What Is The History Of The Last Name Carmichael?

The history of the Carmichael name is a long and intriguing one. This surname has been around for centuries and can be traced back to many different countries. The Carmichael name has a rich history and is steeped in tradition.One of the most common theories about the origin of the Carmichael name is that it is derived from the Gaelic word carmach, which means chariot maker. This is because many Carmichaels in the past were involved in the carriage and coach-making business. Another theory is that the name is derived from the Latin word carrus, which means cart.

The Carmichael name has been found in Scotland, Ireland, and England. It is thought that the name first appeared in Scotland in the 12th century. One of the earliest known Carmichaels in Scotland was a man named David Carmichael, who was born in 1185. David was the son of Gilbert Carmichael, who was the constable of Dundee.

The Carmichael name first appeared in Ireland in the early 1500s. One of the earliest known Irish Carmichaels was a man named John Carmichael, who was born in 1510. John was the son of Christopher Carmichael, who was the mayor of Clonmel.

The Carmichael name first appeared in England in the early 1600s. One of the earliest known English Carmichaels was a man named John Carmichael, who was born in 1606. John was the son of James Carmichael, who was the sheriff of Northumberland.

The Carmichael name has a long and interesting history. If you are interested in learning more about this surname, be sure to check out the Carmichael Surname History website.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Carmichael?

There are several famous people in history with the last name Carmichael. One of the most well-known is Alexander Carmichael, a Scottish folklorist and author who collected over 5000 Gaelic songs and poems. Another is the American jazz pianist, composer, and bandleader Duke Ellington, who was born Edward Kennedy Ellington. There are also a few Hollywood actors with the last name Carmichael, such as Brian Carmichael, who starred in the TV series "The Dukes of Hazzard", and Liza Carmichael, who appeared in the movie "The Blind Side".So, are there any other famous people with the last name Carmichael? As it turns out, there are a few more. For example, there's Grant Carmichael, the co-founder of the Home Shopping Network, and his brother, Terry Carmichael, who was the CEO of the company for many years. There's also David Carmichael, a Scottish mountaineer who has climbed some of the world's most challenging peaks, and Andrew Carmichael, a Rhodes Scholar and historian who specializes in the ancient Mediterranean world.

So, if you're ever wondering whether or not there are any famous people with your last name, the answer is most likely yes! With so many talented and accomplished Carmichael's out there, you can be sure that you're in good company.

Where Does The Last Name Carmichael Rank In The Most Common US Names?

There are many common US surnames, but which one ranks at the top? According to recent data from the Social Security Administration, the last name Carmichael is the #259 most common US name. This puts it well behind the most common name, Smith, which is #1 on the list.There are many other surnames that are much more common than Carmichael. Some of the most common surnames in the US include Garcia, Rodriguez, Johnson, Williams, and Davis. So if you are looking for a common US name, you should consider one of these options.

If you are looking for a unique name, however, Carmichael may be a good choice. It is not as common as some of the other names on the list, so you will stand out and be easier to remember. Plus, it has a nice ring to it.

So if you are looking for a unique and uncommon US name, Carmichael is a good option. But if you are looking for a more common name, there are many other options to choose from.

