How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Carranza?

There are an estimated 218 people in the United States with the last name Carranza. This number could be higher, as it is estimated that there are over 28,000 people in the US with the last name Smith.The Carranza name has its roots in the Basque Country, located in the north-central area of Spain. The Basque Country is an autonomous region that is home to over 2 million people. The Carranza name is thought to have originated from the town of Carranza, located in the province of Biscay.

The name Carranza is not unique to the Basque Country. There are also Carranzas living in Mexico and the United States. In fact, the first Carranza to come to the US was Juan Carranza, who arrived in 1827.

If you are a Carranza, there are a few things you should know. The Carranza name is often pronounced “kah-rahn-zah.” And, if you are looking for other Carranzas, you can find them on the Carranza Family Association website.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Carranza?

There are many people in the United States with the last name Carranza. However, which state has the largest population of people with this last name? According to the 2000 US Census, the state with the largest population of people with the last name Carranza is Texas. There were 6,628 people in Texas with the last name Carranza. This accounted for 0.21% of the state's population. California was in second place, with 4,657 people with the last name Carranza. This accounted for 0.14% of the state's population.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Carranza?

In the U.S., there are about 5,000 people who have the last name Carranza. Out of those 5,000 people, there are a few who have uncommon names.Here are the most uncommon names with the last name Carranza:

1. Carranza-Gomez

2. Carranza-Lopez

3. Carranza-Ramirez

4. Carranza-Rodriguez

5. Carranza-Salazar

6. Carranza-Sanchez

7. Carranza-Vazquez

8. Carranza-Zamora

9. Carranza-Castillo

10. Carranza-Montes

While these are some of the most uncommon names with the last name Carranza, there are certainly others out there. If you are looking for a unique name for your child, consider one of the names above.

