Historical Information About The Last Name Carrillo

The surname Carrillo has a long and varied history. It is derived from the Latin word carrus, meaning “wagon.” The Carrillo family first appears in records in the 10th century, and they were prominent landowners in the province of Burgos, in the north of Spain. Over the centuries, they have been involved in all aspects of Spanish life, from politics to business to the military.One of the most notable members of the Carrillo family was Diego Carrillo de Mendoza, who served as Chancellor of Spain under King Fernando and Queen Isabella. He was a powerful and influential man, and is credited with helping to finance Christopher Columbus’s voyage to the New World.

The Carrillo family has also produced a number of notable athletes. Diego Carrillo, a retired professional soccer player, is a perfect example.

If you are interested in learning more about the Carrillo family, there are a number of good sources of information. One of the best is the book “The Carrillos of Burgos: A Noble Spanish Family” by José Manuel Vázquez Carrillo. This book tells the story of the Carrillo family from their earliest origins to the present day.

The Popularity Of Carrillo As The Last Name

Carrillo is one of the most popular last names in the United States. In fact, it is the 102nd most common last name in the country. There are more than 168,000 people in the U.S. with the last name Carrillo. What is the origin of the Carrillo name?The Carrillo name originated in Spain. It is a patronymic name, which means that it is derived from the father's name. The Carrillo name was originally spelled Carillo. The first person to bear the name Carrillo was Gonzalo Carrillo, who was born in the 15th century. He was a Spanish nobleman and soldier.

The Carrillo name has been present in the United States since the 1800s. In the early days of the country, many Spanish immigrants came to the U.S. and brought their surnames with them. The Carrillo name was particularly common in California, where many Spanish settlers had settled.

The Carrillo name is now common in many parts of the country. There are Carrillo families in every state in the U.S. In fact, the Carrillo name is more common than the Smith name in some states.

So why is the Carrillo name so popular? There are several possible explanations. Firstly, the Carrillo name is very common in Spain, where it is the 8th most common last name. Secondly, the Carrillo name is associated with many famous people. For example, playwright Luis Carrillo was born in Mexico in the 1800s. Lastly, the Carrillo name is just a very popular name in the United States.

Whatever the reason, the Carrillo name is here to stay. If you are looking for a unique and interesting last name, you might want to consider the Carrillo name.

Naming Ideas With Carrillo As The Last Name

If you're looking for an interesting Spanish name for your baby, Carrillo is a great option. This name has a strong historical legacy, and it's sure to give your child a unique identity. Here are some ideas for using Carrillo as a last name: 1. Create a list of famous Carrillo's from history and around the world. This will give your child a sense of pride in their name and help them learn more about their heritage.

2. Use Carrillo as a middle name to create a unique name combination. This is a great way to show off your child's heritage without going too far outside the mainstream.

3. Give your child a Carrillo-inspired nickname. This can be a great way to show off their name's unique pronunciation and make it easier for them to fit in with their classmates.

No matter how you choose to use it, Carrillo is a great name for your child that will give them a sense of pride and identity.

