How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Cohen?

There are around 280,000 people in the US with the last name Cohen, making it the 209th most common surname in America. Cohen is a Jewish surname, and is derived from the Hebrew word "Kohen," meaning priest. The Cohen surname is found all over the world, with concentrations in the United States, Israel, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Cohen?

As of the 2010 census, the State of New York had the largest population of Cohens in the United States. There were 6,521 people with the last name Cohen living in New York, which accounted for 2.1% of the population. California came in second with 5,521 Cohens, followed by Florida with 2,938, and Massachusetts with 2,288.The Cohen surname is thought to have originated in the Jewish community in Germany. It is believed that the name was derived from the Hebrew word kohen, which means priest. The first appearance of the Cohen name in the United States was in the 1790 Census, where it was listed as being used by 227 people. The Cohen population has continued to grow over the years, and there are now estimated to be more than one million people in the United States with the Cohen surname.

So, what does this mean for those of us with the Cohen surname? It means that we can take pride in knowing that we are part of a large and diverse community. And it also means that we can feel connected to all of the other Cohens around the country – no matter where we live.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Cohen?

There are many different and unique last names in the world. But out of all of them, Cohen is one of the most uncommon. So what are some of the most uncommon names with the last name Cohen?1. Zahava Cohen is a famous Israeli singer and songwriter.

2. Mayer Cohen was a Polish-born American mathematician who was one of the founders of abstract algebra.

3. Lenny Cohen is a Grammy-nominated American singer-songwriter and record producer.

4. Elliott Cohen is a British journalist and author.

So there you have it! Four of the most uncommon names with the last name Cohen. If you are thinking of naming your child Cohen, be sure to check out these names first!

List of People with the Last Name Cohen

Sidney CohenIda CohenShirley CohenNathan CohenMorris CohenHarold CohenAbraham CohenSam CohenRuth CohenBetty CohenHerbert CohenDorothy CohenSamuel CohenFlorence CohenHyman CohenMax CohenPhilip CohenAlbert CohenLarry CohenEsther CohenHelen CohenNorman CohenAnna CohenRachel CohenLillian CohenAlex CohenSandra CohenLouis CohenSusan CohenJack CohenIrving CohenJean CohenPhyllis CohenMiriam CohenJulie CohenLeonard CohenStanley CohenAndrea CohenMartin CohenHarvey CohenHarry CohenAnn CohenEdward CohenGary CohenMichelle CohenPatricia CohenMarilyn CohenSara CohenEllen CohenHoward CohenFrances CohenBernard CohenM CohenMitchell CohenRichard CohenDonald CohenJay CohenAnne CohenWilliam CohenJeffrey CohenAaron CohenJoseph CohenMary CohenSarah CohenJoe CohenSylvia CohenStephanie CohenJacob CohenLauren CohenSharon CohenAllen CohenLinda CohenLawrence CohenCarol CohenMatthew CohenAmy CohenJonathan CohenMelissa CohenCynthia CohenDeborah CohenKaren CohenElizabeth CohenMichael CohenDebra CohenS CohenRebecca CohenEvelyn CohenJoan CohenJohn CohenJudith CohenRobert CohenBruce CohenJ CohenAlan CohenMark CohenCharles CohenNancy CohenA CohenJerry CohenJessica CohenJason CohenGeorge CohenDavid CohenRose CohenJames CohenLisa CohenRonald CohenDonna CohenLaura CohenBarbara CohenBrian CohenDaniel CohenArthur CohenJoel CohenL CohenScott CohenAllan CohenBarry CohenAdam CohenKenneth CohenJoshua CohenEric CohenJeff CohenLori CohenRobin CohenJennifer CohenElaine CohenStephen CohenDiane CohenPaul CohenMarc CohenMargaret CohenBeth CohenStuart CohenGerald CohenHenry CohenBen CohenSteven CohenEmily CohenBenjamin CohenJane CohenJerome CohenPamela CohenSteve CohenAndrew CohenJill CohenJanet CohenCheryl CohenLeslie CohenIsaac CohenLee CohenMarvin CohenAbe CohenAlexander CohenFred CohenPeter CohenGertrude CohenMildred CohenMilton CohenJacqueline CohenMichele CohenHerman CohenKimberly CohenWendy CohenArnold CohenLeon CohenBeatrice CohenIrene CohenMarcia CohenMaria CohenEdith CohenJamie CohenMelvin CohenEli CohenEthel CohenLeah CohenGail CohenSally CohenSamantha CohenSheila CohenMurray CohenNicole CohenStacey CohenAmanda CohenBeverly CohenPhillip CohenGloria CohenJordan CohenAlice CohenJulia CohenLaurie CohenIra CohenHarriet CohenPearl CohenArlene CohenNatalie CohenPaula CohenBessie CohenFrank CohenHannah CohenFannie CohenDanielle CohenJoyce CohenKatherine CohenBonnie CohenMollie CohenMoshe CohenEva CohenCarolyn CohenJulius CohenAllison CohenCelia CohenSadie CohenSol CohenJanice CohenSeymour CohenSuzanne CohenBertha CohenPauline CohenJennie CohenDiana CohenRenee CohenDana CohenNeil CohenCatherine CohenMinnie CohenZachary CohenEileen CohenKathleen CohenIrwin CohenDora CohenBernice CohenRoberta CohenRita CohenThomas CohenJeremy CohenMarie CohenMartha CohenMaurice CohenDoris CohenSeth CohenChristopher CohenLena CohenGregory CohenDouglas CohenLewis CohenMarion CohenHeather CohenJustin CohenEleanor CohenEstelle CohenSophie CohenChristine CohenVictoria CohenMeyer CohenSimon CohenRalph CohenBrenda CohenAnita CohenVictor CohenMarlene CohenSaul CohenTerry CohenSolomon CohenSheldon CohenAvi CohenTheodore CohenClaire CohenCraig CohenMarsha CohenAshley CohenNaomi CohenMolly CohenLois CohenJesse CohenCharlotte CohenEvan CohenRaymond CohenKevin CohenBrandon CohenIsrael CohenLeo CohenAnnette CohenNorma CohenAlexandra CohenMarjorie CohenLouise CohenAlfred CohenFrieda CohenCarl CohenMorton CohenAlvin CohenSelma CohenFay CohenClara CohenJared CohenYetta CohenTodd CohenDennis CohenBrett Cohen