How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Cramer?

There are approximately 6,000 people in the United States with the last name Cramer. This name is derived from the German word "kramer," meaning storekeeper or merchant. It is not particularly common, but it is not rare either. It appears in the census database about once for every 10,000 people.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Cramer?

There are a lot of Cramers in the United States, but which state has the largest population of them? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the answer is Pennsylvania. In 2010, there were 8,319 people in Pennsylvania with the last name Cramer. This accounted for 0.015% of the state's population. California was a distant second, with 5,521 Cramers. This accounted for 0.015% of the state's population.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Cramer?

There are many uncommon names with the last name Cramer. Some of these names are very rare and not many people have them. Here is a list of the most uncommon names with the last name Cramer.1. Afton

2. Aiden

3. Brook

4. Chase

5. Dakota

6. Harper

7. Jaden

8. Knox

9. Maddie

10. Sawyer

These are just a few of the most uncommon names with the last name Cramer. There are many more out there that are just as rare. If you are looking for a unique name for your child, then one of these names might be a good option.

List of People with the Last Name Cramer

Mary CramerSusan CramerS CramerLinda CramerJames CramerM CramerDonald CramerPatricia CramerJennifer CramerMichael CramerJ CramerElizabeth CramerRichard CramerThomas CramerCharles CramerJohn CramerDavid CramerWilliam CramerR CramerRobert CramerGeorge CramerJoseph CramerBarbara CramerPaul CramerMargaret CramerDaniel CramerLisa CramerK CramerMark CramerSteven CramerKaren CramerJeffrey CramerKimberly CramerB CramerChris CramerScott CramerKenneth CramerSandra CramerCarol CramerMatthew CramerRonald CramerNancy CramerChristopher CramerDonna CramerMichelle CramerSteve CramerBrian CramerRuth CramerSarah CramerDeborah CramerRebecca CramerEdward CramerBetty CramerHelen CramerSharon CramerKathleen CramerAmy CramerTimothy CramerChristine CramerLaura CramerCynthia CramerE CramerGary CramerDorothy CramerMelissa CramerJessica CramerBill CramerStephen CramerAmanda CramerStephanie CramerLarry CramerKelly CramerKim CramerHarold CramerJeff CramerJulie CramerAnna CramerDebra CramerLawrence CramerPamela CramerJack CramerAngela CramerAnn CramerJason CramerCatherine CramerDon CramerDiane CramerCarl CramerHeather CramerFrank CramerKevin CramerKatherine CramerLori CramerHarry CramerKathy CramerJanet CramerH CramerRaymond CramerCindy CramerFred CramerJoshua CramerJoan CramerDouglas CramerTeresa CramerNicole CramerAshley CramerMarie CramerShirley CramerAndrew CramerJoe CramerChristina CramerKathryn CramerJean CramerTim CramerJerry CramerCheryl CramerDawn CramerRyan CramerDennis CramerEric CramerDiana CramerJudith CramerJudy CramerCarolyn CramerBrenda CramerRobin CramerEmily CramerRussell CramerJoyce CramerTerry CramerWalter CramerVirginia CramerTammy CramerTina CramerDenise CramerAlice CramerJamie CramerGerald CramerConnie CramerTracy CramerSara CramerKeith CramerBruce CramerHenry CramerJanice CramerClarence CramerAnthony CramerRose CramerJane CramerAnne CramerTheresa CramerBenjamin CramerFrances CramerBeverly CramerMartha CramerWendy CramerHoward CramerArthur CramerMildred CramerRalph CramerMegan CramerBonnie CramerRoger CramerRachel CramerRandy CramerJonathan CramerNicholas CramerCarrie CramerGregory CramerLynn CramerMarilyn CramerAlbert CramerRay CramerPhilip CramerErin CramerEvelyn CramerAndrea CramerFrederick CramerSamuel CramerGrace CramerJacob CramerDoris CramerMarjorie CramerJustin CramerTodd CramerRoy CramerShannon CramerKatie CramerDale CramerVictoria CramerJacqueline CramerPaula CramerMartin CramerBrandon CramerLois CramerCraig CramerPeggy CramerChad CramerLee CramerLouise CramerMaria CramerCharlotte CramerNathan CramerEarl CramerLauren CramerSherry CramerKyle CramerKristen CramerPeter CramerPatrick CramerFlorence CramerJulia CramerTiffany CramerPhyllis CramerIrene CramerZachary CramerDana CramerAaron CramerAmber CramerSuzanne CramerAlan CramerAllen CramerJoanne CramerNorman CramerEdna CramerSamantha CramerLillian CramerJay CramerBrittany CramerPhillip CramerGlenn CramerEleanor CramerMarion CramerGloria CramerEllen CramerEugene CramerLeslie CramerJeremy CramerGladys CramerTyler CramerRandall CramerBryan CramerCrystal CramerFrancis CramerEmma CramerValerie CramerElaine CramerGail CramerCaroline CramerSean CramerWayne CramerSally CramerShawn CramerShelly CramerHazel CramerCourtney CramerAdam CramerLouis CramerDanielle CramerBradley CramerNorma CramerAlicia CramerDustin CramerPauline CramerEdith CramerCasey CramerErnest CramerWanda CramerStanley CramerAlexander CramerCody CramerEsther CramerMarc CramerEthel CramerLeonard CramerGertrude CramerClifford CramerMabel CramerLester CramerJordan CramerLorraine CramerRuby CramerEdwin CramerElsie CramerLeroy CramerJesse CramerCurtis CramerAlfred CramerHerbert CramerFloyd CramerTheodore CramerAustin CramerDean CramerLucille CramerDuane CramerBeatrice CramerIda CramerCalvin CramerClara CramerNellie Cramer