What Is The History Of The Last Name Castaneda?

The Castaneda surname is derived from a location in Burgos, Castile, named Castañeda. The name was originally derived from the Latin word castanea, meaning chestnut tree. The Castanea family was one of the original families in Burgos.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Castaneda?

There are many famous people in history with the last name Castaneda. Some of the most well-known include author Carlos Castaneda, who wrote about his experiences with shamanism, and University of California, Berkeley professor and anthropologist Edmundo Castaneda, who studied the Yaqui Indians of Mexico. However, there are many other notable Castanedas as well, including actor Jorge Castaneda, composer Roberto Castaneda, and baseball player Ozzie Castaneda.What do all of these people have in common? They are all descendants of Spanish conquistador Hernan Castaneda, who was among the first Europeans to explore present-day Texas. Hernan Castaneda and his men traveled through what is now the Lone Star State in 1554, and while they never found the legendary Seven Cities of Gold, they did establish some of the first European settlements in the area.

The Castaneda name has been associated with Texas ever since, and today there are still numerous people in the state with the surname. So if you're ever in doubt about how to spell it, just remember that it's pronounced "kas-tan-AY-da."

Where Does The Last Name Castaneda Rank In The Most Common US Names?

Castaneda is not a very common US name, but where does it rank in terms of most common US names? According to recent data, Castaneda ranks at number 2,584th most common US name. This means that out of the over 300 million people living in the US, there are only about 8,000 people with the last name Castaneda. While Castaneda is not one of the most common US names, it is still more common than some other unique names, like Foster or Zhukovsky. If you are looking for a unique name that is still relatively common, Castaneda could be a good option.

