Historical Information About The Last Name Carlton

There are many interesting facts about the last name Carlton. One of the most interesting is that it is derived from a place name. Carlton is derived from the Old English word “ceorl-tun”, meaning “farmstead or village of the freemen”. This is significant because it shows that the Carltons were once free men. Another interesting fact is that the Carlton name has been around for a long time. The first recorded instance of the name was in the Domesday Book of 1086. The Carltons were one of the most powerful families in England during the Middle Ages. They held many titles and lands, and were even granted a coat of arms in the 12th century. The Carlton name has also been associated with many famous people. For example, the Earl of Carlton was a title given to the son of the Duke of Cornwall. The Earl of Carlton is also the title of the current heir to the throne of Saxony. There have also been several famous Carltons in the United States. The most notable is probably Carlton Fisk, a Hall of Fame baseball player.

The Popularity Of Carlton As The Last Name

When you think of the last name Carlton, what comes to mind? If you're like most people, you probably think of the popular TV show, "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." The show aired from 1990-1996 and starred Will Smith as a young man who was sent to live with his wealthy aunt and uncle in California after his mother died. The show was a huge hit and made Will Smith a household name.While the show may be what first comes to mind when you think of the last name Carlton, there is actually much more to it than that. Carlton is actually the 10th most common surname in the United States. It is estimated that there are over 280,000 people in the United States with the last name Carlton.

So what is the origin of the last name Carlton? It is actually derived from a location in Yorkshire, England. The Carlton area was first mentioned in the Domesday Book, which was a survey of England that was compiled in 1086.

So if you are thinking of adopting the last name Carlton, you can rest assured that you will be in good company. And who knows, you may even be able to catch a rerun of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" while you're at it.

Naming Ideas With Carlton As The Last Name

If you're looking for a unique baby name, you might want to consider one with Carlton as the last name. This unique name has both English and Scottish origins. The meaning of the name Carlton is 'settlement on a crag'.There are a few famous people with the last name Carlton, including the singer Carlton Banks from the TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. If you're looking for a more modern name, you might want to consider Cash or Knox.

Whatever name you choose for your child, be sure to choose one that you love and that will be meaningful to your family. With such a unique name, your child will definitely stand out from the crowd!

List of People with the Last Name Carlton

James CarltonMichael CarltonMary CarltonR CarltonJohn CarltonJ CarltonRichard CarltonRobert CarltonWilliam CarltonDavid CarltonCharles CarltonC CarltonThomas CarltonLinda CarltonPatricia CarltonElizabeth CarltonD CarltonB CarltonJennifer CarltonL CarltonLisa CarltonSusan CarltonA CarltonChris CarltonBarbara CarltonChristopher CarltonKaren CarltonDaniel CarltonW CarltonKenneth CarltonBetty CarltonSteve CarltonJoseph CarltonMark CarltonDonald CarltonSteven CarltonGeorge CarltonPaul CarltonGary CarltonLarry CarltonKimberly CarltonAngela CarltonDeborah CarltonMichelle CarltonDonna CarltonCynthia CarltonMargaret CarltonAmanda CarltonPamela CarltonBrian CarltonCarol CarltonScott CarltonSharon CarltonMatthew CarltonBill CarltonSandra CarltonRuth CarltonSarah CarltonEdward CarltonKevin CarltonDorothy CarltonJason CarltonJessica CarltonKathleen CarltonDebra CarltonJeffrey CarltonCatherine CarltonShirley CarltonStephanie CarltonJerry CarltonHelen CarltonNancy CarltonAnn CarltonAshley CarltonMelissa CarltonTerry CarltonLaura CarltonAnthony CarltonRonald CarltonTimothy CarltonDiane CarltonAmy CarltonVirginia CarltonBrenda CarltonRebecca CarltonKelly CarltonStephen CarltonAndrew CarltonJudy CarltonKim CarltonKatherine CarltonCarolyn CarltonJeff CarltonTammy CarltonJulie CarltonDon CarltonChristine CarltonLawrence CarltonTeresa CarltonGregory CarltonJack CarltonFrances CarltonJoe CarltonKathy CarltonRaymond CarltonDebbie CarltonDouglas CarltonChristina CarltonCheryl CarltonBilly CarltonBruce CarltonJoan CarltonJoyce CarltonJoshua CarltonWayne CarltonHeather CarltonDenise CarltonBobby CarltonDennis CarltonJanice CarltonRachel CarltonTim CarltonJacqueline CarltonWillie CarltonCarl CarltonJean CarltonHarold CarltonMildred CarltonRay CarltonSue CarltonLee CarltonLori CarltonAlice CarltonWalter CarltonMarie CarltonAnnie CarltonTracy CarltonFrank CarltonJanet CarltonMartha CarltonJeffery CarltonKeith CarltonNicole CarltonRandy CarltonDawn CarltonTheresa CarltonRyan CarltonEric CarltonTina CarltonCarrie CarltonLeslie CarltonRobin CarltonMaria CarltonWendy CarltonAnne CarltonJustin CarltonDoris CarltonShannon CarltonGerald CarltonTerri CarltonLynn CarltonJane CarltonEmily CarltonSara CarltonPatrick CarltonEarl CarltonJonathan CarltonRalph CarltonHenry CarltonPeggy CarltonJackie CarltonAnna CarltonFred CarltonJudith CarltonSheila CarltonTiffany CarltonPhillip CarltonBeverly CarltonPhyllis CarltonRuby CarltonRoy CarltonGloria CarltonAlbert CarltonJulia CarltonMarvin CarltonVictoria CarltonRoger CarltonBrandon CarltonLouise CarltonAmber CarltonJamie CarltonPaula CarltonEvelyn CarltonSherry CarltonKathryn CarltonRhonda CarltonConnie CarltonClarence CarltonWanda CarltonRose CarltonBryan CarltonHarry CarltonSamuel CarltonAdam CarltonKatie CarltonDana CarltonBrittany CarltonHazel CarltonCrystal CarltonJimmy CarltonEdna CarltonRita CarltonSuzanne CarltonMarilyn CarltonDale CarltonAlan CarltonEmma CarltonRandall CarltonJacob CarltonLois CarltonEllen CarltonGrace CarltonBenjamin CarltonJohnny CarltonElaine CarltonEugene CarltonMarion CarltonJay CarltonJesse CarltonRussell CarltonJeremy CarltonVickie CarltonCraig CarltonBonnie CarltonFields CarltonArthur CarltonPhilip CarltonAnita CarltonTony CarltonAndrea CarltonCody CarltonLauren CarltonCourtney CarltonHoward CarltonMegan CarltonStacy CarltonApril CarltonSamantha CarltonJessie CarltonVernon CarltonCurtis CarltonChad CarltonShawn CarltonNathan CarltonGlen CarltonAllen CarltonNorman CarltonMelanie CarltonDarrell CarltonBradley CarltonRegina CarltonBarry CarltonAaron CarltonThelma CarltonTodd CarltonCasey CarltonTaylor CarltonGlenn CarltonValerie CarltonMelvin CarltonTravis CarltonPauline CarltonHerbert CarltonFlorence CarltonNicholas CarltonRodney CarltonLillian CarltonMarjorie CarltonRonnie CarltonJuanita CarltonJosephine CarltonClifford CarltonPearl CarltonZachary CarltonGlenda CarltonMabel CarltonNorma CarltonErnest CarltonCharlotte CarltonFloyd CarltonPerry CarltonGladys CarltonEleanor CarltonLeon CarltonCecil CarltonMattie CarltonStanley CarltonEsther CarltonEdith CarltonLewis Carlton