Historical Information About The Last Name Cochran

The Cochran name is a historically significant one, with a rich heritage that dates back centuries. The Cochran name has been associated with many famous individuals and important events throughout history. Here is a brief overview of some of the most notable Cochran moments in history.The Cochran name first appeared in written records in the early 1200s. One of the first Cochrans was a knight named Sir Reginald Cochran, who served in the court of King John of England.

In the mid-1500s, a Cochran family emigrated from Scotland to Northern Ireland. This was the beginning of the Cochran clan in America.

One of the most notable Cochrans in American history was John Cochran, a physician who served as personal physician to George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

The Cochran name has also been associated with many important events in Scottish and Irish history. For example, the Cochran clan played a significant role in the Battle of Culloden, which was the final battle of the Jacobite rising.

The Cochran name is also associated with several notable individuals in American politics and business. For example, the Cochran brothers founded the Cochran Railroad Company, which was one of the largest railroad companies in America in the 1800s.

The Cochran name is a proud and historic one, with a rich heritage that stretches back for centuries. If you are interested in learning more about the Cochran name, be sure to visit the Cochran family website.

The Popularity Of Cochran As The Last Name

There are many interesting last names in the world, but Cochran is one of the most popular. What is the story behind this name and why is it so popular?The Cochran family name can be traced back to the Scottish Highlands in the early 1800s. One of the first people to bear the name was Alexander Cochran, who was born in 1807. His father, John Cochran, was a soldier in the British Army. After Alexander was born, his family moved to Canada, where they eventually settled in the province of Ontario.

Alexander Cochran was a well-respected citizen and community leader. He served as a member of the local militia, as well as a justice of the peace. He also owned a large farm and was involved in many other business ventures.

Alexander Cochran and his wife, Elizabeth, had six children. One of their sons, William, was the father of the modern Cochran family. William Cochran was born in 1853 and raised in Ontario. He married Sarah Jane King in 1876 and they had six children.

The Cochran family moved to the United States in the early 1900s. They first settled in Missouri, but eventually made their way west to California. William Cochran died in 1940, but his descendants continue to live in the United States and around the world.

The Cochran name is now spelled Cochrane in some parts of the world, but it is still the same name. There are many people with the Cochran surname all over the world, and it is still one of the most popular last names.

Naming Ideas With Cochran As The Last Name

There are many options when it comes to choosing a baby name. You can go traditional and use a name that has been used for centuries, or you can be more creative and choose something that is unique to your child. If you are looking for a name that is both unique and has a strong family connection, you may want to consider using Cochran as the last name.The Cochran name has been around for centuries and has a strong family connection. Cochran is a Scottish name that is believed to have originated from the Gaelic word "cochran," which means "red." The Cochran name has been used in many different countries, including Scotland, England, Ireland, and the United States.

If you are interested in using the Cochran name for your child, there are many different options to choose from. You can use the full name Cochran, you can use Cochran as a middle name, or you can use a variation of the name, such as Cochrane or Cochran.

No matter which variation of the Cochran name you choose, you can be sure that it will be a name that your child will be proud to carry. Not only is the Cochran name unique, but it also has a strong family connection that will stay with your child for life.

