Historical Information About The Last Name Cardenas

The Cardenas name has a rich history dating back centuries. The name has been associated with many famous people and events throughout history.The Cardenas name originated in Spain. It is thought to have derived from the Latin name Cardinius, which was derived from the Roman name Carinus. The Cardenas name was first mentioned in Spain in the 10th century.

One of the most famous Cardenas’s in history is the Mexican revolutionary general, Pablo Cardenas. Cardenas was born in 1879 and fought in the Mexican Revolution of 1910-1920. He was a leader of the Mexican Communist Party and served as President of Mexico from 1934-1940.

Another famous Cardenas is the American actor, Andy Cardenas. Cardenas has appeared in many films and television shows, including “The Shield” and “CSI: Miami”.

The Cardenas name is also associated with a number of historical events. For example, in 1492, a Cardenas sailed with Christopher Columbus on his voyage to the New World. And in 1810, a Cardenas led the Mexican Revolution against Spanish rule.

The Cardenas name is a proud and historic name that has been associated with many famous people and events throughout history. If you are lucky enough to have the Cardenas name, you can be proud of your heritage and hold your head high knowing that you come from a long and illustrious line of ancestors.

The Popularity Of Cardenas As The Last Name

There are many reasons why Cardenas is one of the most popular last names in the United States. For starters, it is ranked as the 10th most common name in the country. Additionally, it is also one of the most diverse last names in the United States, with origins in Spain, Mexico, and the Philippines.There are many interesting stories and myths surrounding the origin of the Cardenas name. One legend states that the name was derived from a Spanish knight named Cardenas who fought in the Crusades. Another story claims that the name was derived from a Spanish town called Cardenas.

Regardless of the origin of the name, there is no doubt that Cardenas is a very popular name in the United States. This is likely due to the fact that it is such a diverse name, with origins in multiple countries. As the United States continues to become more diverse, it is likely that the popularity of the Cardenas name will continue to increase.

Naming Ideas With Cardenas As The Last Name

There are many different naming ideas that you can consider when you are looking for the perfect name for your baby. If you are looking for a unique name that will stand out, you may want to consider a name that has Cardenas as the last name. This name is sure to get your child noticed, and it will be easy for people to remember. There are many different ways to spell this name, so you will be able to find the perfect one for your child. This name is sure to stand the test of time, and your child will love it.

