How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Clemons?

Looking for information on how many people are in the US with the last name Clemons? You've come to the right place! According to the 2010 census, there are 9,487 people in the US with the last name Clemons. This number may be slightly lower or higher today, as the US population continues to grow.So what is the origin of the last name Clemons? It's difficult to say for certain, but it's believed to be of Scottish or Celtic origin. Some believe that the name is derived from the word "clamor," meaning "loud," while others believe that it comes from the word "clam," meaning "shell."

Whatever the origin may be, there's no doubt that the last name Clemons is unique! If you're looking for someone with this last name, you can start your search on the Clemons surname registry.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Clemons?

According to the 2010 US Census, the state with the largest population with the last name Clemons is California. There are 2,781 Clemons residents in California. Texas comes in second with 2,193 Clemons residents, and Florida is in third with 1,739 Clemons residents.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Clemons?

There are many unusual and uncommon last names in the United States, but one of the most unique is Clemons. According to the Social Security Administration, there are only 49 people in the United States with the last name Clemons. So what are the most uncommon names with the last name Clemons?The most uncommon first name with the last name Clemons is probably Diamond. There are only three people in the United States with this name. The most common first name with the last name Clemons is William, with 902 people.

The most uncommon last name with the first name Diamond is probably Clemons. There is only one person in the United States with this name. The most common last name with the first name Diamond is probably Diamond, with 902 people.

The most uncommon last name with the first name William is probably Clemons. There are only two people in the United States with this name. The most common last name with the first name William is probably William, with 902 people.