List of People with the Last Name Cochran

Larry CochranRobert CochranNancy CochranCharles CochranElizabeth CochranJ CochranMary CochranGeorge CochranDavid CochranJames CochranKim CochranDorothy CochranBetty CochranBarbara CochranRonald CochranDaniel CochranAngela CochranTimothy CochranLisa CochranJack CochranCynthia CochranPaul CochranStephen CochranLinda CochranDebra CochranDonald CochranSteve CochranBrian CochranWilliam CochranKevin CochranCarol CochranPatricia CochranSandra CochranMark CochranJessica CochranThomas CochranJennifer CochranSarah CochranBrenda CochranKimberly CochranDeborah CochranMichelle CochranKaren CochranSusan CochranGary CochranJeffrey CochranSteven CochranDonna CochranJohn CochranChris CochranMelissa CochranChristopher CochranAmanda CochranAmy CochranKenneth CochranEdward CochranJoseph CochranMichael CochranRichard CochranKelly CochranMargaret CochranLaura CochranBill CochranMatthew CochranMike CochranPamela CochranRebecca CochranSharon CochranJerry CochranRuth CochranTeresa CochranStephanie CochranJoe CochranAshley CochranKathy CochranHelen CochranJeff CochranTammy CochranTerry CochranJoshua CochranDebbie CochranChristine CochranJudy CochranScott CochranJason CochranLawrence CochranCarolyn CochranKathleen CochranHeather CochranVirginia CochranJanet CochranJulie CochranAnn CochranHarold CochranShirley CochranKatherine CochranCindy CochranDiane CochranCheryl CochranChristina CochranAndrew CochranDon CochranWalter CochranBilly CochranAnna CochranRaymond CochranFrank CochranAnthony CochranJoyce CochranCatherine CochranMartha CochranTracy CochranJim CochranJean CochranNicole CochranTina CochranKeith CochranGregory CochranSamuel CochranRachel CochranRoy CochranCrystal CochranJudith CochranEmily CochranAlice CochranShannon CochranJackie CochranLeslie CochranRobin CochranPatrick CochranPhillip CochranHenry CochranTheresa CochranAmber CochranCarl CochranKathryn CochranJamie CochranDoris CochranLori CochranDouglas CochranDawn CochranJoan CochranRoger CochranSue CochranDanny CochranEric CochranDennis CochranJustin CochranWayne CochranDenise CochranJane CochranMarie CochranFrances CochranRyan CochranConnie CochranPeggy CochranRhonda CochranJacqueline CochranCarrie CochranBonnie CochranBobby CochranRandy CochranWillie CochranRay CochranJesse CochranBenjamin CochranLee CochranFred CochranJanice CochranSheila CochranBeth CochranVictoria CochranBeverly CochranPaula CochranRussell CochranEvelyn CochranCourtney CochranWanda CochranTiffany CochranEarl CochranRalph CochranLynn CochranBrandon CochranClarence CochranJonathan CochranHarry CochranEugene CochranSara CochranRose CochranSherry CochranMegan CochranBruce CochranSean CochranShawn CochranAllen CochranJohnny CochranDiana CochranDana CochranAaron CochranLouise CochranBrittany CochranJeremy CochranMildred CochranMarilyn CochranSamantha CochranAnne CochranApril CochranCraig CochranCurtis CochranJimmy CochranMaria CochranRenee CochranStacy CochranGerald CochranTyler CochranZachary CochranJulia CochranLillian CochranChad CochranLauren CochranDale CochranErnest CochranTerri CochranAndrea CochranWendy CochranNicholas CochranGrace CochranPhilip CochranClifford CochranCasey CochranKyle CochranPhyllis CochranJessie CochranGloria CochranAnnie CochranJacob CochranHazel CochranNorma CochranHoward CochranEddie CochranRonnie CochranAdam CochranRandall CochranRuby CochranMarjorie CochranEdna CochranTony CochranGladys CochranLois CochranCharlotte CochranBryan CochranAlbert CochranGlen CochranTodd CochranDanielle CochranErin CochranMarion CochranBradley CochranCody CochranTaylor CochranEmma CochranAudrey CochranJune CochranFlorence CochranFrancis CochranThelma CochranArthur CochranRicky CochranKayla CochranTravis CochranNorman CochranClara CochranHannah CochranAlan CochranEdith CochranNellie CochranShane CochranCorey CochranNathan CochranPauline CochranLucille CochranMelvin CochranAustin CochranJosephine CochranBertha CochranWesley CochranIrene CochranMarvin CochranCecil CochranLewis CochranFloyd CochranChester CochranWilma CochranLloyd CochranEva CochranHerbert CochranTroy CochranAlfred CochranDustin CochranMinnie Cochran