What Is The History Of The Last Name Crum?

All over the world, people have different surnames. And while some last names are more common than others, each one has a story behind it.The surname Crum, for example, has a long and interesting history. The Crum name can be traced all the way back to the 12th century, and it has been associated with a number of different countries and cultures.

So where did the Crum name come from? And what is its history? Here is a brief overview:

The Crum name likely originated in the Anglo-Saxon culture. It is derived from the Old English word "cryme", which means "crime".

The first known Crum was a man named Nicholas Crum, who lived in the 12th century. He was a sheriff in the town of Stafford, England.

The Crum name began to spread to other countries in the 1500s, when a number of Crum families emigrated to Scotland.

In the early 1800s, a number of Crum families moved to the United States, and the name began to spread throughout the country.

The Crum name has been associated with a number of different professions over the years. Some Crum families have been farmers, while others have been bankers, lawyers, and merchants.

The Crum name is also associated with a number of notable people. For example, the 20th century poet James Crumley was a member of the Crum family.

So what is the history of the Crum name? It is a long and interesting story, and it is still being written today. Thanks for reading!

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Crum?

There are several famous people in history with the last name Crum. One example is William Crum, who was an American soldier during the Civil War. He was known for his bravery and patriotism, and was eventually promoted to the rank of general.Another famous person with the last name Crum is Joseph Crum, who was the sheriff of Dodge City, Kansas in the late 1800s. He was known for his tough stance on law and order, and was instrumental in ridding the town of its Wild West image.

Finally, there is Charles Crum, who was a prominent businessman and politician in Pennsylvania in the early 1900s. He was especially influential in the area of public education, and was a strong advocate for increasing funding for schools.

So, if you're ever wondering if there are any famous people in history with your last name, the answer is most likely yes!

Where Does The Last Name Crum Rank In The Most Common US Names?

Did you know that the last name Crum is the 283rd most common name in the United States? Out of over 325 million people in the US, only about 88,000 people have the last name Crum. That's less than 0.03% of the population!Crum is a relatively uncommon name, but it does have some interesting history behind it. The name is believed to have originated from the Old Norse word "krumr" meaning "crooked". It's possible that the name was given to someone who was crooked or bent in some way.

Interestingly, the last name Crum is actually more common than the first name Crum. There are only about 54,000 people in the US with the first name Crum, while there are nearly 88,000 people with the last name Crum.

So where does the last name Crum rank in the most common US names? It's not in the top 100, but it's definitely more common than some of the other less common names out there. If you're looking for a unique last name, Crum is a good option!

List of People with the Last Name Crum

David CrumWilliam CrumJames CrumJohn CrumMary CrumMichael CrumJ CrumRobert CrumCharles CrumRichard CrumM CrumJennifer CrumElizabeth CrumPatricia CrumLinda CrumThomas CrumDonald CrumSusan CrumLisa CrumGeorge CrumBarbara CrumJoseph CrumChristopher CrumGary CrumT CrumPaul CrumDaniel CrumJessica CrumKimberly CrumAngela CrumBetty CrumKaren CrumDorothy CrumKenneth CrumDeborah CrumRonald CrumLarry CrumChris CrumAmanda CrumCarol CrumDonna CrumJason CrumSteven CrumMelissa CrumAmy CrumMichelle CrumDebra CrumPamela CrumMark CrumSandra CrumRebecca CrumMatthew CrumLaura CrumMargaret CrumJeffrey CrumRuth CrumKathy CrumJerry CrumBrian CrumEdward CrumNancy CrumBill CrumTimothy CrumKevin CrumBrenda CrumSharon CrumDebbie CrumStephanie CrumMike CrumSteve CrumTammy CrumJeff CrumSarah CrumAnthony CrumLawrence CrumMartha CrumJulie CrumFrank CrumAshley CrumCynthia CrumHelen CrumW CrumTerry CrumShirley CrumKatherine CrumKathleen CrumHeather CrumCatherine CrumJamie CrumJoe CrumRaymond CrumAnn CrumTeresa CrumScott CrumJudy CrumRachel CrumFrances CrumRoger CrumRandy CrumKelly CrumJustin CrumJack CrumGregory CrumJoyce CrumTina CrumJoshua CrumCathy CrumVirginia CrumChristine CrumAndrew CrumRobin CrumBilly CrumStephen CrumDanny CrumCindy CrumAnna CrumChristina CrumKeith CrumDon CrumEric CrumWalter CrumCarolyn CrumCheryl CrumJudith CrumJesse CrumJean CrumRay CrumRhonda CrumJonathan CrumRyan CrumLori CrumEugene CrumTracy CrumFred CrumJanet CrumHoward CrumEarl CrumPaula CrumSamantha CrumSue CrumEmily CrumJanice CrumDiane CrumTiffany CrumArthur CrumPeggy CrumAlice CrumLee CrumCrystal CrumMarie CrumHenry CrumNicole CrumBruce CrumSherry CrumAmber CrumSamuel CrumRussell CrumBrandon CrumKathryn CrumJane CrumAndrea CrumBonnie CrumShannon CrumDawn CrumAdam CrumSheila CrumVictoria CrumDoris CrumApril CrumTerri CrumJeremy CrumCurtis CrumRoy CrumRalph CrumJimmy CrumPhyllis CrumLois CrumTyler CrumDale CrumEdith CrumClarence CrumLeslie CrumAaron CrumBenjamin CrumWillie CrumMildred CrumJacqueline CrumHarold CrumDennis CrumErin CrumDouglas CrumConnie CrumTommy CrumRicky CrumWendy CrumSara CrumDiana CrumErnest CrumRandall CrumMegan CrumEmma CrumRita CrumTodd CrumJulia CrumMaria CrumWanda CrumRose CrumTravis CrumMarilyn CrumCarl CrumLauren CrumBobby CrumStacy CrumGerald CrumSuzanne CrumBeverly CrumJacob CrumMelvin CrumHerbert CrumGladys CrumWayne CrumKatie CrumGloria CrumCarrie CrumValerie CrumShawn CrumHarry CrumEddie CrumFrancis CrumRuby CrumEdna CrumBrittany CrumEvelyn CrumDenise CrumLloyd CrumJoan CrumJuanita CrumLouise CrumPhillip CrumGlenn CrumFrederick CrumEllen CrumPatrick CrumLynn CrumCourtney CrumFlorence CrumAlan CrumStanley CrumJohnny CrumBradley CrumIrene CrumGail CrumWesley CrumChester CrumNathan CrumKyle CrumLeroy CrumMarvin CrumAllen CrumPauline CrumMarjorie CrumJessie CrumJay CrumBillie CrumAlbert CrumCody CrumEthel CrumAlfred CrumGrace CrumNorman CrumNellie CrumCharlotte CrumDarlene CrumEsther CrumGeraldine CrumNicholas CrumClyde CrumThelma CrumMartin CrumBryan CrumDustin CrumHazel CrumLillian CrumFloyd CrumZachary CrumAustin CrumDelbert CrumBessie CrumTaylor CrumLeonard CrumDarrell CrumClifford CrumJune CrumIda CrumWarren CrumSean CrumClayton CrumAnnie CrumMabel CrumTroy Crum