List of People with the Last Name Clemons

David ClemonsWilliam ClemonsJohn ClemonsJames ClemonsRobert ClemonsMary ClemonsMichael ClemonsCharles ClemonsC ClemonsJ ClemonsPatricia ClemonsM ClemonsRichard ClemonsLinda ClemonsBarbara ClemonsL ClemonsThomas ClemonsAnthony ClemonsChristopher ClemonsWillie ClemonsA ClemonsDonald ClemonsKimberly ClemonsLarry ClemonsLisa ClemonsDeborah ClemonsMark ClemonsElizabeth ClemonsJennifer ClemonsChris ClemonsAngela ClemonsGeorge ClemonsJoseph ClemonsDorothy ClemonsBetty ClemonsKenneth ClemonsMichelle ClemonsDaniel ClemonsSharon ClemonsSandra ClemonsJessica ClemonsTimothy ClemonsCynthia ClemonsDebra ClemonsMelissa ClemonsDonna ClemonsBrenda ClemonsKaren ClemonsEdward ClemonsPamela ClemonsStephanie ClemonsRebecca ClemonsCarol ClemonsW ClemonsPaul ClemonsGary ClemonsJason ClemonsJoshua ClemonsRonald ClemonsSteven ClemonsKim ClemonsSusan ClemonsShirley ClemonsCarolyn ClemonsBilly ClemonsAmanda ClemonsLawrence ClemonsSteve ClemonsJerry ClemonsKevin ClemonsBrian ClemonsMargaret ClemonsSarah ClemonsAmy ClemonsKathy ClemonsSamuel ClemonsJeffrey ClemonsLaura ClemonsCatherine ClemonsTracy ClemonsRaymond ClemonsAshley ClemonsTerry ClemonsTeresa ClemonsEric ClemonsKatherine ClemonsBobby ClemonsHeather ClemonsDenise ClemonsHenry ClemonsTammy ClemonsJoe ClemonsJoyce ClemonsDiane ClemonsJacqueline ClemonsJohnny ClemonsNancy ClemonsScott ClemonsChristina ClemonsSheila ClemonsTiffany ClemonsGregory ClemonsNicole ClemonsMatthew ClemonsStephen ClemonsChristine ClemonsBrandon ClemonsEddie ClemonsCrystal ClemonsWanda ClemonsTonya ClemonsFrank ClemonsAnn ClemonsHarold ClemonsJack ClemonsAlice ClemonsCarl ClemonsRuth ClemonsWalter ClemonsJanet ClemonsRoger ClemonsRegina ClemonsErnest ClemonsCheryl ClemonsKeith ClemonsClarence ClemonsHelen ClemonsEugene ClemonsLee ClemonsJulie ClemonsJackie ClemonsArthur ClemonsCurtis ClemonsCathy ClemonsAnnie ClemonsTony ClemonsRay ClemonsKathleen ClemonsPhillip ClemonsMartha ClemonsPatrick ClemonsAnna ClemonsAndrew ClemonsSherry ClemonsGloria ClemonsDon ClemonsJudy ClemonsKelly ClemonsVirginia ClemonsMarilyn ClemonsJanice ClemonsAndrea ClemonsDoris ClemonsTina ClemonsWayne ClemonsJimmy ClemonsMarie ClemonsRachel ClemonsJean ClemonsRoy ClemonsAaron ClemonsJamie ClemonsTheresa ClemonsRose ClemonsJessie ClemonsDouglas ClemonsBrittany ClemonsEvelyn ClemonsBeverly ClemonsConnie ClemonsJeffery ClemonsGerald ClemonsAmber ClemonsJustin ClemonsRhonda ClemonsFred ClemonsVictoria ClemonsValerie ClemonsShannon ClemonsJoann ClemonsEmily ClemonsBonnie ClemonsRicky ClemonsPhyllis ClemonsFrances ClemonsRobin ClemonsJesse ClemonsCourtney ClemonsRosa ClemonsRuby ClemonsPaula ClemonsDiana ClemonsJonathan ClemonsYolanda ClemonsDanielle ClemonsEarl ClemonsDennis ClemonsApril ClemonsErica ClemonsRodney ClemonsDarlene ClemonsLeroy ClemonsCharlie ClemonsMarvin ClemonsBobbie ClemonsCarrie ClemonsBenjamin ClemonsLeslie ClemonsJudith ClemonsRyan ClemonsJerome ClemonsRandy ClemonsVanessa ClemonsJulia ClemonsShawn ClemonsJohnnie ClemonsAnne ClemonsPeggy ClemonsCalvin ClemonsRonnie ClemonsLouise ClemonsAlbert ClemonsEmma ClemonsMattie ClemonsDanny ClemonsWendy ClemonsMildred ClemonsMarcus ClemonsSamantha ClemonsJoan ClemonsHarry ClemonsJane ClemonsJeanette ClemonsEthel ClemonsJeremy ClemonsRandall ClemonsAdam ClemonsTyler ClemonsChad ClemonsOtis ClemonsNathaniel ClemonsDale ClemonsCarla ClemonsThelma ClemonsNorma ClemonsRita ClemonsFrederick ClemonsHoward ClemonsAnnette ClemonsLauren ClemonsBryan ClemonsAllen ClemonsMelvin ClemonsRussell ClemonsEdna ClemonsLucille ClemonsLois ClemonsTodd ClemonsKatrina ClemonsHerbert ClemonsKayla ClemonsRalph ClemonsCraig ClemonsEdith ClemonsGladys ClemonsNathan ClemonsMarion ClemonsMaurice ClemonsDerrick ClemonsClara ClemonsIrene ClemonsVernon ClemonsLouis ClemonsElla ClemonsEva ClemonsFreddie ClemonsTravis ClemonsKyle ClemonsReginald ClemonsTroy ClemonsVera ClemonsLeon ClemonsJimmie ClemonsTaylor ClemonsBernice ClemonsJasmine ClemonsMinnie ClemonsJacob ClemonsAlvin ClemonsAlexis ClemonsTyrone ClemonsClifton ClemonsWesley ClemonsNicholas ClemonsCorey ClemonsFlorence ClemonsBessie ClemonsSherman ClemonsDarryl ClemonsFloyd Clemons