How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Clements?

There are about 146,000 people in the United States with the last name Clements. But where does the name come from?The name Clements is derived from the Latin word clementius, meaning merciful. It was popularized in the English-speaking world by the 12th century saint, Clement of Rome.

There are a number of famous people with the last name Clements, including:

-British actor Terence Clements

-American actor and singer David Clements

-Australian rules footballer Shane Clements

-Irish hurler Seán Clements

So, how did your last name get its start? Chances are, it was derived from one of these famous individuals.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Clements?

There are many people in the United States with the last name Clements, but which state has the largest population of them? According to the 2010 United States Census, Texas has the highest population of people with the last name Clements, with over 69,000 residents. California is a close second, with over 60,000 residents with the last name Clements. Florida and Georgia round out the top four, with over 25,000 and 23,000 residents, respectively.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Clements?

If you're looking for a unique name for your baby, you may want to consider one of the more uncommon names with the last name Clements. While there are many popular names to choose from, there are also some lesser-known names that could be a perfect fit for your family.Here are a few of the most uncommon names with the last name Clements:

1. Arden

2. Brighton

3. Harper

4. Knox

5. Sawyer

6. Sullivan

7. Wesley

8. Willow

9. Wyatt

10. Zavier

Choosing a name for your child is a very important decision, and with so many unique names to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect one. If you're looking for a more uncommon name, consider one of the names listed above.

List of People with the Last Name Clements

C ClementsBarbara ClementsJohn ClementsMargaret ClementsWilliam ClementsPatricia ClementsRichard ClementsCharles ClementsJoseph ClementsMark ClementsMary ClementsMichael ClementsS ClementsRobert ClementsChris ClementsElizabeth ClementsThomas ClementsDavid ClementsChristopher ClementsJames ClementsLisa ClementsSusan ClementsLinda ClementsJ ClementsGeorge ClementsJennifer ClementsMichelle ClementsKimberly ClementsKaren ClementsPaul ClementsSteven ClementsDaniel ClementsDeborah ClementsW ClementsDonald ClementsNancy ClementsBrian ClementsBetty ClementsGary ClementsSarah ClementsRebecca ClementsJessica ClementsRonald ClementsLaura ClementsJoe ClementsCarol ClementsKenneth ClementsSandra ClementsAmanda ClementsCynthia ClementsHelen ClementsDonna ClementsMatthew ClementsEdward ClementsBill ClementsDorothy ClementsSharon ClementsStephen ClementsAmy ClementsSteve ClementsMelissa ClementsFrank ClementsKim ClementsPamela ClementsJeffrey ClementsAngela ClementsLarry ClementsKelly ClementsScott ClementsCatherine ClementsKathy ClementsAndrew ClementsChristine ClementsJerry ClementsWalter ClementsTimothy ClementsKathleen ClementsDebra ClementsShirley ClementsDiane ClementsRuth ClementsStephanie ClementsCarolyn ClementsKevin ClementsAnn ClementsJason ClementsJulie ClementsAshley ClementsMartha ClementsJack ClementsTerry ClementsJanet ClementsHeather ClementsAnna ClementsKatherine ClementsBrenda ClementsJoyce ClementsLawrence ClementsAnthony ClementsJoshua ClementsJudy ClementsFrances ClementsTammy ClementsCheryl ClementsHarold ClementsVirginia ClementsTeresa ClementsTina ClementsCindy ClementsTom ClementsAlice ClementsNicole ClementsRachel ClementsBilly ClementsEric ClementsCarl ClementsJean ClementsMarie ClementsTheresa ClementsChristina ClementsLori ClementsBobby ClementsGregory ClementsPatrick ClementsTracy ClementsWillie ClementsDon ClementsDawn ClementsFred ClementsGerald ClementsDennis ClementsRaymond ClementsSamuel ClementsLeslie ClementsArthur ClementsJustin ClementsRobin ClementsJudith ClementsJamie ClementsJane ClementsJoan ClementsDouglas ClementsKeith ClementsRyan ClementsKathryn ClementsConnie ClementsWayne ClementsAlbert ClementsAmber ClementsDoris ClementsJanice ClementsDenise ClementsAnne ClementsPeggy ClementsRoger ClementsMildred ClementsJonathan ClementsJulia ClementsFrancis ClementsSara ClementsBrandon ClementsLynn ClementsRoy ClementsSamantha ClementsJacqueline ClementsSherry ClementsAdam ClementsCrystal ClementsEmily ClementsWanda ClementsShannon ClementsBeverly ClementsTiffany ClementsWendy ClementsRose ClementsJacob ClementsKatie ClementsLouise ClementsPhillip ClementsRandy ClementsVictoria ClementsDale ClementsRay ClementsLee ClementsJohnny ClementsNicholas ClementsPaula ClementsMarilyn ClementsRuby ClementsBonnie ClementsEvelyn ClementsCarrie ClementsClarence ClementsCourtney ClementsDiana ClementsMegan ClementsJimmy ClementsKristen ClementsMaria ClementsErin ClementsBenjamin ClementsAaron ClementsHenry ClementsSheila ClementsDana ClementsHarry ClementsJeremy ClementsAndrea ClementsKyle ClementsPeter ClementsBruce ClementsTyler ClementsLauren ClementsGrace ClementsTodd ClementsEugene ClementsAnnie ClementsBrittany ClementsRalph ClementsRussell ClementsCharlotte ClementsChad ClementsPhyllis ClementsLillian ClementsGail ClementsStacy ClementsJill ClementsLois ClementsCarla ClementsDanielle ClementsApril ClementsEmma ClementsEarl ClementsFrederick ClementsRodney ClementsNathan ClementsJessie ClementsIrene ClementsTony ClementsSean ClementsJesse ClementsAlan ClementsGloria ClementsHoward ClementsTaylor ClementsTamara ClementsClara ClementsLeonard ClementsShawn ClementsMarjorie ClementsDarlene ClementsStanley ClementsCurtis ClementsCraig ClementsAllen ClementsBryan ClementsDanny ClementsCody ClementsEdna ClementsThelma ClementsMarvin ClementsMarion ClementsRita ClementsEthel ClementsTravis ClementsJordan ClementsKristin ClementsEdith ClementsClyde ClementsLewis ClementsCecil ClementsErnest ClementsVivian ClementsHazel ClementsFlorence ClementsHugh ClementsEva ClementsPhilip ClementsGlenn ClementsBradley ClementsEllen ClementsBarry ClementsGladys ClementsAustin ClementsHerbert ClementsShane ClementsLucille ClementsMartin ClementsCasey ClementsAudrey ClementsAlma ClementsTroy ClementsZachary ClementsWarren ClementsVincent ClementsMelvin ClementsIda ClementsDustin ClementsCalvin ClementsFloyd Clements