What Is The History Of The Last Name Compton?

The Compton family has a rich and varied history that can be traced back for centuries. The surname Compton is derived from a location in England called Compton Wynyates. This area was once the property of a man named Robert de Comptone, who was granted the land by William the Conqueror in 1086. The Compton family has played a significant role in English history over the years, and many notable figures have carried the name.One of the most famous Comptons was the English philosopher and scientist Sir Isaac Newton. He was born in 1642 in the town of Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, which was once part of the Compton estate. Newton was a brilliant thinker and made many important contributions to science, including his theory of gravity.

The Compton family has also produced several notable politicians over the years. The most famous of these is probably Herbert Henry Asquith, who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1908 to 1916. Asquith was a Liberal Party leader and played a key role in the development of social welfare legislation.

There have been many other notable Comptons throughout history, including poets, soldiers, and even a Hollywood actress. The family has a long and proud history, and it is sure to continue well into the future.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Compton?

There are a few famous people in history with the last name Compton. One example is Dr. Dre, a rapper and producer who has sold over 220 million records worldwide. Another is Tom Compton, an offensive lineman for the NFL's Atlanta Falcons. Finally, there's Keith Compton, a British historian and author.

Where Does The Last Name Compton Rank In The Most Common US Names?

It's no secret that the name Compton is quite popular in the United States. But just how common is it? According to the Social Security Administration, the name Compton ranks at number 298 in terms of most common US names. This puts it well behind other popular names like Smith, Johnson, and Williams, but ahead of less common names like Ziegler and Dillard.There are a few different theories as to where the name Compton originated. One theory suggests that the name is derived from a town in England called Compton Abbas. Another theory claims that the name is a combination of two Old English words - "tun," which means town, and "ham," which means home.

Whatever the case may be, there's no doubt that the name Compton is well-known and respected in the United States. If you're thinking of naming your child Compton, you can be sure that they'll have a name that's unique and memorable.

List of People with the Last Name Compton

Mary ComptonChris ComptonChristopher ComptonRichard ComptonL ComptonElizabeth ComptonPatricia ComptonCharles ComptonRobert ComptonThomas ComptonB ComptonLinda ComptonJohn ComptonJennifer ComptonDavid ComptonC ComptonMichael ComptonWilliam ComptonJ ComptonR ComptonJames ComptonGeorge ComptonBarbara ComptonLisa ComptonDonald ComptonBetty ComptonMargaret ComptonDeborah ComptonMelissa ComptonSusan ComptonJoseph ComptonMichelle ComptonLarry ComptonKimberly ComptonPaul ComptonRonald ComptonKaren ComptonSandra ComptonSarah ComptonDaniel ComptonKenneth ComptonAngela ComptonSteven ComptonAmanda ComptonSteve ComptonCarol ComptonRebecca ComptonJessica ComptonDonna ComptonMark ComptonGary ComptonJeffrey ComptonBrian ComptonBill ComptonCynthia ComptonDorothy ComptonLaura ComptonKathy ComptonDebra ComptonBrenda ComptonNancy ComptonPamela ComptonMatthew ComptonRuth ComptonTimothy ComptonAmy ComptonDebbie ComptonTeresa ComptonJoe ComptonScott ComptonTammy ComptonJerry ComptonJack ComptonHelen ComptonCindy ComptonKelly ComptonStephanie ComptonSharon ComptonVirginia ComptonHeather ComptonJudy ComptonTerry ComptonJeff ComptonCarolyn ComptonJason ComptonKatherine ComptonKevin ComptonBilly ComptonEdward ComptonJoyce ComptonLawrence ComptonHarold ComptonDon ComptonRaymond ComptonChristine ComptonStephen ComptonCatherine ComptonCarl ComptonRoy ComptonBobby ComptonAnn ComptonShirley ComptonAshley ComptonTina ComptonKathleen ComptonConnie ComptonJanice ComptonJean ComptonJulie ComptonJoshua ComptonChristina ComptonAndrew ComptonJeffery ComptonAnna ComptonDouglas ComptonFrances ComptonTim ComptonJanet ComptonCrystal ComptonWayne ComptonRalph ComptonMartha ComptonCheryl ComptonLori ComptonRay ComptonEric ComptonAnthony ComptonTracy ComptonDiane ComptonAlice ComptonTheresa ComptonBenjamin ComptonMarie ComptonPeggy ComptonCarrie ComptonRyan ComptonBrandon ComptonJoan ComptonBeverly ComptonGregory ComptonWalter ComptonHenry ComptonRhonda ComptonNicole ComptonSherry ComptonRoger ComptonSamuel ComptonLee ComptonRachel ComptonWillie ComptonEarl ComptonRobin ComptonKathryn ComptonBonnie ComptonLeslie ComptonSara ComptonFrank ComptonArthur ComptonDennis ComptonPhillip ComptonPaula ComptonKeith ComptonRandy ComptonRussell ComptonJudith ComptonEvelyn ComptonDenise ComptonEmily ComptonSheila ComptonJonathan ComptonWanda ComptonDanny ComptonTiffany ComptonJane ComptonRose ComptonDoris ComptonJamie ComptonShannon ComptonClarence ComptonBrittany ComptonDawn ComptonAnne ComptonGlenn ComptonSue ComptonSamantha ComptonJeremy ComptonVictoria ComptonJacqueline ComptonAmber ComptonAaron ComptonAndrea ComptonRonnie ComptonJustin ComptonFred ComptonDiana ComptonKyle ComptonBruce ComptonJimmy ComptonLouise ComptonMaria ComptonCraig ComptonLynn ComptonPatrick ComptonLois ComptonRandall ComptonGladys ComptonEugene ComptonMildred ComptonDanielle ComptonDarlene ComptonCody ComptonWendy ComptonTodd ComptonJacob ComptonRicky ComptonGerald ComptonApril ComptonRuby ComptonNicholas ComptonJesse ComptonJulia ComptonAlbert ComptonAllen ComptonMegan ComptonPhyllis ComptonKristen ComptonGrace ComptonMarion ComptonHarry ComptonEdna ComptonBryan ComptonChad ComptonAnita ComptonJill ComptonLewis ComptonGloria ComptonAlan ComptonBrandy ComptonDana ComptonLauren ComptonCharlotte ComptonTyler ComptonCasey ComptonLeonard ComptonCurtis ComptonMarilyn ComptonJessie ComptonTonya ComptonGene ComptonAdam ComptonTroy ComptonAnnie ComptonBradley ComptonGail ComptonJohnny ComptonKayla ComptonHazel ComptonNathan ComptonThelma ComptonNorman ComptonRita ComptonRodney ComptonShawn ComptonDarrell ComptonHoward ComptonErnest ComptonLucille ComptonDale ComptonShane ComptonBarry ComptonLillian ComptonMarjorie ComptonZachary ComptonClifford ComptonEmma ComptonClyde ComptonTony ComptonEdith ComptonTaylor ComptonMyrtle ComptonCecil ComptonIrene ComptonTravis ComptonPeter ComptonCalvin ComptonEva ComptonJordan ComptonMarvin ComptonClayton ComptonMelvin ComptonLloyd ComptonClara ComptonPearl ComptonNorma ComptonMinnie ComptonElsie ComptonHerman ComptonFloyd ComptonHerbert ComptonEsther Compton