What Is The History Of The Last Name Cottrell?

The surname Cottrell has an interesting history. Records suggest that the name was first recorded in the 12th century, and that it is derived from the Old English word "cott", meaning a small shelter or cottage. It is possible that the name was originally bestowed on someone who lived in a small cottage.Over the years, the Cottrell name has been associated with a number of notable historical figures. For example, Cottrell was the name of the man who captured King John of England in 1216. It has also been associated with the Dukes of Buccleuch, a prominent Scottish family.

Today, the Cottrell name is still relatively common, and can be found in countries all over the world. If you are interested in learning more about the history of the Cottrell name, there are a number of resources available online.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Cottrell?

There are a few famous people in history with the last name Cottrell. One example is William Cottrell, who was a politician and served as the Lieutenant Governor of California from 1951 to 1959. Another example is Lewis Cottrell, who was a musician and composer. He composed over 200 works, including an opera that was performed at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York.

Where Does The Last Name Cottrell Rank In The Most Common US Names?

Did you know that the last name Cottrell ranks in the top 10 most common US names? In fact, it's estimated that there are over 150,000 people who have this last name in the US alone!So where does the name Cottrell rank in terms of popularity? It actually comes in at #9, just behind the last names Garcia, Smith, and Williams. Interestingly, the name Cottrell has actually been declining in popularity over the past few years, so if you're thinking of naming your child Cottrell, you might want to think again!

Interestingly, the name Cottrell is actually more popular in the UK than it is in the US, with over 350,000 people bearing this last name. So if you're looking for a unique name that's still pretty common, Cottrell might be a good option!

List of People with the Last Name Cottrell

Robert CottrellMary CottrellJohn CottrellWilliam CottrellJames CottrellRichard CottrellDavid CottrellMichael CottrellJ CottrellM CottrellCharles CottrellR CottrellC CottrellD CottrellJennifer CottrellElizabeth CottrellChristopher CottrellPatricia CottrellLinda CottrellThomas CottrellSusan CottrellJoseph CottrellChris CottrellLisa CottrellDonald CottrellT CottrellSteven CottrellKenneth CottrellKaren CottrellMichelle CottrellDaniel CottrellBarbara CottrellGeorge CottrellJeffrey CottrellA CottrellSharon CottrellKimberly CottrellDeborah CottrellAngela CottrellJessica CottrellSandra CottrellMargaret CottrellMelissa CottrellCarol CottrellLarry CottrellPaul CottrellEdward CottrellSteve CottrellAmy CottrellDonna CottrellJason CottrellKevin CottrellGary CottrellAmanda CottrellDiane CottrellStephen CottrellDebra CottrellDorothy CottrellBetty CottrellNancy CottrellRonald CottrellRebecca CottrellCynthia CottrellHeather CottrellTimothy CottrellMark CottrellBrian CottrellChristine CottrellMike CottrellJerry CottrellPamela CottrellStephanie CottrellCatherine CottrellSarah CottrellMatthew CottrellBrenda CottrellKim CottrellKathy CottrellJoe CottrellScott CottrellLaura CottrellHelen CottrellTeresa CottrellRaymond CottrellTim CottrellJack CottrellRuth CottrellAndrew CottrellCindy CottrellAshley CottrellJulie CottrellKatherine CottrellCheryl CottrellEric CottrellAnthony CottrellNicole CottrellAnna CottrellTammy CottrellKelly CottrellAmber CottrellJoshua CottrellTina CottrellJanet CottrellHarold CottrellShirley CottrellKathleen CottrellChristina CottrellTracy CottrellJamie CottrellAnn CottrellLawrence CottrellTerry CottrellJonathan CottrellVirginia CottrellJudy CottrellJoyce CottrellFred CottrellRoy CottrellKeith CottrellRoger CottrellDon CottrellEmily CottrellBonnie CottrellBrandon CottrellArthur CottrellJean CottrellGregory CottrellWalter CottrellWillie CottrellDiana CottrellCarolyn CottrellJackie CottrellCarl CottrellBenjamin CottrellKathryn CottrellDouglas CottrellJane CottrellMartha CottrellRobin CottrellRussell CottrellSamuel CottrellJudith CottrellCathy CottrellDawn CottrellMarie CottrellJustin CottrellDenise CottrellAlice CottrellMegan CottrellRay CottrellPatrick CottrellTheresa CottrellJacqueline CottrellBeverly CottrellDanny CottrellConnie CottrellRick CottrellVictoria CottrellJanice CottrellMarilyn CottrellCrystal CottrellCarrie CottrellShawn CottrellSheila CottrellLori CottrellShannon CottrellValerie CottrellSamantha CottrellTiffany CottrellRyan CottrellBrittany CottrellPhilip CottrellFrank CottrellApril CottrellLeslie CottrellHarry CottrellClarence CottrellDennis CottrellJoan CottrellNicholas CottrellWendy CottrellAllen CottrellJeremy CottrellAaron CottrellJesse CottrellPeggy CottrellEarl CottrellAdam CottrellLouise CottrellMildred CottrellNathan CottrellTodd CottrellLee CottrellAnne CottrellWayne CottrellEvelyn CottrellThelma CottrellMarion CottrellSue CottrellBilly CottrellGloria CottrellEugene CottrellBruce CottrellRose CottrellAndrea CottrellStanley CottrellCourtney CottrellAlbert CottrellEmma CottrellPaula CottrellFlorence CottrellGerald CottrellRandy CottrellCalvin CottrellHoward CottrellDana CottrellBobby CottrellCraig CottrellNorma CottrellHenry CottrellErnest CottrellMonica CottrellVickie CottrellDarrell CottrellSara CottrellPeter CottrellRachel CottrellJuanita CottrellRenee CottrellEthel CottrellBrad CottrellDoris CottrellVicki CottrellCody CottrellHerbert CottrellRuby CottrellCorey CottrellCharlotte CottrellStacy CottrellMaria CottrellMarjorie CottrellNorman CottrellEdith CottrellFloyd CottrellDale CottrellGladys CottrellClyde CottrellWanda CottrellFrances CottrellCecil CottrellCurtis CottrellLillian CottrellBradley CottrellAnnie CottrellJulia CottrellIrene CottrellLeonard CottrellZachary CottrellGrace CottrellTyler CottrellKyle CottrellRodney CottrellBarry CottrellMarvin CottrellHarvey CottrellJessie CottrellChad CottrellLloyd CottrellLois CottrellTravis CottrellPhyllis CottrellEllen CottrellRita CottrellTroy CottrellPauline CottrellLouis CottrellRalph CottrellEdna CottrellKatie CottrellElaine CottrellSean CottrellVernon CottrellJordan CottrellGlenn CottrellWillard CottrellJacob CottrellBryan CottrellCasey CottrellBernice CottrellGordon CottrellClifford CottrellBrett CottrellAudrey CottrellWarren CottrellVincent CottrellLewis CottrellAustin CottrellDarren CottrellJoel CottrellWesley Cottrell