How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Coulter?

It's hard to say for sure exactly how many people in the US have the last name Coulter, but according to recent estimates, the number is somewhere around 250,000. That's a lot of people!Interestingly, the name Coulter doesn't seem to be particularly common anywhere else in the world. It's thought to be a Scottish name, and it's actually the 9th most common surname in Scotland.

So why is the name Coulter so common in the US? It's hard to say for sure, but one possible explanation is that the name was brought over by Scottish immigrants who came to the US in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Whatever the case may be, there's no doubt that the Coulter name is quite popular in the US. If you're one of the 250,000 people in the country with that last name, then you can be proud of your unique heritage!

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Coulter?

In the United States, the state with the largest population with the last name Coulter is California. As of the 2010 census, there were 8,569 people in California who had the last name Coulter. This accounted for 0.1% of the population of the state.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Coulter?

There are many people in the world with the last name Coulter. But, how many of them have an uncommon first name? Not many, that's for sure! Here are some of the most uncommon names with the last name Coulter.1. Astrid: This unique name is of Scandinavian origin and means "divine strength."

2. Brynn: This name is Welsh in origin and means "hill."

3. Cameo: This name is derived from the Latin word "camoena," which means "beautiful."

4. Cruise: This name is of Celtic origin and means "dark-haired."

5. Dax: This name is of Hebrew origin and means "given by God."

6. Esme: This name is of French origin and means "esteemed."

7. Harper: This name is of English origin and means "harp player."

8. India: This name is of Sanskrit origin and means "beautiful."

9. Jagger: This name is of English origin and means "cheerful."

10. Knox: This name is of Celtic origin and means "hill settlement."

So, if you're looking for an uncommon name with the last name Coulter, these are some great options to choose from!

List of People with the Last Name Coulter

Mary CoulterJ CoulterDavid CoulterRobert CoulterCharles CoulterJames CoulterM CoulterMichael CoulterWilliam CoulterJohn CoulterC CoulterRichard CoulterElizabeth CoulterD CoulterThomas CoulterJennifer CoulterLinda CoulterGeorge CoulterPatricia CoulterChris CoulterBarbara CoulterDonald CoulterLisa CoulterMargaret CoulterChristopher CoulterJoseph CoulterSusan CoulterKenneth CoulterMark CoulterA CoulterKaren CoulterDaniel CoulterSandra CoulterKimberly CoulterMichelle CoulterSteven CoulterDonna CoulterDeborah CoulterCarol CoulterSarah CoulterBetty CoulterJeffrey CoulterDorothy CoulterJessica CoulterMatthew CoulterRonald CoulterBrian CoulterLaura CoulterRebecca CoulterTimothy CoulterNancy CoulterAmy CoulterMelissa CoulterSteve CoulterKevin CoulterJason CoulterJoe CoulterGary CoulterChristine CoulterPaul CoulterJeff CoulterSharon CoulterCatherine CoulterKim CoulterAngela CoulterDebra CoulterLarry CoulterAndrew CoulterHelen CoulterCynthia CoulterStephanie CoulterCheryl CoulterW CoulterAnn CoulterKelly CoulterScott CoulterHeather CoulterDebbie CoulterCarolyn CoulterKathleen CoulterPamela CoulterShirley CoulterJulie CoulterRaymond CoulterAmanda CoulterFrank CoulterBrenda CoulterAshley CoulterJoshua CoulterTeresa CoulterKatherine CoulterLawrence CoulterEdward CoulterAnna CoulterTerry CoulterStephen CoulterRuth CoulterFrances CoulterJoyce CoulterDon CoulterJack CoulterRachel CoulterJudith CoulterShannon CoulterJean CoulterKathy CoulterDouglas CoulterMartha CoulterHarold CoulterDiane CoulterRobin CoulterJamie CoulterAndrea CoulterKathryn CoulterMarie CoulterJerry CoulterGregory CoulterDenise CoulterJane CoulterEric CoulterChristina CoulterLee CoulterRyan CoulterHarry CoulterCindy CoulterFred CoulterJanet CoulterAlice CoulterVirginia CoulterTracy CoulterLori CoulterJoan CoulterBonnie CoulterDawn CoulterJustin CoulterCrystal CoulterRoy CoulterVictoria CoulterDennis CoulterBeverly CoulterPatrick CoulterJanice CoulterTina CoulterJonathan CoulterEarl CoulterTammy CoulterDoris CoulterKeith CoulterWayne CoulterGerald CoulterJudy CoulterSamuel CoulterRose CoulterNicole CoulterRalph CoulterSara CoulterAnne CoulterTheresa CoulterAnthony CoulterConnie CoulterJacqueline CoulterKatie CoulterPaula CoulterRoger CoulterErnest CoulterSherry CoulterAmber CoulterBrandon CoulterJulia CoulterBenjamin CoulterArthur CoulterWalter CoulterBobby CoulterTiffany CoulterNicholas CoulterShawn CoulterSamantha CoulterRandy CoulterMildred CoulterLeslie CoulterEmily CoulterCraig CoulterMarilyn CoulterAlex CoulterRhonda CoulterLouise CoulterDanny CoulterJesse CoulterMaria CoulterGloria CoulterDale CoulterRussell CoulterGrace CoulterWendy CoulterTravis CoulterRay CoulterFlorence CoulterJohnny CoulterCarrie CoulterBryan CoulterBruce CoulterDiana CoulterHenry CoulterPhyllis CoulterFrancis CoulterEvelyn CoulterGail CoulterAllen CoulterBrittany CoulterEugene CoulterChad CoulterLynn CoulterIrene CoulterMarjorie CoulterJessie CoulterValerie CoulterNathan CoulterWanda CoulterEdna CoulterJimmy CoulterMegan CoulterJill CoulterDanielle CoulterTracey CoulterCharlotte CoulterPeggy CoulterLillian CoulterRandall CoulterSuzanne CoulterApril CoulterErin CoulterJacob CoulterEthel CoulterClarence CoulterEdith CoulterAlexander CoulterLeonard CoulterWillie CoulterAaron CoulterHerbert CoulterBilly CoulterAdam CoulterCasey CoulterClyde CoulterAlan CoulterMelvin CoulterHoward CoulterFrederick CoulterDustin CoulterCarl CoulterPauline CoulterZachary CoulterErica CoulterDean CoulterKyle CoulterMarion CoulterLucille CoulterAlicia CoulterHazel CoulterBradley CoulterJeremy CoulterTroy CoulterLloyd CoulterAustin CoulterNorma CoulterJune CoulterNorman CoulterGlenn CoulterPeter CoulterClifford CoulterHannah CoulterEmma CoulterTodd CoulterEllen CoulterTyler CoulterAlbert CoulterMarvin CoulterSean CoulterCody CoulterGlen CoulterKayla CoulterPhilip CoulterLouis CoulterJeanette CoulterBernice CoulterAnnie CoulterClara CoulterCurtis CoulterBessie CoulterGene CoulterAlvin CoulterLois CoulterMartin CoulterRuby CoulterNellie CoulterLonnie CoulterJosephine CoulterFloyd CoulterGordon CoulterVernon Coulter