CannonCharles CannonMatthew CannonElizabeth CannonJ CannonDiane CannonHelen CannonB CannonSharon CannonRonald CannonLinda CannonPamela CannonPatricia CannonCatherine CannonMargaret CannonKathleen CannonJoseph CannonGeorge CannonJerry CannonRichard CannonSteven CannonSarah CannonJames CannonJoe CannonLarry CannonAshley CannonCynthia CannonBrian CannonThomas CannonMichael CannonDaniel CannonKim CannonTimothy CannonCarol CannonMelissa CannonMike CannonPaul CannonKaren CannonMark CannonLisa CannonAmanda CannonLaura CannonMichelle CannonDavid CannonChristine CannonDorothy CannonChristopher CannonJessica CannonDonna CannonDeborah CannonJeffrey CannonKimberly CannonBrenda CannonWillie CannonJennifer CannonAnn CannonAnthony CannonShirley CannonPatrick CannonR CannonStephanie CannonWilliam CannonT CannonKenneth CannonC CannonRobert CannonAngela CannonSandra CannonEdward CannonRuth CannonRebecca CannonTeresa CannonKelly CannonTerry CannonCarolyn CannonAmy CannonStephen CannonJack CannonGary CannonKatherine CannonLawrence CannonDebbie CannonCarl CannonBilly CannonNicole CannonCrystal CannonGregory CannonScott CannonTammy CannonAnna CannonHeather CannonDennis CannonCheryl CannonKathy CannonHenry CannonJoshua CannonAndrew CannonVirginia CannonWalter CannonMarie CannonJoyce CannonDenise CannonJason CannonChristina CannonJanet CannonEric CannonJackie CannonDoris CannonAlice CannonBobby CannonRachel CannonJulie CannonJanice CannonAnnie CannonTracy CannonDouglas CannonRaymond CannonLori CannonJeffery CannonBeverly CannonJudy CannonFrances CannonCindy CannonMartha CannonJean CannonFred CannonJacqueline CannonTheresa CannonSean CannonSamuel CannonTina CannonKeith CannonJamie CannonHarold CannonSheila CannonLee CannonRoy CannonWanda CannonRyan CannonJonathan CannonSara CannonBrittany CannonJoan CannonConnie CannonGerald CannonJohnny CannonAnne CannonRobin CannonLouise CannonMaria CannonJimmy CannonArthur CannonEvelyn CannonRose CannonEddie CannonSherry CannonKathryn CannonVictoria CannonRalph CannonTiffany CannonAndrea CannonJesse CannonGloria CannonShawn CannonLeslie CannonEmily CannonApril CannonBrandon CannonJudith CannonPeggy CannonMildred CannonJustin CannonMarcus CannonCurtis CannonWayne CannonFrancis CannonCarrie CannonEugene CannonRhonda CannonAmber CannonRuby CannonJane CannonDiana CannonBenjamin CannonMarilyn CannonHarry CannonDanny CannonJeremy CannonErnest CannonJessie CannonPaula CannonMegan CannonRenee CannonClarence CannonBryan CannonRoger CannonDawn CannonTony CannonDanielle CannonEarl CannonAlbert CannonLillian CannonBonnie CannonJulia CannonRay CannonCourtney CannonCharlie CannonEmma CannonCraig CannonRussell CannonPhillip CannonSamantha CannonShannon CannonEdna CannonGrace CannonGlenn CannonAnita CannonLois CannonLauren CannonJacob CannonKyle CannonGail CannonFlorence CannonErin CannonBruce CannonCharlotte CannonDale CannonEllen CannonHoward CannonHazel CannonDana CannonRandy CannonTyler CannonCarla CannonAllen CannonPhyllis CannonPeter CannonEthel CannonLeroy CannonTommy CannonElaine CannonRicky CannonMelvin CannonLucille CannonEva CannonAaron CannonThelma CannonRita CannonTaylor CannonIrene CannonSylvia CannonNathan CannonCalvin CannonMarion CannonClara CannonJuanita CannonHerbert CannonRonnie CannonJimmie CannonNicholas CannonAudrey CannonEdith CannonBradley CannonChad CannonMarjorie CannonJosephine CannonVeronica CannonMarvin CannonJordan CannonMaurice CannonZachary CannonClyde CannonCody CannonTravis CannonBarry CannonRodney CannonNathaniel CannonCecil CannonLloyd CannonGladys CannonLewis CannonAdam CannonMattie CannonFloyd CannonIda CannonTroy CannonDerrick CannonAlfred Cannon