What Is The History Of The Last Name Correa?

The history of the last name Correa can be traced back to the Iberian Peninsula. It is derived from the Latin word "correa", which means "cord, band, or strap". This surname was first found in Galicia, which is located in the northwestern region of Spain. There, it was borne by several notable families, including the noble House of Correa de Valdes.The Correa de Valdes family was one of the most powerful and influential noble houses in Galicia. They were originally from the town of Coruna, and they held many important positions in the government and military. Over the years, they acquired considerable wealth and land holdings.

The Correa de Valdes family played a significant role in the history of Galicia. They were involved in many of the region's key events, including the War of Spanish Succession and the Galician War of Independence. They also founded several important institutions, including the University of Santiago de Compostela.

The Correa de Valdes family is no longer active in Galicia, but their legacy lives on. The name Correa is still very common in that region, and many of the families who bear it are descended from the Correa de Valdes dynasty.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Correa?

There are many famous people in history with the last name Correa. For example, José Correa y Serrano was a Spanish general and politician. He was born in 1753 and died in 1827. José Antonio de la Correa was a Spanish general and politician who fought in the Peninsular War. He was born in 1762 and died in 1844. Another famous person with the last name Correa is José María Correa y Campuzano. He was a Spanish general who fought in the Spanish American War. He was born in 1838 and died in 1898. These are just a few of the many famous people with the last name Correa. If you are interested in learning more about them, be sure to do your own research.

Where Does The Last Name Correa Rank In The Most Common US Names?

Where does the last name Correa rank in the most common US names?Recent studies show that the name Correa is not one of the most common US names. In fact, it ranks at only number 5,619 in terms of popularity. While this may come as a surprise to some, it is interesting to note that there are many other names that are far more common than Correa. Some of the most popular names in the US include Smith, Johnson, Williams, and Garcia.

Interestingly, the popularity of the name Correa may be on the rise. According to recent data, the name has seen a slight uptick in popularity in recent years. This could be due to the fact that more and more people are choosing to name their children after family members or friends. Whatever the reason may be, it is clear that the name Correa is not as common as some might think.