List of People with the Last Name Carmichael

James CarmichaelMary CarmichaelRobert CarmichaelWilliam CarmichaelJohn CarmichaelJ CarmichaelDavid CarmichaelC CarmichaelR CarmichaelRichard CarmichaelS CarmichaelCharles CarmichaelElizabeth CarmichaelDaniel CarmichaelThomas CarmichaelL CarmichaelLinda CarmichaelA CarmichaelPatricia CarmichaelMichael CarmichaelJennifer CarmichaelDonald CarmichaelBarbara CarmichaelT CarmichaelK CarmichaelBetty CarmichaelKenneth CarmichaelJoseph CarmichaelSusan CarmichaelLisa CarmichaelChris CarmichaelMargaret CarmichaelPaul CarmichaelGeorge CarmichaelDonna CarmichaelChristopher CarmichaelSarah CarmichaelDeborah CarmichaelKimberly CarmichaelKaren CarmichaelRonald CarmichaelCynthia CarmichaelCarol CarmichaelKevin CarmichaelSteven CarmichaelTimothy CarmichaelScott CarmichaelChristine CarmichaelSteve CarmichaelJeffrey CarmichaelSandra CarmichaelGary CarmichaelKim CarmichaelCatherine CarmichaelSharon CarmichaelHelen CarmichaelBrian CarmichaelMichelle CarmichaelKatherine CarmichaelAnn CarmichaelJean CarmichaelJessica CarmichaelRuth CarmichaelMelissa CarmichaelEdward CarmichaelDorothy CarmichaelAngela CarmichaelJoe CarmichaelLarry CarmichaelShirley CarmichaelAndrew CarmichaelDan CarmichaelDebra CarmichaelRebecca CarmichaelKathy CarmichaelBrenda CarmichaelNancy CarmichaelMatthew CarmichaelJason CarmichaelKelly CarmichaelPamela CarmichaelAmy CarmichaelAmanda CarmichaelAnthony CarmichaelMark CarmichaelJack CarmichaelMike CarmichaelDennis CarmichaelLaura CarmichaelTeresa CarmichaelKathleen CarmichaelDon CarmichaelStephanie CarmichaelAshley CarmichaelKeith CarmichaelHarold CarmichaelMarie CarmichaelPatrick CarmichaelCarolyn CarmichaelHeather CarmichaelDouglas CarmichaelJerry CarmichaelJudy CarmichaelVirginia CarmichaelTerry CarmichaelCheryl CarmichaelJanet CarmichaelWillie CarmichaelKathryn CarmichaelSara CarmichaelAnna CarmichaelTina CarmichaelJulie CarmichaelDiane CarmichaelFred CarmichaelJudith CarmichaelJoshua CarmichaelBeverly CarmichaelDenise CarmichaelChristina CarmichaelRobin CarmichaelLori CarmichaelGregory CarmichaelBruce CarmichaelNicole CarmichaelLee CarmichaelArthur CarmichaelCindy CarmichaelEric CarmichaelFrances CarmichaelRyan CarmichaelAllen CarmichaelWayne CarmichaelAlice CarmichaelJeffery CarmichaelAndrea CarmichaelLawrence CarmichaelStephen CarmichaelTiffany CarmichaelRaymond CarmichaelAmber CarmichaelCarrie CarmichaelJoyce CarmichaelAnnie CarmichaelMartha CarmichaelCarl CarmichaelJane CarmichaelBobby CarmichaelShannon CarmichaelHenry CarmichaelTracy CarmichaelDoris CarmichaelRalph CarmichaelTammy CarmichaelConnie CarmichaelAlbert CarmichaelBilly CarmichaelJackie CarmichaelJanice CarmichaelFrank CarmichaelTheresa CarmichaelJoan CarmichaelLynn CarmichaelMildred CarmichaelEvelyn CarmichaelSean CarmichaelWalter CarmichaelDanny CarmichaelLeslie CarmichaelJonathan CarmichaelRachel CarmichaelJacqueline CarmichaelCrystal CarmichaelJamie CarmichaelRose CarmichaelLouise CarmichaelWanda CarmichaelMegan CarmichaelDale CarmichaelEmma CarmichaelBrandon CarmichaelDawn CarmichaelGloria CarmichaelSherry CarmichaelAnne CarmichaelStacy CarmichaelGrace CarmichaelRandy CarmichaelKatie CarmichaelHarry CarmichaelMaria CarmichaelPeter CarmichaelEugene CarmichaelIan CarmichaelDanielle CarmichaelJoanne CarmichaelRuby CarmichaelWendy CarmichaelBrittany CarmichaelEdna CarmichaelMarilyn CarmichaelClarence CarmichaelMarvin CarmichaelJustin CarmichaelHerbert CarmichaelAaron CarmichaelAlan CarmichaelShawn CarmichaelJessie CarmichaelRay CarmichaelPaula CarmichaelSheila CarmichaelRussell CarmichaelLois CarmichaelChad CarmichaelMarion CarmichaelBenjamin CarmichaelEthel CarmichaelSamuel CarmichaelPhillip CarmichaelRhonda CarmichaelGail CarmichaelEmily CarmichaelIrene CarmichaelHugh CarmichaelFrederick CarmichaelJuanita CarmichaelClara CarmichaelLillian CarmichaelBryan CarmichaelPhyllis CarmichaelGladys CarmichaelNicholas CarmichaelJesse CarmichaelAdam CarmichaelPeggy CarmichaelJeanne CarmichaelDana CarmichaelRoy CarmichaelCraig CarmichaelJimmy CarmichaelHoward CarmichaelApril CarmichaelJay CarmichaelDarlene CarmichaelJulia CarmichaelGerald CarmichaelEarl CarmichaelLloyd CarmichaelJohnny CarmichaelCourtney CarmichaelNathan CarmichaelElaine CarmichaelBonnie CarmichaelLeonard CarmichaelLaurie CarmichaelGlen CarmichaelRita CarmichaelFrancis CarmichaelCurtis CarmichaelMarcus CarmichaelChar CarmichaelLucille CarmichaelAlexander CarmichaelMalcolm CarmichaelFloyd CarmichaelYvonne CarmichaelJeremy CarmichaelHazel CarmichaelVictor CarmichaelCharlotte CarmichaelErnest CarmichaelMarjorie CarmichaelRodney CarmichaelMonica CarmichaelTodd CarmichaelPhilip CarmichaelJacob CarmichaelHannah CarmichaelEllen CarmichaelStanley CarmichaelFlorence CarmichaelEdith CarmichaelGlenn CarmichaelBertha CarmichaelKyle CarmichaelJoel CarmichaelRoger CarmichaelEleanor CarmichaelDerek CarmichaelGordon CarmichaelDuncan CarmichaelBessie CarmichaelElsie CarmichaelDerrick CarmichaelRandall CarmichaelBarry CarmichaelNorman CarmichaelNorma CarmichaelMartin Carmichael