What Is The History Of The Last Name Connor?

If you're curious about the history of your last name, you might want to check out the Connor surname. This name has a rich history that dates back centuries.The Connor surname likely originated in Ireland. There, it was common for people to take on their father's last name. So, the Connor surname likely comes from someone with the given name Conchobhar.

Conchobhar was a very common name in ancient Ireland. It was derived from the Gaelic word "conchobar," which means "hound of the plains." So, it's likely that the first Connors were fierce warriors who were known for their hunting skills.

The Connor surname spread to Scotland in the 12th century. There, it became popular among the Gaelic-speaking people. It's thought that the first Connors in Scotland were either immigrants from Ireland or the descendants of Scottish mercenaries who had fought in Ireland.

The Connor surname continued to spread throughout the British Isles in the centuries that followed. It became particularly popular in England and Wales. Today, the Connor surname is also found in other parts of the world, including the United States and Australia.

If you're interested in learning more about the history of the Connor surname, there are a few resources you can check out. The Connor Clan Association is a good place to start. This organization is dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of the Connor surname.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Connor?

Connor is a common Irish name that is derived from the Gaelic word Connmhach, which means “chieftain.” There are many notable people with the last name Connor, including: Connor MacLeod, a character from the movie Highlander

Connor Michalek, a young fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins who passed away from cancer in 2014

Connor Murphy, a defenseman for the Arizona Coyotes

And there are many more!

So, are there any famous people in history with the last name Connor? As it turns out, there are quite a few! This is just a small sampling of some of the most notable people with the last name Connor:

John Connor, the protagonist of the Terminator movies

Alan Connor, a character on the British soap opera EastEnders

Bridget Connor, a character on the Australian soap opera Home and Away

So, the next time you meet someone with the last name Connor, be sure to ask them if they’re related to any famous people!

Where Does The Last Name Connor Rank In The Most Common US Names?

Connor is a popular name in the United States. It is the 14th most common name, with over 158,000 babies named Connor in the past decade. But where does the last name Connor rank in the most common US names?There are a few different ways to answer this question. One way is to look at all the last names in the United States and rank them by frequency. Another way is to look at the most common last names in each state.

According to the most recent data from the US Census Bureau, Connor is the 24th most common last name in the United States. It is more common than last names like Garcia, Nguyen, and Lopez, but less common than last names like Smith, Johnson, and Williams.

If you are looking for the most common last name in your state, the data is a little different. According to the 2016 American Community Survey, the most common last name in California is Smith. In Texas, the most common last name is Johnson. And in New York, the most common last name is Williams.

So if you are looking for the most common last name in your state, the answer is not Connor. But if you are looking for the most common US last name, Connor is in the top 25.