List of People with the Last Name Correa

David CorreaJ CorreaJose CorreaDaniel CorreaMaria CorreaAna CorreaMiguel CorreaJohn CorreaFrancisco CorreaJuan CorreaAntonio CorreaJorge CorreaVictor CorreaLuis CorreaHector CorreaCarlos CorreaRosa CorreaMary CorreaManuel CorreaCarmen CorreaMartha CorreaAngel CorreaJesus CorreaGloria CorreaPedro CorreaElizabeth CorreaRafael CorreaJessica CorreaMichael CorreaRicardo CorreaRoberto CorreaDiana CorreaClaudia CorreaJavier CorreaRobert CorreaPatricia CorreaJennifer CorreaLaura CorreaWilliam CorreaAlejandro CorreaSalvador CorreaA CorreaVeronica CorreaRaul CorreaOscar CorreaMario CorreaJaime CorreaTeresa CorreaJoseph CorreaSandra CorreaRichard CorreaRuben CorreaLuz CorreaOlga CorreaNorma CorreaGeorge CorreaMartin CorreaFernando CorreaMargarita CorreaArmando CorreaAngela CorreaMonica CorreaAlberto CorreaAdriana CorreaEduardo CorreaArturo CorreaGabriel CorreaNancy CorreaLouis CorreaAnthony CorreaYolanda CorreaGuadalupe CorreaAndres CorreaPablo CorreaSergio CorreaChristina CorreaBlanca CorreaSonia CorreaAlex CorreaGustavo CorreaCesar CorreaL CorreaAnna CorreaAndrea CorreaMelissa CorreaMichelle CorreaEdward CorreaAngelica CorreaChristopher CorreaJonathan CorreaVanessa CorreaCynthia CorreaAlicia CorreaEdwin CorreaStephanie CorreaLeticia CorreaJuana CorreaEnrique CorreaEvelyn CorreaJoe CorreaChristian CorreaIsabel CorreaRamon CorreaVictoria CorreaSilvia CorreaEdgar CorreaAlfredo CorreaLisa CorreaJulio CorreaMarcos CorreaMarco CorreaCarolina CorreaCristina CorreaMarta CorreaGuillermo CorreaLinda CorreaOmar CorreaSteven CorreaGabriela CorreaBrenda CorreaNelson CorreaMiriam CorreaFelipe CorreaFrank CorreaBeatriz CorreaSamuel CorreaFelix CorreaSara CorreaIrma CorreaCecilia CorreaAdrian CorreaBarbara CorreaAlfonso CorreaErika CorreaIvan CorreaAmanda CorreaGerardo CorreaKaren CorreaJames CorreaGladys CorreaAlma CorreaBenjamin CorreaJulia CorreaPaul CorreaJacqueline CorreaRamiro CorreaSylvia CorreaIsmael CorreaAlexander CorreaRuth CorreaPaula CorreaEric CorreaMercedes CorreaMarie CorreaOrlando CorreaRodrigo CorreaMaribel CorreaAlexis CorreaJosefina CorreaMauricio CorreaIrene CorreaHilda CorreaMarisol CorreaSarah CorreaErnesto CorreaJoshua CorreaJoel CorreaLydia CorreaRosario CorreaAlejandra CorreaRaquel CorreaMayra CorreaJuanita CorreaAida CorreaVirginia CorreaWanda CorreaEddie CorreaHenry CorreaThomas CorreaDiego CorreaHugo CorreaRaymond CorreaKarina CorreaFrancisca CorreaKimberly CorreaJulian CorreaRogelio CorreaSusan CorreaRebecca CorreaAlvaro CorreaDolores CorreaGilberto CorreaChristine CorreaLourdes CorreaKevin CorreaLiliana CorreaMarilyn CorreaElisa CorreaMaritza CorreaJesse CorreaIsrael CorreaAshley CorreaGilbert CorreaYesenia CorreaNicole CorreaEva CorreaLorena CorreaTomas CorreaSantiago CorreaIgnacio CorreaCelia CorreaEsther CorreaJudith CorreaCrystal CorreaCatherine CorreaMark CorreaIris CorreaAndrew CorreaAlbert CorreaLeonardo CorreaMilagros CorreaDora CorreaRodolfo CorreaClara CorreaEfrain CorreaRigoberto CorreaRene CorreaFrances CorreaAbel CorreaJason CorreaConsuelo CorreaSusana CorreaAntonia CorreaNatalia CorreaAurora CorreaWendy CorreaHumberto CorreaNicholas CorreaJanet CorreaLucia CorreaGraciela CorreaCarol CorreaMargaret CorreaVicente CorreaLuisa CorreaBertha CorreaAraceli CorreaDenise CorreaPeter CorreaOctavio CorreaJoaquin CorreaOlivia CorreaSantos CorreaNora CorreaSaul CorreaMariana CorreaCruz CorreaAgustin CorreaRolando CorreaJairo CorreaAlexandra CorreaDaisy CorreaWilfredo CorreaFabiola CorreaWalter CorreaKarla CorreaMatthew CorreaRita CorreaRamona CorreaLina CorreaEsperanza CorreaEmilio CorreaEsmeralda CorreaNatalie CorreaMoises CorreaNicolas CorreaSebastian CorreaMigdalia CorreaPaulo CorreaMarina CorreaEsteban CorreaLorenzo CorreaFabio CorreaJosue CorreaSamantha CorreaCharles CorreaMarcelo CorreaElias CorreaJohanna CorreaAngelina CorreaAdolfo CorreaBrandon CorreaWilson CorreaNoel CorreaNoemi CorreaAdam CorreaCatalina CorreaCarmelo CorreaClaudio CorreaDomingo Correa