What Is The History Of The Last Name Carbajal?

The surname Carbajal has a long and interesting history. The name is derived from the Spanish word carbajal, which means "place of coal." The first person to bear the name Carbajal was probably a miner or someone who worked in a coal mine.The Carbajal family first appears in records in the late 1200s. A man named Alonso Carbajal was mentioned in a document from 1298. He was a soldier in the army of King Ferdinand IV of Castile.

Over the centuries, the Carbajal family has contributed to many areas of Spanish life. They have been soldiers, scholars, artists, and politicians.

Some famous members of the Carbajal family include:

-Pedro Carbajal, a 16th century Spanish poet

-Diego Carbajal, a 16th century Spanish painter

-Luis Carbajal, a 17th century Spanish scholar

-Josefa Carbajal, a 19th century Spanish politician

-Andres Carbajal, a 20th century Mexican politician

The Carbajal surname is also common in Latin America. This is because many Carbajal families emigrated from Spain to Latin America in the 1800s and 1900s.

Today, the Carbajal surname is found all over the world. It is especially common in Spain, Mexico, and the United States.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Carbajal?

Are there any famous people in history with the last name Carbajal?Yes, there are several famous people with the last name Carbajal. Some of them include:

- Rudy Carbajal, a professional bull rider

- Ana Carbajal, a Mexican actress

- Luis Carbajal, a Mexican singer and actor

There are likely many more famous people with the last name Carbajal, but these are some of the most well-known. If you are looking for more information on this topic, be sure to do a quick online search. You should be able to find plenty of information on famous people with the last name Carbajal.

Where Does The Last Name Carbajal Rank In The Most Common US Names?

In the United States, there are over 150 different last names that are given to more than 1,000 babies each year. While there are many different and unique last names, there are also some that are more common than others.The name Carbajal is not one of the most common US names, but it does rank in the top 1,000. There are approximately 2,500 people in the US with the last name Carbajal, which makes it the 1,029th most common last name in the country.

There are a few different theories as to where the last name Carbajal originated. One theory is that it is a variation of the last name Caraballo. Another theory is that it is a combination of the last names Carballo and Caballero.

Regardless of its origin, the last name Carbajal is definitely unique and will stand out among the other last names in the US. If you are looking for a unique and interesting last name, Carbajal is a great option!