List of People with the Last Name Connor

Helen ConnorAnn ConnorMatthew ConnorDorothy ConnorCatherine ConnorMargaret ConnorMike ConnorDonald ConnorRobert ConnorJames ConnorPaul ConnorDennis ConnorNancy ConnorChristine ConnorSandra ConnorLinda ConnorElizabeth ConnorBrian ConnorKathleen ConnorSean ConnorMary ConnorMark ConnorJoseph ConnorJohn ConnorDeborah ConnorDonna ConnorR ConnorBarbara ConnorDiane ConnorJennifer ConnorSusan ConnorSarah ConnorStephen ConnorMichael ConnorL ConnorM ConnorC ConnorTim ConnorEdward ConnorChris ConnorKenneth ConnorFrancis ConnorSharon ConnorLaura ConnorCarol ConnorKaren ConnorPatrick ConnorPatricia ConnorThomas ConnorCharles ConnorLisa ConnorGeorge ConnorKelly ConnorT ConnorTimothy ConnorDavid ConnorKimberly ConnorKevin ConnorJoan ConnorCynthia ConnorWilliam ConnorRichard ConnorJ ConnorErin ConnorMichelle ConnorRyan ConnorDan ConnorChristopher ConnorAnne ConnorSteven ConnorBetty ConnorDaniel ConnorKatherine ConnorMarie ConnorJeffrey ConnorKathy ConnorRuth ConnorAmy ConnorBill ConnorPamela ConnorJean ConnorSteve ConnorColleen ConnorJoe ConnorFrank ConnorJanet ConnorCarolyn ConnorJudith ConnorAngela ConnorMelissa ConnorTerry ConnorFrances ConnorGary ConnorDebra ConnorDenise ConnorTheresa ConnorKathryn ConnorCheryl ConnorGerald ConnorScott ConnorAlice ConnorPeter ConnorRaymond ConnorMaureen ConnorAnna ConnorVirginia ConnorJessica ConnorRonald ConnorJulie ConnorAndrew ConnorShirley ConnorJane ConnorRebecca ConnorGregory ConnorJudy ConnorMegan ConnorEileen ConnorAnthony ConnorLawrence ConnorJack ConnorTeresa ConnorShannon ConnorJason ConnorLori ConnorMarilyn ConnorBeverly ConnorSheila ConnorDawn ConnorMaria ConnorBrenda ConnorJanice ConnorLynn ConnorKim ConnorDouglas ConnorArthur ConnorChristina ConnorJoanne ConnorMartin ConnorSara ConnorWalter ConnorSue ConnorHeather ConnorRobin ConnorJerry ConnorKeith ConnorTracy ConnorStephanie ConnorSuzanne ConnorKatie ConnorAmanda ConnorRose ConnorRachel ConnorJulia ConnorPaula ConnorGail ConnorJamie ConnorLeslie ConnorLouise ConnorLarry ConnorJonathan ConnorEmily ConnorJoyce ConnorConnie ConnorAndrea ConnorEric ConnorJill ConnorLee ConnorRita ConnorTammy ConnorPeggy ConnorNicole ConnorGrace ConnorCarrie ConnorMartha ConnorVictoria ConnorTerrence ConnorJeanne ConnorEllen ConnorGloria ConnorSherry ConnorLorraine ConnorJoshua ConnorWendy ConnorCraig ConnorBonnie ConnorRosemary ConnorShawn ConnorCaroline ConnorRoger ConnorFlorence ConnorJustin ConnorBernard ConnorTina ConnorMarion ConnorEvelyn ConnorEleanor ConnorCharlotte ConnorFred ConnorGeraldine ConnorHarry ConnorHarold ConnorKristen ConnorLauren ConnorLillian ConnorLois ConnorAshley ConnorElaine ConnorPhillip ConnorNicholas ConnorCrystal ConnorKyle ConnorPhilip ConnorCasey ConnorBrendan ConnorIrene ConnorSally ConnorDanielle ConnorBrandon ConnorJeremiah ConnorHenry ConnorEugene ConnorTara ConnorDana ConnorDolores ConnorVincent ConnorLoretta ConnorRegina ConnorBryan ConnorPhyllis ConnorSamuel ConnorAlbert ConnorMarjorie ConnorBarry ConnorDale ConnorAmber ConnorDiana ConnorAllison ConnorNorma ConnorJacqueline ConnorRussell ConnorCourtney ConnorDarlene ConnorGerard ConnorJerome ConnorShane ConnorTodd ConnorAnnie ConnorJune ConnorPauline ConnorJacob ConnorEdna ConnorAgnes ConnorBruce ConnorVeronica ConnorDoris ConnorEmma ConnorCarl ConnorAdam ConnorMaurice ConnorWillie ConnorBenjamin ConnorTiffany ConnorFrederick ConnorMadeline ConnorHugh ConnorJosephine ConnorCaitlin ConnorRoy ConnorBrittany ConnorMildred ConnorGertrude ConnorSamantha ConnorEdith ConnorJeremy ConnorSylvia ConnorO ConnorAaron ConnorEthel ConnorLucille ConnorLeonard ConnorHazel ConnorErnest ConnorEarl ConnorLeo ConnorRalph ConnorClarence ConnorJesse ConnorCurtis ConnorEdwin ConnorZachary ConnorEsther ConnorTyler ConnorRodney ConnorAllen ConnorTaylor ConnorAlexander ConnorLouis ConnorAlfred ConnorHerbert ConnorJordan Connor