What Is The History Of The Last Name Cullen?

The Cullen family name has a long and interesting history. The name is believed to have originated in Ireland, and it is thought to mean "descendant of Cuileann." The Cullens were an important family in Ireland, and they played a significant role in the country's history.The Cullen name spread to Scotland and England in the Middle Ages. The Cullens in these countries were also important landowners and leaders. Over the years, the Cullen name has been associated with many notable people, including Elizabeth Cullen, who was a famous poet in the 1800s.

Today, the Cullen name is still widely respected and admired. It is associated with many admirable qualities, including strength, determination, and leadership. If you are looking for a strong and distinguished name, the Cullen family name may be the perfect choice for you.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Cullen?

Just like with many other last names, there are plenty of famous people in history with the last name Cullen. However, trying to determine exactly who these people are can be a little tricky, as the name has been passed down over the years in a number of different ways.One of the most notable people with the last name Cullen is probably Dr. Francis Cullen, who is a well-known criminologist. He has written extensively on topics such as crime prevention, the effects of punishment, and rehabilitation.

Another famous Cullen is the actress Evangeline Lily, who is best known for her roles in films like The Hurt Locker and Lost.

Of course, there are also a number of athletes who have carried the last name Cullen. One of the most famous is probably Cullen Jones, who is a five-time Olympic medalist in swimming.

So, as you can see, there are a number of interesting and accomplished people who share the last name Cullen. If you are interested in learning more about them, be sure to do some research online. You won't be disappointed!

Where Does The Last Name Cullen Rank In The Most Common US Names?

We all know at least one Cullen, but where does the name rank when it comes to the most common US names?The Social Security Administration (SSA) releases annual rankings of the most common US baby names, and the Cullen name doesn't even make the top 1,000. In fact, it is ranked as the 1,521st most common name for babies born in the US in 2017.

So if the Cullen name isn't particularly common, where did it come from?

The Cullen name is derived from an Irish surname, which was originally derived from an Old Gaelic word, ceallach, meaning "warrior." The name was brought to the US by Irish immigrants in the mid-19th century.

Interestingly, the Cullen name doesn't rank very high on the list of most common Irish surnames, either. It is ranked as the 9,857th most common surname in Ireland.

So if you're looking for a unique name for your baby, the Cullen name might not be the best option, but it's still a great name nonetheless!

List of People with the Last Name Cullen

Mary CullenJames CullenWilliam CullenMargaret CullenPatricia CullenRobert CullenJohn CullenMichael CullenDavid CullenJ CullenPatrick CullenThomas CullenM CullenJoseph CullenKathleen CullenElizabeth CullenEdward CullenRichard CullenDaniel CullenC CullenSusan CullenJennifer CullenCharles CullenCatherine CullenChristopher CullenBrian CullenR CullenKevin CullenPaul CullenK CullenMatthew CullenChris CullenT CullenTimothy CullenLinda CullenL CullenBarbara CullenHelen CullenP CullenKaren CullenDeborah CullenFrancis CullenSean CullenGeorge CullenMark CullenAnn CullenPeter CullenSarah CullenChristine CullenMichelle CullenCarol CullenLisa CullenKatherine CullenFrank CullenAnna CullenDonna CullenDorothy CullenMike CullenJoan CullenBill CullenMarie CullenNancy CullenJoe CullenLaura CullenSteven CullenKimberly CullenAndrew CullenStephen CullenKelly CullenRaymond CullenDiane CullenJean CullenTheresa CullenAnne CullenTim CullenSharon CullenJessica CullenAmy CullenTom CullenDonald CullenRyan CullenJeffrey CullenMaureen CullenKathy CullenW CullenSandra CullenMelissa CullenJane CullenVirginia CullenDebra CullenRuth CullenSteve CullenFrances CullenDennis CullenScott CullenPamela CullenJulie CullenGerald CullenJeff CullenErin CullenJudith CullenRose CullenAlice CullenColleen CullenCynthia CullenKim CullenJason CullenHeather CullenGary CullenEileen CullenKenneth CullenNicole CullenMegan CullenRonald CullenJanet CullenBetty CullenKathryn CullenEmily CullenJack CullenRebecca CullenAngela CullenStephanie CullenLawrence CullenTeresa CullenCarolyn CullenChristina CullenAmanda CullenTerry CullenMartin CullenAnthony CullenIrene CullenJacqueline CullenShannon CullenCheryl CullenJudy CullenArthur CullenEllen CullenLauren CullenAshley CullenJanice CullenTracy CullenLori CullenGrace CullenMaria CullenDanielle CullenCraig CullenJoanne CullenGregory CullenWalter CullenEugene CullenSara CullenKatie CullenRita CullenDawn CullenKristen CullenFlorence CullenDouglas CullenPhilip CullenBernard CullenMarilyn CullenDenise CullenMarion CullenNicholas CullenEric CullenJamie CullenBridget CullenRachel CullenTina CullenShawn CullenRobin CullenSuzanne CullenConnie CullenElaine CullenTara CullenVictoria CullenSheila CullenEleanor CullenMildred CullenLaurie CullenJoshua CullenBrenda CullenDoris CullenJulia CullenMartha CullenEvelyn CullenJonathan CullenShirley CullenEmma CullenLouise CullenGertrude CullenGail CullenJeanne CullenJill CullenAndrea CullenCourtney CullenMichele CullenLorraine CullenLynn CullenVincent CullenLillian CullenBryan CullenPhyllis CullenJerry CullenNina CullenPaula CullenDiana CullenValerie CullenAgnes CullenLeo CullenHarold CullenJoyce CullenFred CullenAlbert CullenKyle CullenBrendan CullenPhillip CullenCaroline CullenHarry CullenMarjorie CullenRegina CullenKristin CullenClaire CullenJosephine CullenTerrence CullenHenry CullenJustin CullenFrederick CullenBenjamin CullenLois CullenBeverly CullenSamuel CullenCarrie CullenPeggy CullenTyler CullenSamantha CullenAllison CullenRoger CullenLeslie CullenBrittany CullenAmber CullenAlexander CullenBarry CullenJune CullenLoretta CullenAaron CullenJacob CullenBilly CullenMonica CullenShane CullenCaitlin CullenChristian CullenTodd CullenMelanie CullenBrandon CullenEdith CullenAdam CullenRussell CullenGloria CullenRosemary CullenCarl CullenRalph CullenRoy CullenBruce CullenGlenn CullenPauline CullenJeremy CullenNora CullenCasey CullenAllen CullenCharlotte CullenVeronica CullenHugh CullenAnita CullenHoward CullenMarguerite CullenZachary CullenNatalie CullenHannah CullenBrett CullenClara CullenBradley CullenKeith CullenDolores CullenAudrey CullenEdna CullenTerence CullenIda CullenGerard CullenNeil CullenJerome CullenGeraldine CullenDale CullenGladys CullenTravis CullenEsther CullenWayne CullenLouis CullenTroy CullenLeonard CullenBertha Cullen