How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Carter?

There are an estimated 6,000 people in the US with the last name Carter. This name is derived from an English occupational surname for someone who either made or sold carts. The Carter name has been around since the 12th century.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Carter?

There are a total of 48 states in the US, and each state has a population of residents with different last names. Out of all of these states, which one has the largest population with the last name Carter?Interestingly, the state with the largest population of Carters is California. In fact, there are a total of 13,711 residents in California with the last name Carter. This accounts for 2.5% of the state's population.

The second largest population of Carters is in Texas. There are 11,362 residents in Texas with the last name Carter, which accounts for 2.1% of the state's population.

So, if you're looking to meet someone with the last name Carter, California or Texas would be the best states to start your search!

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Carter?

Looking for an uncommon name for your baby? Why not consider one of the surnames Carter? While this name is far from rare, it's not as common as some of the other options out there.If you're looking for a name that will set your child apart from the rest, then consider one of the following uncommon names with the last name Carter.

1. Aiden

2. Ever

3. Harper

4. Knox

5. Miles

6. Nora

7. Sawyer

8. Wesley

9. Zander

10. Zane

List of People with the Last Name Carter

Mildred CarterMarilyn CarterSarah CarterHelen CarterMary CarterGladys CarterCarol CarterPaul CarterJacqueline CarterLillie CarterRuth CarterVictoria CarterPhyllis CarterEthel CarterRaymond CarterLeonard CarterDorothy CarterGrace CarterSharon CarterRichard CarterFlorence CarterBilly CarterJames CarterPeggy CarterLucille CarterJohnnie CarterWilliam CarterJanice CarterEdna CarterLouise CarterClyde CarterC CarterDoris CarterLawrence CarterBetty CarterDebbie CarterJ CarterSheila CarterFrances CarterRicky CarterCarolyn CarterPauline CarterJane CarterWillie CarterWanda CarterAllen CarterDiane CarterMarie CarterMaria CarterHenry CarterReginald CarterBeverly CarterGary CarterDavid CarterLinda CarterJackie CarterEddie CarterJuanita CarterRuby CarterKathleen CarterMegan CarterHarold CarterAmanda CarterAnthony CarterGloria CarterValerie CarterLeroy CarterElla CarterEvelyn CarterDanny CarterJohnny CarterAlice CarterVirginia CarterSamuel CarterNicholas CarterKaren CarterJimmy CarterSusan CarterRay CarterFloyd CarterThelma CarterShirley CarterRebecca CarterKim CarterRoy CarterJulia CarterDeborah CarterJoshua CarterJessica CarterMelissa CarterJerome CarterTimothy CarterRussell CarterCynthia CarterGerald CarterJean CarterLee CarterLarry CarterWesley CarterCarrie CarterRose CarterBobby CarterRonald CarterAmy CarterWendy CarterErnest CarterCrystal CarterJack CarterStephanie CarterEmma CarterIrene CarterMarion CarterCharles CarterClarence CarterAnita CarterAnnie CarterJason CarterNathan CarterLois CarterAnn CarterBessie CarterBrenda CarterMelvin CarterStanley CarterWarren CarterDana CarterEdward CarterRandy CarterNancy CarterSara CarterMonica CarterArthur CarterJerry CarterDennis CarterTammy CarterPamela CarterJohn CarterDouglas CarterTerry CarterNathaniel CarterSteven CarterConnie CarterBertha CarterJudy CarterTyrone CarterAlfred CarterTroy CarterCharlie CarterWalter CarterSamantha CarterTracy CarterAndrew CarterDarlene CarterEdith CarterBonnie CarterJoyce CarterCarl CarterElizabeth CarterDanielle CarterDerrick CarterKatherine CarterEric CarterMarcus CarterWayne CarterJanet CarterBrittany CarterClara CarterAndre CarterDawn CarterHazel CarterRachel CarterPaula CarterJesse CarterBarbara CarterMattie CarterSteve CarterDonald CarterRobert CarterLisa CarterTina CarterPatricia CarterJessie CarterKenneth CarterJennifer CarterNicole CarterAnna CarterBryan CarterJeffrey CarterBruce CarterHarry CarterJoe CarterRonnie CarterRobin CarterSean CarterCourtney CarterDenise CarterSherry CarterAngela CarterJoseph CarterEugene CarterApril CarterLaura CarterCurtis CarterKevin CarterSandra CarterPatrick CarterGregory CarterEmily CarterAshley CarterDebra CarterLewis CarterJeff CarterMartha CarterRoger CarterCheryl CarterTheresa CarterDiana CarterMichelle CarterLori CarterHoward CarterGeorge CarterLillian CarterJamie CarterJonathan CarterRyan CarterDaniel CarterLeslie CarterKathy CarterRalph CarterChristine CarterTyler CarterMargaret CarterFrank CarterTiffany CarterAaron CarterNorman CarterJasmine CarterCharlotte CarterAndrea CarterTravis CarterCatherine CarterHerbert CarterThomas CarterRhonda CarterMaurice CarterDon CarterTonya CarterKathryn CarterPhillip CarterAdam CarterChristina CarterJudith CarterBrandon CarterFred CarterKelly CarterKimberly CarterStephen CarterRodney CarterLauren CarterMarvin CarterMark CarterChristopher CarterJustin CarterKeith CarterBrian CarterLouis CarterJoan CarterDarrell CarterErica CarterBenjamin CarterChris CarterMichael CarterJeremy CarterHeather CarterMatthew CarterChad CarterJulie CarterJacob CarterAlan CarterDonna CarterTeresa CarterCalvin CarterCraig CarterShawn CarterAmber CarterTony CarterKyle CarterMinnie CarterDale CarterJay CarterGlenn CarterCorey CarterAlbert CarterJordan CarterShannon CarterEarl CarterFrederick CarterAustin CarterScott CarterAlvin Carter