How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Corona?

There are approximately 2,500 people in the United States with the last name Corona. This makes Corona the 1,786th most common name in the United States.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Corona?

There are many different last names that are common in different parts of the United States. But which state has the largest population with the last name Corona?According to the US Census Bureau, the state with the largest population with the last name Corona is California. In California, there are over 26,000 people who have the last name Corona. Texas is the second state with the largest population of people with the last name Corona, with over 19,000 people.

So why are there so many people with the last name Corona in these states? There are a few different theories. One theory is that the name Corona is derived from the Latin word for crown, corona. Another theory is that the name Corona is derived from the Spanish word for crown, corona.

Whatever the origin of the name Corona, it is clear that there are a lot of people in California and Texas with that last name! If you are looking for someone who shares your last name, you might want to start your search in these states.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Corona?

As you may know, Corona is a popular last name. But what you may not know is that there are a number of uncommon names that have Corona as their last name.Some of the most uncommon names with the last name Corona include Adolfo, Arturo, Benedetto, Catalina, and Desiderio. These names are not as common as the more popular names that include Corona as their last name, such as Antonio, Carlos, and Diego.

If you are looking for an uncommon name with the last name Corona, one of these five names is a great choice. They are all unique and interesting, and they will make you stand out from the crowd.

List of People with the Last Name Corona

Ramon CoronaMartha CoronaGuadalupe CoronaMaria CoronaRafael CoronaJose CoronaAntonio CoronaFrancisco CoronaAna CoronaJesus CoronaRosa CoronaPedro CoronaMiguel CoronaLuis CoronaManuel CoronaJuan CoronaMartin CoronaRoberto CoronaDaniel CoronaJavier CoronaSergio CoronaCarlos CoronaSalvador CoronaJorge CoronaAlejandro CoronaPatricia CoronaJ CoronaRicardo CoronaRaul CoronaVeronica CoronaJaime CoronaElizabeth CoronaRobert CoronaDavid CoronaOscar CoronaVictor CoronaMary CoronaLaura CoronaLeticia CoronaMichael CoronaMario CoronaTeresa CoronaFernando CoronaCarmen CoronaHector CoronaEduardo CoronaJessica CoronaAnthony CoronaJohn CoronaRuben CoronaArmando CoronaJoseph CoronaAngelica CoronaGloria CoronaEnrique CoronaClaudia CoronaA CoronaSandra CoronaAngel CoronaArturo CoronaAlberto CoronaYolanda CoronaJulio CoronaJennifer CoronaGabriel CoronaMonica CoronaAlfredo CoronaAdriana CoronaAlicia CoronaRichard CoronaSilvia CoronaCesar CoronaJoe CoronaNorma CoronaCynthia CoronaMarco CoronaR CoronaGerardo CoronaMargarita CoronaEdgar CoronaDiana CoronaAlfonso CoronaFrank CoronaJuana CoronaAlma CoronaAnna CoronaChristina CoronaMichelle CoronaGustavo CoronaAlex CoronaAlejandra CoronaGeorge CoronaAngela CoronaIrma CoronaPablo CoronaIgnacio CoronaLuz CoronaBlanca CoronaNancy CoronaBrenda CoronaStephanie CoronaJoel CoronaGilberto CoronaVictoria CoronaSylvia CoronaSonia CoronaMayra CoronaFelipe CoronaGuillermo CoronaJosefina CoronaSusana CoronaErnesto CoronaJames CoronaOmar CoronaLorena CoronaGabriela CoronaOlga CoronaAdrian CoronaIsabel CoronaJonathan CoronaMelissa CoronaSamuel CoronaCecilia CoronaAraceli CoronaVanessa CoronaRosario CoronaJesse CoronaLinda CoronaRaymond CoronaSara CoronaErika CoronaAndrea CoronaLisa CoronaHugo CoronaChristopher CoronaChristian CoronaBenjamin CoronaBertha CoronaRamiro CoronaVirginia CoronaAbel CoronaLourdes CoronaThomas CoronaRodolfo CoronaBeatriz CoronaRaquel CoronaRebecca CoronaGraciela CoronaJulia CoronaRocio CoronaSaul CoronaAmanda CoronaAndres CoronaKaren CoronaSantiago CoronaMaricela CoronaCristina CoronaHumberto CoronaLucia CoronaErica CoronaLouis CoronaIvan CoronaMoises CoronaIsrael CoronaElena CoronaPaul CoronaMarcos CoronaTony CoronaAntonia CoronaIrene CoronaKarina CoronaKarla CoronaAlvaro CoronaIsmael CoronaKimberly CoronaMaribel CoronaEva CoronaEsteban CoronaYesenia CoronaAgustin CoronaJoaquin CoronaDolores CoronaEric CoronaRogelio CoronaSocorro CoronaVicente CoronaEdward CoronaEsther CoronaMarisol CoronaCrystal CoronaElias CoronaRodrigo CoronaCelia CoronaDora CoronaEsmeralda CoronaMike CoronaFelix CoronaSusan CoronaConsuelo CoronaRigoberto CoronaVincent CoronaEfrain CoronaAndrew CoronaIsidro CoronaChristine CoronaHilda CoronaCindy CoronaAurora CoronaLiliana CoronaCarolina CoronaMiriam CoronaWilliam CoronaAlexis CoronaLupe CoronaSteven CoronaEsperanza CoronaJacqueline CoronaRene CoronaSarah CoronaAlexander CoronaAmy CoronaJuanita CoronaEstela CoronaGilbert CoronaOlivia CoronaNicholas CoronaDenise CoronaLeslie CoronaGriselda CoronaMarisela CoronaLorenzo CoronaNoe CoronaWendy CoronaBarbara CoronaAngelina CoronaRachel CoronaJanet CoronaOctavio CoronaAmelia CoronaAdan CoronaLeonardo CoronaJoshua CoronaKevin CoronaAshley CoronaFabiola CoronaNicolas CoronaFidel CoronaJudith CoronaJulian CoronaMagdalena CoronaRita CoronaFederico CoronaTrinidad CoronaGerman CoronaRuth CoronaErick CoronaReyna CoronaTomas CoronaConcepcion CoronaDaisy CoronaGregorio CoronaLeonel CoronaHenry CoronaMarina CoronaLucy CoronaFabian CoronaAlbert CoronaAlfred CoronaNoemi CoronaSofia CoronaLilia CoronaPaula CoronaRosalba CoronaJosephine CoronaElisa CoronaFrancisca CoronaDonna CoronaValentin CoronaElsa CoronaElvia CoronaNorberto CoronaEdith CoronaEmma CoronaCristian CoronaMark CoronaAdolfo CoronaMarcelino CoronaGonzalo CoronaAdam CoronaAaron CoronaReynaldo CoronaJason CoronaEvelyn CoronaCharles CoronaErik CoronaMauricio CoronaEmilio CoronaMatthew CoronaAbraham CoronaBenito Corona