What Is The History Of The Last Name Cline?

While researching the history of the last name Cline, I discovered that the name has German and Swiss origins. The name Cline is derived from the word klein, which means "small" in German. The Cline family first appeared in Switzerland in the early 1600s. Over the centuries, the Cline family migrated to other parts of Europe, and eventually, they came to the United States. Today, the Cline name is found in countries all over the world.Interestingly, the Cline name is not just found in Europe and the United States. There is a Cline family in Japan, and a Cline family in Australia. I'm not sure how they all ended up with the same last name, but it is definitely an interesting coincidence.

If you are interested in learning more about the Cline name, there are a few resources that you can check out. The first is the website for the Cline Family Association. This website contains a lot of information about the Cline family, including photos and family trees. The second resource is the website for the Cline Genealogy Project. This website is specifically devoted to the Cline family genealogy, and it contains a lot of information about the Cline family history.

If you are interested in researching your own family history, I highly recommend checking out both of these websites. They are a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about their family history.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Cline?

There are many famous people in history with the last name Cline. One of the most well-known is singer Patsy Cline. She was a country music pioneer and is considered one of the most influential singers in the history of the genre.Another famous Cline is Howard Cline, a businessman and philanthropist. He was the founder of the Cline Cellars winery, one of the most successful wineries in the United States.

There are also a number of well-known athletes with the last name Cline. These include baseball pitcher Jeff Cline and basketball player Lenny Cline.

So, if you're looking for a last name with a bit of history and culture behind it, you might want to consider Cline!

Where Does The Last Name Cline Rank In The Most Common US Names?

When it comes to common US names, Cline is definitely up there. In fact, it ranks as the 15th most common name in the country. But what is the name's ranking when compared to all the other names out there?To answer this question, we turned to the Social Security Administration (SSA) and their list of the most common US names. According to their data, Cline is the 9,895th most common name in the country. This puts it well behind the top dog, Smith, which is the most common name in America with 1,594,362 babies being named Smith in 2017.

So if you're a Cline, you can take comfort in knowing that you're not alone. But you're also not at the top of the list!

List of People with the Last Name Cline

Donna ClinePatricia ClineJeffrey ClineCheryl ClineMargaret ClineM ClineKaren ClineWilliam ClineMatthew ClineSteven ClineKimberly ClineElizabeth ClineC ClineSandra ClineGeorge ClineSusan ClineGary ClineDonald ClineJessica ClineCarol ClineBetty ClineThomas ClineLisa ClineTimothy ClineJohn ClineSarah ClineDavid ClineKenneth ClineDeborah ClineCharles ClineChristopher ClineMelissa ClineD ClineRonald ClineJoseph ClineJennifer ClineMary ClineLinda ClineAngela ClineRichard ClineJames ClineMichael ClineAmanda ClineLarry ClineRobert ClineJ ClineMark ClinePaul ClineMichelle ClineChris ClineDaniel ClineEdward ClineNancy ClineDorothy ClineSteve ClineScott ClineBill ClineAmy ClineRebecca ClineKelly ClineSharon ClineCynthia ClineDebra ClineLaura ClineJason ClineKevin ClineRuth ClinePamela ClineJeff ClineHelen ClineKim ClineJerry ClineBarbara ClineBrenda ClineHeather ClineJack ClineTammy ClineTeresa ClineCatherine ClineStephanie ClineMike ClineKathy ClineLawrence ClineRaymond ClineJudy ClineChristine ClineAshley ClineJoshua ClineDebbie ClineCindy ClineShirley ClineTerry ClineKathleen ClineHarold ClineAndrew ClineBrian ClineDiane ClineTim ClineJoe ClineKatherine ClineJanet ClineStephen ClineAnna ClineDouglas ClineJulie ClineJamie ClineCarolyn ClineWalter ClineTina ClineChristina ClineCarl ClineFrank ClineRoy ClineVirginia ClineJudith ClineMartha ClineEric ClineGerald ClineBilly ClineTracy ClineCathy ClineJustin ClineConnie ClineAnthony ClineDon ClineFrances ClineBrandon ClineJoyce ClineAnn ClineRandy ClineMarie ClineJean ClineLori ClineJane ClineDennis ClineNicole ClineRoger ClineRachel ClineDanny ClineSara ClineCrystal ClineShannon ClineEarl ClineBobby ClineRobin ClineAdam ClineHarry ClineGregory ClineHoward ClineSherry ClineBonnie ClineDenise ClineRalph ClineEmily ClineDiana ClineJacob ClineLee ClineDawn ClineJanice ClinePatrick ClineWendy ClineKathryn ClineCarrie ClineRay ClineJackie ClineJonathan ClineFred ClineLeslie ClineAmber ClineEvelyn ClineKeith ClineTheresa ClineJeremy ClineJimmy ClineVictoria ClineAndrea ClineAaron ClineWayne ClineMildred ClineArthur ClinePaula ClineDoris ClineBeverly ClinePeggy ClineRose ClineJoan ClineMegan ClineJesse ClinePhyllis ClineTiffany ClineShawn ClineWanda ClineRussell ClineStacy ClineTyler ClineBrittany ClineRyan ClineTerri ClineRuby ClineClarence ClineKatie ClineDale ClineNicholas ClineSamantha ClineRodney ClineTony ClineEdna ClineChad ClineJessie ClineLois ClineCourtney ClineMaria ClineApril ClineGlenn ClineRhonda ClineBenjamin ClineCurtis ClineRandall ClineJacqueline ClineAllen ClineJay ClineJulia ClineGloria ClineRicky ClineDana ClineAnne ClineZachary ClineAlan ClineNathan ClineBruce ClineGrace ClineMarilyn ClineAlbert ClineLouise ClineTaylor ClinePhillip ClineFlorence ClineTodd ClineCody ClineKyle ClineBrandy ClineEugene ClineErnest ClineCharlotte ClineFrancis ClineEdith ClineJill ClineAustin ClineHazel ClineElaine ClineBradley ClineHenry ClineGene ClineMartin ClineRita ClineMarvin ClineRonnie ClineIrene ClineCraig ClineJohnny ClineCasey ClineLauren ClineAlice ClineThelma ClineStanley ClineEmma ClineNorma ClineMarion ClineElsie ClineAudrey ClineMarjorie ClineMelvin ClineGladys ClineTravis ClineJordan ClineWesley ClineClara ClineLucille ClineEva ClinePauline ClineFloyd ClinePeter ClineClifford ClineLillian ClineHerbert ClineBryan ClineJuanita ClineLloyd ClineWillie ClineDarrell ClineSamuel ClineBarry ClineLester ClineEllen ClineLeonard ClineDustin ClineNorman ClineWarren ClineVirgil ClineElmer Cline