What Is The History Of The Last Name Childs?

The first recorded instance of the last name Childs was in 1199 when a man named Roger Childs was mentioned in the Pipe Rolls, a record of royal income and expenditure. The name is derived from the Old English word "cild," meaning child. It was likely originally used as a nickname for someone who was particularly youthful or inexperienced.The Childs family has a long and proud history. Over the centuries, they have been involved in a wide variety of endeavors, from agriculture to politics to the military. They have also contributed to many important causes, such as the abolition of slavery and the women's suffrage movement.

Today, the Childs name is still widely recognized and respected. If you are fortunate enough to have it, you can be proud to carry on the family tradition.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Childs?

There are many people in history with the last name Childs. However, are there any famous people with the last name Childs?Yes, there are several famous people with the last name Childs. One example is Childs Townsend, who was a United States Representative from Georgia. Another example is Childs Fraser, who was a Canadian politician and Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.

There are also several famous Childs actors and actresses. For example, Kirstie Alley is a famous Childs actress. She is best known for her role as Rebecca Howe on the TV show Cheers, and she has also starred in movies such as Look Who's Talking and Fat Actress.

Other famous Childs actors and actresses include Mackenzie Astin, Justine Bateman, Jonathan Lipnicki, and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Where Does The Last Name Childs Rank In The Most Common US Names?

When it comes to baby names in the United States, there are certainly some favorites that come up time and time again. But when it comes to the most common US names, where does the last name Childs rank?Interestingly, according to the Social Security Administration, Childs is not one of the most common US names. In fact, it comes in at number 2,723 on the list of most common last names in the country.

So if your last name is Childs, you're in good company, but you're not quite as common as some of the other names out there. But no matter what your last name is, it's always interesting to see where it ranks on the list of most common US names.

List of People with the Last Name Childs

Mary ChildsCharles ChildsC ChildsJames ChildsRobert ChildsWilliam ChildsRichard ChildsMichael ChildsJohn ChildsDavid ChildsR ChildsJ ChildsJennifer ChildsElizabeth ChildsPatricia ChildsThomas ChildsChris ChildsLinda ChildsGeorge ChildsBarbara ChildsL ChildsChristopher ChildsA ChildsLisa ChildsB ChildsDonald ChildsT ChildsSusan ChildsDeborah ChildsSteven ChildsMichelle ChildsJoseph ChildsRonald ChildsKenneth ChildsKaren ChildsKimberly ChildsMargaret ChildsSarah ChildsDaniel ChildsAngela ChildsDonna ChildsWillie ChildsMelissa ChildsKevin ChildsBetty ChildsSandra ChildsMark ChildsDorothy ChildsJessica ChildsLaura ChildsSharon ChildsPaul ChildsCynthia ChildsJeffrey ChildsAnthony ChildsSteve ChildsTimothy ChildsCarol ChildsEdward ChildsRebecca ChildsLarry ChildsBrian ChildsKathleen ChildsAshley ChildsHelen ChildsGary ChildsKim ChildsMatthew ChildsPamela ChildsStephanie ChildsBrenda ChildsDebra ChildsAmanda ChildsCarolyn ChildsFrank ChildsJason ChildsJoe ChildsNancy ChildsAmy ChildsAnna ChildsDiane ChildsAndrew ChildsArthur ChildsDenise ChildsRaymond ChildsAnn ChildsShirley ChildsCatherine ChildsNicole ChildsStephen ChildsJulie ChildsScott ChildsGregory ChildsJack ChildsKathy ChildsJacqueline ChildsChristina ChildsWalter ChildsEric ChildsJerry ChildsLawrence ChildsAlice ChildsTerry ChildsHarold ChildsTammy ChildsHenry ChildsJanet ChildsCheryl ChildsChristine ChildsLeslie ChildsLee ChildsJudy ChildsHeather ChildsJoshua ChildsBeverly ChildsKatherine ChildsDon ChildsFrances ChildsCindy ChildsKelly ChildsVirginia ChildsRuth ChildsJanice ChildsTeresa ChildsMartha ChildsJoyce ChildsAnnie ChildsJean ChildsBilly ChildsRalph ChildsKathryn ChildsSara ChildsRobin ChildsBrandon ChildsTracy ChildsEmily ChildsBonnie ChildsJustin ChildsGerald ChildsLori ChildsDennis ChildsEvelyn ChildsCrystal ChildsNathan ChildsJonathan ChildsGloria ChildsDoris ChildsAaron ChildsVictoria ChildsAllen ChildsTheresa ChildsDawn ChildsCarrie ChildsNicholas ChildsAndrea ChildsDouglas ChildsBenjamin ChildsSheila ChildsRussell ChildsMarie ChildsEddie ChildsRachel ChildsAlbert ChildsJohnny ChildsNorman ChildsTiffany ChildsAnne ChildsCarl ChildsFred ChildsMelvin ChildsRose ChildsBobby ChildsHerbert ChildsLouise ChildsBruce ChildsHarry ChildsBrittany ChildsRoy ChildsCraig ChildsEarl ChildsJudith ChildsShawn ChildsJulia ChildsKatie ChildsJamie ChildsKeith ChildsJoan ChildsRyan ChildsMaria ChildsDiana ChildsLauren ChildsSamantha ChildsAmber ChildsRay ChildsMildred ChildsJesse ChildsRuby ChildsFlorence ChildsCurtis ChildsElaine ChildsVanessa ChildsAlan ChildsRenee ChildsWayne ChildsErnest ChildsMarilyn ChildsTina ChildsDana ChildsWanda ChildsJimmy ChildsGladys ChildsWendy ChildsRoger ChildsAdam ChildsRandy ChildsJeremy ChildsShannon ChildsSamuel ChildsConnie ChildsPhillip ChildsRodney ChildsMarvin ChildsJessie ChildsSally ChildsCharlotte ChildsEdwin ChildsJane ChildsStacey ChildsGail ChildsPeter ChildsRonnie ChildsMegan ChildsJacob ChildsJeanette ChildsMarion ChildsIrene ChildsTony ChildsCharlie ChildsMarjorie ChildsCarla ChildsEmma ChildsLucille ChildsJohnnie ChildsTommy ChildsPauline ChildsSylvia ChildsPatrick ChildsDerrick ChildsStanley ChildsMarcus ChildsTasheba ChildsJuanita ChildsCourtney ChildsYolanda ChildsFrederick ChildsPeggy ChildsDale ChildsVernon ChildsGeraldine ChildsEugene ChildsHannah ChildsFloyd ChildsPhyllis ChildsGrace ChildsLouis ChildsDanielle ChildsThelma ChildsErica ChildsLillian ChildsApril ChildsBradley ChildsEllen ChildsEdna ChildsMaurice ChildsPhilip ChildsCalvin ChildsHoward ChildsCorey ChildsLeroy ChildsNorma ChildsAustin ChildsBeatrice ChildsMinnie ChildsHazel ChildsJordan ChildsMattie ChildsReginald ChildsAlfred ChildsJerome ChildsSean ChildsBernard ChildsTravis ChildsZachary ChildsAlexander ChildsEleanor ChildsLorraine ChildsAndre ChildsClarence ChildsLatoya ChildsWarren Childs