List of People with the Last Name Carranza

Carlos CarranzaAna CarranzaFrancisco CarranzaMaria CarranzaJose CarranzaLuis CarranzaManuel CarranzaJuan CarranzaMiguel CarranzaRosa CarranzaJesus CarranzaJorge CarranzaAntonio CarranzaMartha CarranzaVictor CarranzaDavid CarranzaDaniel CarranzaOscar CarranzaGuadalupe CarranzaPedro CarranzaSandra CarranzaElizabeth CarranzaJavier CarranzaMario CarranzaRicardo CarranzaJ CarranzaPatricia CarranzaRaul CarranzaRoberto CarranzaFernando CarranzaJulio CarranzaCarmen CarranzaAlejandro CarranzaLaura CarranzaTeresa CarranzaRobert CarranzaMartin CarranzaBlanca CarranzaArmando CarranzaClaudia CarranzaHector CarranzaVeronica CarranzaJaime CarranzaSergio CarranzaGloria CarranzaMargarita CarranzaJessica CarranzaEduardo CarranzaMary CarranzaM CarranzaAlberto CarranzaMarco CarranzaDiana CarranzaRuben CarranzaJoe CarranzaAngel CarranzaGerardo CarranzaSilvia CarranzaAlma CarranzaArturo CarranzaA CarranzaCesar CarranzaSalvador CarranzaIrma CarranzaAdriana CarranzaEnrique CarranzaRafael CarranzaMonica CarranzaJennifer CarranzaJuana CarranzaNorma CarranzaGabriela CarranzaAlfredo CarranzaAlex CarranzaMichael CarranzaEdgar CarranzaAngelica CarranzaJohn CarranzaErika CarranzaLeticia CarranzaGabriel CarranzaRichard CarranzaGustavo CarranzaNancy CarranzaAlicia CarranzaBrenda CarranzaC CarranzaAngela CarranzaYolanda CarranzaCynthia CarranzaAlejandra CarranzaLinda CarranzaRamon CarranzaIsabel CarranzaHugo CarranzaAnna CarranzaMayra CarranzaBertha CarranzaStephanie CarranzaLorena CarranzaPablo CarranzaMichelle CarranzaGuillermo CarranzaAraceli CarranzaMaribel CarranzaRamiro CarranzaOmar CarranzaSonia CarranzaAdrian CarranzaAndres CarranzaCristina CarranzaSylvia CarranzaSantos CarranzaKarla CarranzaJoseph CarranzaEva CarranzaJosefina CarranzaMarcos CarranzaErnesto CarranzaLuz CarranzaChristopher CarranzaAnthony CarranzaOlga CarranzaSaul CarranzaFrank CarranzaJacqueline CarranzaJonathan CarranzaGeorge CarranzaFelipe CarranzaEmilio CarranzaVanessa CarranzaChristina CarranzaVirginia CarranzaJoel CarranzaRene CarranzaAndrea CarranzaOlivia CarranzaJuanita CarranzaRodolfo CarranzaMarta CarranzaReyna CarranzaSamuel CarranzaTomas CarranzaVictoria CarranzaCecilia CarranzaErica CarranzaSusana CarranzaRebecca CarranzaMelissa CarranzaGilberto CarranzaIsrael CarranzaChristian CarranzaRigoberto CarranzaLupe CarranzaEdwin CarranzaTony CarranzaJulia CarranzaJulian CarranzaFrancisca CarranzaIsmael CarranzaEric CarranzaAlbert CarranzaRaquel CarranzaMiriam CarranzaKaren CarranzaJesse CarranzaConsuelo CarranzaHenry CarranzaIvan CarranzaAntonia CarranzaLucia CarranzaIrene CarranzaEvelyn CarranzaAmanda CarranzaRocio CarranzaGilbert CarranzaAlfonso CarranzaAlexander CarranzaLourdes CarranzaCarolina CarranzaYesenia CarranzaRogelio CarranzaBenjamin CarranzaSara CarranzaAlvaro CarranzaJoaquin CarranzaRuth CarranzaElvira CarranzaLouis CarranzaWilliam CarranzaRamona CarranzaAbraham CarranzaPaul CarranzaRosario CarranzaAbel CarranzaMaricela CarranzaCelia CarranzaGraciela CarranzaFidel CarranzaElsa CarranzaEfrain CarranzaKarina CarranzaDolores CarranzaEsther CarranzaCrystal CarranzaHilda CarranzaAshley CarranzaWalter CarranzaSantiago CarranzaEsmeralda CarranzaKevin CarranzaThomas CarranzaFelix CarranzaVicente CarranzaPaula CarranzaEmma CarranzaIgnacio CarranzaWendy CarranzaLisa CarranzaBeatriz CarranzaElvia CarranzaMoises CarranzaNicolas CarranzaReina CarranzaSocorro CarranzaLeonardo CarranzaAdolfo CarranzaOctavio CarranzaGriselda CarranzaElisa CarranzaDora CarranzaEsteban CarranzaMercedes CarranzaAmelia CarranzaKimberly CarranzaNoe CarranzaMirna CarranzaJames CarranzaJohnny CarranzaMarisol CarranzaJanet CarranzaLiliana CarranzaLorenzo CarranzaEdith CarranzaDaisy CarranzaEsperanza CarranzaVilma CarranzaElena CarranzaMauricio CarranzaCindy CarranzaRudy CarranzaIsaac CarranzaRodrigo CarranzaGladys CarranzaEdward CarranzaAurora CarranzaConcepcion CarranzaAgustin CarranzaAlexis CarranzaAmy CarranzaIsidro CarranzaMarina CarranzaDiego CarranzaAndrew CarranzaMarvin CarranzaJenny CarranzaGregorio CarranzaMarisela CarranzaNora CarranzaAngelina CarranzaElias CarranzaOfelia CarranzaLeslie CarranzaEstela CarranzaIris CarranzaHeriberto CarranzaAaron CarranzaOrlando CarranzaMartina CarranzaErnest CarranzaErick CarranzaSteven CarranzaJason CarranzaEfren CarranzaErik CarranzaHumberto CarranzaNoemi CarranzaGonzalo CarranzaJudith CarranzaNelson CarranzaLuisa CarranzaGerman CarranzaCristian CarranzaIsaias CarranzaAurelio CarranzaElmer CarranzaJacob CarranzaReyes CarranzaReynaldo CarranzaHoracio Carranza