List of People with the Last Name Cardenas

Guadalupe CardenasMartha CardenasM CardenasMary CardenasRaul CardenasManuel CardenasJ CardenasBlanca CardenasJoe CardenasAna CardenasMonica CardenasLuz CardenasChristina CardenasSilvia CardenasAlma CardenasRosa CardenasAlberto CardenasLeticia CardenasRafael CardenasClaudia CardenasJohn CardenasSandra CardenasTeresa CardenasCarmen CardenasMaria CardenasRobert CardenasDiana CardenasAdriana CardenasPatricia CardenasJose CardenasIrma CardenasAlicia CardenasOscar CardenasMargarita CardenasMichael CardenasGustavo CardenasA CardenasLaura CardenasAngel CardenasElizabeth CardenasArmando CardenasSalvador CardenasJessica CardenasLuis CardenasRamon CardenasJuan CardenasJavier CardenasRoberto CardenasMiguel CardenasJorge CardenasJulio CardenasRuben CardenasGloria CardenasNorma CardenasFrancisco CardenasMario CardenasAntonio CardenasVictor CardenasVeronica CardenasRichard CardenasMartin CardenasNancy CardenasArturo CardenasGerardo CardenasMarco CardenasJennifer CardenasRicardo CardenasDavid CardenasJesus CardenasEduardo CardenasJaime CardenasDaniel CardenasPedro CardenasSergio CardenasCesar CardenasAlejandro CardenasEnrique CardenasAlfredo CardenasFernando CardenasAnna CardenasHector CardenasJuana CardenasYolanda CardenasAlfonso CardenasCarlos CardenasGabriel CardenasAngelica CardenasAndres CardenasBrenda CardenasSylvia CardenasCynthia CardenasAnthony CardenasJoseph CardenasGeorge CardenasVanessa CardenasErika CardenasMelissa CardenasErnesto CardenasOlga CardenasLorena CardenasMichelle CardenasStephanie CardenasAlex CardenasAngela CardenasGuillermo CardenasIsabel CardenasAndrea CardenasJosefina CardenasAdrian CardenasGabriela CardenasCecilia CardenasLinda CardenasSonia CardenasEdgar CardenasJesse CardenasAlejandra CardenasBertha CardenasFrank CardenasChristopher CardenasChristian CardenasGilberto CardenasChris CardenasLisa CardenasRamiro CardenasBeatriz CardenasCristina CardenasMayra CardenasPablo CardenasRodolfo CardenasFelipe CardenasElsa CardenasMarcos CardenasSusana CardenasVirginia CardenasEva CardenasRosario CardenasSamuel CardenasSara CardenasJoel CardenasRebecca CardenasVictoria CardenasLazaro CardenasRogelio CardenasRaquel CardenasHugo CardenasOmar CardenasMaricela CardenasEdward CardenasPaul CardenasDolores CardenasCrystal CardenasIgnacio CardenasAbel CardenasJulia CardenasJonathan CardenasLouis CardenasRene CardenasMaribel CardenasEsther CardenasGraciela CardenasKarla CardenasIsrael CardenasIrene CardenasDora CardenasGilbert CardenasAraceli CardenasJuanita CardenasJames CardenasAmanda CardenasFrancisca CardenasLupe CardenasAlbert CardenasKaren CardenasEric CardenasMiriam CardenasKarina CardenasRigoberto CardenasWilliam CardenasSaul CardenasCarolina CardenasJacqueline CardenasBenjamin CardenasSantiago CardenasVicente CardenasMarisol CardenasAshley CardenasErica CardenasIvan CardenasRocio CardenasPaula CardenasEfrain CardenasMercedes CardenasLorenzo CardenasYesenia CardenasGriselda CardenasSarah CardenasAurora CardenasSusan CardenasRuth CardenasEsmeralda CardenasJanet CardenasMark CardenasElena CardenasHenry CardenasLourdes CardenasTony CardenasHumberto CardenasAndrew CardenasOlivia CardenasAntonia CardenasJohnny CardenasEsperanza CardenasFelix CardenasIsmael CardenasConsuelo CardenasLucia CardenasHilda CardenasCelia CardenasKimberly CardenasJulian CardenasAlvaro CardenasElvira CardenasElias CardenasThomas CardenasRaymond CardenasTomas CardenasDiego CardenasAlexander CardenasRachel CardenasLiliana CardenasLeonardo CardenasSteven CardenasElisa CardenasEmma CardenasFederico CardenasRodrigo CardenasAbraham CardenasRita CardenasAlexis CardenasAgustin CardenasJudith CardenasRudy CardenasOrlando CardenasSantos CardenasDenise CardenasCristian CardenasNora CardenasGerman CardenasNicolas CardenasEdith CardenasRamona CardenasRolando CardenasEsteban CardenasCruz CardenasAdan CardenasDelia CardenasMariana CardenasBarbara CardenasLilia CardenasJason CardenasAdam CardenasGladys CardenasMagdalena CardenasNoe CardenasFabiola CardenasFidel CardenasAngelina CardenasMauricio CardenasMarina CardenasLeslie CardenasDaisy CardenasSamantha CardenasSofia CardenasLidia CardenasElva CardenasYadira CardenasGregorio CardenasAdolfo CardenasNicole CardenasGonzalo CardenasBenito CardenasEdwin CardenasKevin CardenasEvelyn CardenasMoises CardenasAnita CardenasReynaldo CardenasEstela CardenasJoshua CardenasReyna CardenasDaniela CardenasAaron CardenasLeonel CardenasWendy CardenasArnulfo CardenasJoaquin CardenasMatthew CardenasJosue CardenasDomingo CardenasNestor Cardenas