List of People with the Last Name Carbajal

Maria CarbajalJose CarbajalJuan CarbajalLuis CarbajalCarlos CarbajalJesus CarbajalJorge CarbajalMiguel CarbajalAntonio CarbajalRosa CarbajalFrancisco CarbajalDavid CarbajalAna CarbajalGuadalupe CarbajalManuel CarbajalRoberto CarbajalDaniel CarbajalVictor CarbajalPedro CarbajalJavier CarbajalMartha CarbajalMario CarbajalRaul CarbajalMartin CarbajalPatricia CarbajalRicardo CarbajalCarmen CarbajalRuben CarbajalElizabeth CarbajalSandra CarbajalAlejandro CarbajalVeronica CarbajalJ CarbajalFernando CarbajalGloria CarbajalRobert CarbajalOscar CarbajalM CarbajalJessica CarbajalMary CarbajalNorma CarbajalEduardo CarbajalHector CarbajalRafael CarbajalAlberto CarbajalLaura CarbajalAngel CarbajalGabriel CarbajalTeresa CarbajalCesar CarbajalMichael CarbajalArmando CarbajalEnrique CarbajalAlfredo CarbajalArturo CarbajalSergio CarbajalJaime CarbajalJuana CarbajalSalvador CarbajalMargarita CarbajalRamon CarbajalMarco CarbajalAlicia CarbajalBlanca CarbajalMonica CarbajalLeticia CarbajalClaudia CarbajalYolanda CarbajalJoe CarbajalErnesto CarbajalJennifer CarbajalPablo CarbajalRichard CarbajalDiana CarbajalMaribel CarbajalRodolfo CarbajalSilvia CarbajalAngelica CarbajalLorena CarbajalIrma CarbajalOmar CarbajalSylvia CarbajalCynthia CarbajalAndres CarbajalEdgar CarbajalLuz CarbajalAnthony CarbajalNancy CarbajalHugo CarbajalMelissa CarbajalIsabel CarbajalGuillermo CarbajalJulio CarbajalJohn CarbajalAlma CarbajalSamuel CarbajalAdriana CarbajalAdrian CarbajalGerardo CarbajalGustavo CarbajalOlga CarbajalIsmael CarbajalIgnacio CarbajalGeorge CarbajalMichelle CarbajalAlfonso CarbajalRene CarbajalAlex CarbajalJulia CarbajalChristina CarbajalAndrea CarbajalVictoria CarbajalVirginia CarbajalJoseph CarbajalBenjamin CarbajalErika CarbajalRogelio CarbajalSaul CarbajalStephanie CarbajalSonia CarbajalFelix CarbajalFelipe CarbajalGabriela CarbajalAngela CarbajalBrenda CarbajalSusana CarbajalLucia CarbajalBertha CarbajalIrene CarbajalCecilia CarbajalSocorro CarbajalFrank CarbajalLinda CarbajalCarolina CarbajalRamiro CarbajalLorenzo CarbajalVanessa CarbajalAgustin CarbajalAnna CarbajalAraceli CarbajalJoel CarbajalGilberto CarbajalKarla CarbajalJesse CarbajalKarina CarbajalAlejandra CarbajalRocio CarbajalGraciela CarbajalChristian CarbajalJonathan CarbajalMayra CarbajalLisa CarbajalCelia CarbajalMiriam CarbajalAmanda CarbajalVicente CarbajalEdward CarbajalLupe CarbajalMarcos CarbajalJames CarbajalJosefina CarbajalPaul CarbajalChristopher CarbajalAntonia CarbajalEsther CarbajalSantiago CarbajalConsuelo CarbajalYesenia CarbajalMagdalena CarbajalRamona CarbajalRodrigo CarbajalRuth CarbajalKaren CarbajalJulian CarbajalCrystal CarbajalLourdes CarbajalGilbert CarbajalMaricela CarbajalJuanita CarbajalRachel CarbajalEsteban CarbajalBeatriz CarbajalRosario CarbajalEva CarbajalPaula CarbajalRigoberto CarbajalAbel CarbajalElias CarbajalEfrain CarbajalEstela CarbajalAlbert CarbajalHumberto CarbajalJacqueline CarbajalJanet CarbajalDora CarbajalCruz CarbajalHenry CarbajalSara CarbajalDonald CarbajalSantos CarbajalWilliam CarbajalRaquel CarbajalIsrael CarbajalSarah CarbajalAbraham CarbajalMarisela CarbajalJohnny CarbajalOfelia CarbajalLiliana CarbajalLilia CarbajalNicolas CarbajalElvira CarbajalDolores CarbajalAdan CarbajalIvan CarbajalOlivia CarbajalGregorio CarbajalCristina CarbajalEric CarbajalErica CarbajalMoises CarbajalReyna CarbajalAurora CarbajalOctavio CarbajalBarbara CarbajalEsmeralda CarbajalGerman CarbajalMarisol CarbajalAshley CarbajalDomingo CarbajalPriscilla CarbajalMaritza CarbajalIsaac CarbajalEdith CarbajalDenise CarbajalSteven CarbajalBernardo CarbajalRosalba CarbajalMarina CarbajalElvia CarbajalFrancisca CarbajalGuillermina CarbajalAdolfo CarbajalMercedes CarbajalLazaro CarbajalOrlando CarbajalAlexander CarbajalJulie CarbajalImelda CarbajalTheresa CarbajalValerie CarbajalLidia CarbajalEmilio CarbajalEdwin CarbajalAndrew CarbajalAlexis CarbajalNelson CarbajalEvelyn CarbajalHilda CarbajalErik CarbajalLeonel CarbajalPilar CarbajalLuisa CarbajalErick CarbajalMargarito CarbajalTomas CarbajalKimberly CarbajalElsa CarbajalNora CarbajalPamela CarbajalPetra CarbajalMark CarbajalMartina CarbajalWalter CarbajalMauricio CarbajalAdela CarbajalElisa CarbajalSofia CarbajalMisael CarbajalBrian CarbajalAaron CarbajalAgustina CarbajalAlvaro CarbajalValentin CarbajalBryan CarbajalMarcelino CarbajalRolando CarbajalTeodoro CarbajalKevin CarbajalAlan CarbajalArnulfo CarbajalElmer CarbajalFredy CarbajalEliseo CarbajalEugenio CarbajalDennis CarbajalIsidro CarbajalCharles CarbajalJasmine CarbajalJoshua Carbajal