List of People with the Last Name Carrillo

Frank CarrilloMartha CarrilloJoe CarrilloLeticia CarrilloAnna CarrilloRichard CarrilloTeresa CarrilloGuadalupe CarrilloJoseph CarrilloJ CarrilloLaura CarrilloRuben CarrilloVeronica CarrilloClaudia CarrilloYolanda CarrilloMaria CarrilloJennifer CarrilloJessica CarrilloAlex CarrilloAna CarrilloJohn CarrilloMary CarrilloArmando CarrilloMichael CarrilloAntonio CarrilloArturo CarrilloRosa CarrilloAdriana CarrilloErika CarrilloBlanca CarrilloGloria CarrilloAnthony CarrilloJuana CarrilloMonica CarrilloSilvia CarrilloMiguel CarrilloChristina CarrilloAlfredo CarrilloJuan CarrilloAlicia CarrilloRobert CarrilloSandra CarrilloEduardo CarrilloAdrian CarrilloPatricia CarrilloOscar CarrilloAngelica CarrilloManuel CarrilloRoberto CarrilloDavid CarrilloElizabeth CarrilloFrancisco CarrilloLuz CarrilloJorge CarrilloJose CarrilloR CarrilloMartin CarrilloDaniel CarrilloVictor CarrilloRaul CarrilloMargarita CarrilloBrenda CarrilloMario CarrilloSalvador CarrilloIrma CarrilloRicardo CarrilloFernando CarrilloLuis CarrilloJaime CarrilloAlejandro CarrilloGerardo CarrilloEnrique CarrilloGabriel CarrilloJavier CarrilloDiana CarrilloAlma CarrilloNorma CarrilloCarmen CarrilloHector CarrilloAlberto CarrilloCarlos CarrilloRamon CarrilloJesus CarrilloAndres CarrilloNancy CarrilloCynthia CarrilloAngel CarrilloPedro CarrilloCesar CarrilloVanessa CarrilloMarco CarrilloRafael CarrilloSergio CarrilloIsabel CarrilloJulio CarrilloChristopher CarrilloAngela CarrilloGabriela CarrilloStephanie CarrilloEdgar CarrilloVictoria CarrilloSylvia CarrilloFelipe CarrilloLorena CarrilloSonia CarrilloGuillermo CarrilloMichelle CarrilloMelissa CarrilloPablo CarrilloLinda CarrilloCecilia CarrilloLisa CarrilloRodolfo CarrilloJesse CarrilloGustavo CarrilloOmar CarrilloGeorge CarrilloRaquel CarrilloAlejandra CarrilloRebecca CarrilloCristina CarrilloMaribel CarrilloSusana CarrilloAndrea CarrilloJosefina CarrilloIgnacio CarrilloBenjamin CarrilloErnesto CarrilloMayra CarrilloVirginia CarrilloEdward CarrilloGilberto CarrilloJonathan CarrilloJulia CarrilloJoel CarrilloSamuel CarrilloOlga CarrilloRogelio CarrilloAlfonso CarrilloRaymond CarrilloEva CarrilloMarcos CarrilloAmanda CarrilloEric CarrilloIsmael CarrilloGraciela CarrilloDolores CarrilloKarla CarrilloJames CarrilloIrene CarrilloAraceli CarrilloAndrew CarrilloBertha CarrilloThomas CarrilloBeatriz CarrilloGilbert CarrilloRene CarrilloJulian CarrilloHugo CarrilloAlbert CarrilloHilda CarrilloEsther CarrilloErica CarrilloFelix CarrilloRocio CarrilloDora CarrilloSara CarrilloRamiro CarrilloKaren CarrilloChristian CarrilloLouis CarrilloRachel CarrilloRosario CarrilloLupe CarrilloSantiago CarrilloCarolina CarrilloHumberto CarrilloYesenia CarrilloAntonia CarrilloTony CarrilloTomas CarrilloRodrigo CarrilloMaricela CarrilloSaul CarrilloFrancisca CarrilloPaul CarrilloAbel CarrilloLucia CarrilloIsrael CarrilloCrystal CarrilloMark CarrilloJuanita CarrilloRuth CarrilloAlvaro CarrilloLiliana CarrilloLorenzo CarrilloConsuelo CarrilloSantos CarrilloKarina CarrilloKimberly CarrilloLourdes CarrilloEsteban CarrilloElvira CarrilloSteven CarrilloIvan CarrilloJacqueline CarrilloPaula CarrilloCindy CarrilloAgustin CarrilloOlivia CarrilloSocorro CarrilloEmilio CarrilloEvelyn CarrilloElena CarrilloSarah CarrilloVicente CarrilloDenise CarrilloEfrain CarrilloAnita CarrilloAbraham CarrilloMiriam CarrilloMoises CarrilloDiego CarrilloHenry CarrilloAlexis CarrilloMargaret CarrilloCelia CarrilloEsmeralda CarrilloWendy CarrilloEsperanza CarrilloAshley CarrilloJohnny CarrilloSamantha CarrilloJoshua CarrilloEdwin CarrilloRita CarrilloBarbara CarrilloMarina CarrilloAlexander CarrilloNicholas CarrilloGriselda CarrilloJanet CarrilloManuela CarrilloEmma CarrilloJosephine CarrilloWilliam CarrilloDaisy CarrilloLeonardo CarrilloElisa CarrilloElsa CarrilloFidel CarrilloLydia CarrilloMercedes CarrilloNora CarrilloPeter CarrilloAurora CarrilloValerie CarrilloMarisol CarrilloEmily CarrilloAdam CarrilloDelia CarrilloRamona CarrilloRigoberto CarrilloSofia CarrilloAurelio CarrilloPriscilla CarrilloAdolfo CarrilloConcepcion CarrilloJudith CarrilloAdan CarrilloOfelia CarrilloNicolas CarrilloKevin CarrilloMauricio CarrilloAngelina CarrilloLilia CarrilloOrlando CarrilloReyna CarrilloCharles CarrilloRolando CarrilloElvia CarrilloCatalina CarrilloReynaldo CarrilloAaron CarrilloElias CarrilloGregorio CarrilloImelda CarrilloCruz CarrilloOctavio CarrilloJason CarrilloErik CarrilloArnulfo CarrilloNoe CarrilloJoaquin CarrilloIsaac CarrilloGenaro CarrilloMatthew CarrilloFederico CarrilloJacob CarrilloBenito Carrillo