List of People with the Last Name Castaneda

John CastanedaMaria CastanedaTeresa CastanedaMary CastanedaMichael CastanedaJuana CastanedaAngelica CastanedaMartha CastanedaNorma CastanedaMargarita CastanedaMartin CastanedaGloria CastanedaJessica CastanedaM CastanedaClaudia CastanedaRosa CastanedaGuadalupe CastanedaRobert CastanedaCarmen CastanedaSandra CastanedaAna CastanedaAngel CastanedaArmando CastanedaElizabeth CastanedaVeronica CastanedaJulio CastanedaSalvador CastanedaAntonio CastanedaA CastanedaCarlos CastanedaPedro CastanedaJavier CastanedaLaura CastanedaHector CastanedaLuis CastanedaRaul CastanedaManuel CastanedaAlfredo CastanedaMario CastanedaRafael CastanedaJorge CastanedaPatricia CastanedaAlberto CastanedaRoberto CastanedaEnrique CastanedaDaniel CastanedaDiana CastanedaSergio CastanedaFernando CastanedaCesar CastanedaJose CastanedaMonica CastanedaDavid CastanedaJuan CastanedaAlejandro CastanedaRicardo CastanedaArturo CastanedaOscar CastanedaJesus CastanedaRuben CastanedaEduardo CastanedaFrancisco CastanedaMiguel CastanedaJaime CastanedaLeticia CastanedaRamon CastanedaJoe CastanedaGerardo CastanedaYolanda CastanedaAlma CastanedaVictor CastanedaBlanca CastanedaGabriel CastanedaAlicia CastanedaR CastanedaJennifer CastanedaRichard CastanedaAdriana CastanedaMarco CastanedaSilvia CastanedaCynthia CastanedaLuz CastanedaAlex CastanedaEdgar CastanedaIrma CastanedaFelipe CastanedaAngela CastanedaAnthony CastanedaNancy CastanedaChristina CastanedaGabriela CastanedaGuillermo CastanedaAdrian CastanedaAnna CastanedaMelissa CastanedaCecilia CastanedaVanessa CastanedaRodolfo CastanedaBrenda CastanedaIsabel CastanedaJoel CastanedaAndres CastanedaFrank CastanedaVictoria CastanedaStephanie CastanedaErika CastanedaSonia CastanedaLinda CastanedaOlga CastanedaAndrea CastanedaGustavo CastanedaPablo CastanedaLorena CastanedaSylvia CastanedaGeorge CastanedaAlfonso CastanedaBertha CastanedaErnesto CastanedaAlejandra CastanedaJoseph CastanedaJesse CastanedaJonathan CastanedaHugo CastanedaMichelle CastanedaIrene CastanedaRaquel CastanedaChristopher CastanedaMaribel CastanedaMayra CastanedaRogelio CastanedaAbel CastanedaSamuel CastanedaJulia CastanedaGilberto CastanedaCristina CastanedaMaricela CastanedaChristian CastanedaRebecca CastanedaJosefina CastanedaIgnacio CastanedaOmar CastanedaHumberto CastanedaBeatriz CastanedaSusana CastanedaPaul CastanedaGraciela CastanedaLisa CastanedaVirginia CastanedaJulian CastanedaCarolina CastanedaRene CastanedaMiriam CastanedaMarcos CastanedaRocio CastanedaBenjamin CastanedaEfrain CastanedaRamiro CastanedaKarina CastanedaAraceli CastanedaEsther CastanedaRaymond CastanedaSara CastanedaEva CastanedaIsmael CastanedaAmanda CastanedaAntonia CastanedaDora CastanedaDolores CastanedaIvan CastanedaKaren CastanedaEdward CastanedaAlbert CastanedaCrystal CastanedaJames CastanedaElena CastanedaCelia CastanedaErica CastanedaEric CastanedaRachel CastanedaRosario CastanedaConsuelo CastanedaYesenia CastanedaPaula CastanedaVicente CastanedaJuanita CastanedaKarla CastanedaSteven CastanedaFrancisca CastanedaCindy CastanedaSaul CastanedaLourdes CastanedaMoises CastanedaEsperanza CastanedaHilda CastanedaMarisol CastanedaMauricio CastanedaTomas CastanedaAdolfo CastanedaLucia CastanedaLorenzo CastanedaAndrew CastanedaOlivia CastanedaFelix CastanedaFidel CastanedaEsmeralda CastanedaLiliana CastanedaSantos CastanedaAshley CastanedaWilliam CastanedaAgustin CastanedaGilbert CastanedaHenry CastanedaJacqueline CastanedaRuth CastanedaRudy CastanedaEdwin CastanedaEmilio CastanedaKevin CastanedaMarisela CastanedaKimberly CastanedaElsa CastanedaLilia CastanedaAbraham CastanedaNicolas CastanedaDenise CastanedaIsrael CastanedaReyna CastanedaOrlando CastanedaLeonardo CastanedaMercedes CastanedaMark CastanedaJulie CastanedaManuela CastanedaSarah CastanedaGonzalo CastanedaRosalinda CastanedaWendy CastanedaMa CastanedaRita CastanedaJanet CastanedaEvelyn CastanedaAnita CastanedaImelda CastanedaEstela CastanedaPetra CastanedaDomingo CastanedaAurora CastanedaElisa CastanedaEdith CastanedaElvira CastanedaAdan CastanedaAlexis CastanedaDaisy CastanedaRigoberto CastanedaRolando CastanedaRodrigo CastanedaErick CastanedaEsteban CastanedaHeriberto CastanedaAlvaro CastanedaElvia CastanedaDiego CastanedaNicholas CastanedaSantiago CastanedaAlexander CastanedaLidia CastanedaFlor CastanedaBarbara CastanedaMagdalena CastanedaNatalie CastanedaNoe CastanedaConcepcion CastanedaNora CastanedaJudith CastanedaArnulfo CastanedaGriselda CastanedaRaymundo CastanedaSofia CastanedaJasmine CastanedaLeslie CastanedaGregorio CastanedaEfren CastanedaElias CastanedaJoaquin CastanedaLeonel CastanedaJosue CastanedaRamona CastanedaCristian CastanedaFabiola CastanedaIsidro CastanedaIsaias CastanedaReynaldo CastanedaJoshua CastanedaRefugio CastanedaDulce CastanedaEliseo CastanedaOctavio CastanedaJason CastanedaAaron CastanedaLeopoldo Castaneda