How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Curran?

There are approximately 2,000 people in the United States with the last name Curran. Curran is a very common Irish name, and is the eleventh most common surname in Ireland. Curran is also a very common name in the United States. Curran is the 490th most common surname in the United States.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Curran?

As of the year 2010, the state of California had the largest population of people with the last name Curran. This is according to the United States Census Bureau. There were a total of 2,859 people with the last name Curran living in California. The next state with the largest population of Currans was New York, with 2,584 people. The states with the smallest populations of Currans were Wyoming and Vermont, with only one person living in each state with that last name.Interestingly, the name Curran is much more common in some states than it is in others. For example, in California, there are 1.1 Currans for every 10,000 people. In Wyoming, on the other hand, there is only one Curran for every 350,000 people. This is likely due to the fact that there are more people in states like California and New York, which means that there is a higher chance of surnames appearing more often.

So why is the name Curran so popular in some states and not others? It’s hard to say for sure, but it’s possible that the name is more common in certain areas because of the immigrants who have lived there. Curran is a common name in Ireland, so it’s possible that there are a lot of Irish immigrants in states like California and New York. It’s also possible that the name is more common in these states because of the large Irish-American populations.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s interesting to see how the distribution of the last name Curran varies from state to state. If you’re curious to see how the name Curran is distributed in your state, you can check out the United States Census Bureau’s website.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Curran?

There are many uncommon names in the world, but there are a few that are more uncommon than others. With the last name Curran, these are some of the most uncommon names you will find.First is the name Aiden. This name is Irish in origin and is typically given to boys. Aiden is ranked as the ninth most popular name in the United States, but it is much less common in other countries. Next is the name Atticus. This name is of Latin origin and is often used for boys. It is ranked as the 901st most popular name in the United States, but is much less common in other countries.

Another uncommon name with the last name Curran is Cameron. This name is Scottish in origin and is typically given to boys. It is ranked as the 29th most popular name in the United States, but is much less common in other countries. Another Scottish name that is less common is the name Finlay. This name is ranked as the 3,564th most popular name in the United States, but is much less common in other countries.

Finally, the most uncommon name with the last name Curran is the name Quinn. This name is Irish in origin and is typically given to girls. It is ranked as the 63rd most popular name in the United States, but is much less common in other countries. There are many other uncommon names with the last name Curran, but these are some of the most popular.

List of People with the Last Name Curran

Thomas CurranJoseph CurranMargaret CurranJohn CurranJ CurranJames CurranMichael CurranWilliam CurranMary CurranEdward CurranPatricia CurranPatrick CurranRichard CurranRobert CurranM CurranKathleen CurranDaniel CurranDavid CurranTimothy CurranElizabeth CurranCatherine CurranCharles CurranSusan CurranKevin CurranJennifer CurranChristopher CurranFrancis CurranR CurranChris CurranBarbara CurranSean CurranHelen CurranL CurranMatthew CurranPaul CurranBrian CurranA CurranLinda CurranAnn CurranChristine CurranMark CurranB CurranGeorge CurranLisa CurranStephen CurranKatherine CurranDonald CurranKelly CurranNancy CurranFrank CurranPat CurranMichelle CurranKaren CurranAnna CurranMaureen CurranTim CurranAnne CurranKimberly CurranMike CurranCarol CurranE CurranJoe CurranDorothy CurranSarah CurranDeborah CurranColleen CurranPeter CurranJessica CurranAmy CurranMelissa CurranMarie CurranSteve CurranDonna CurranG CurranJoan CurranAndrew CurranLaura CurranDan CurranDiane CurranTom CurranFrances CurranRyan CurranDennis CurranSteven CurranSandra CurranKathryn CurranJeffrey CurranEileen CurranJulie CurranStephanie CurranTheresa CurranMegan CurranJane CurranJean CurranCynthia CurranJack CurranKim CurranJim CurranScott CurranLawrence CurranAlice CurranRaymond CurranJudith CurranShannon CurranSharon CurranGerald CurranPamela CurranJacqueline CurranDebra CurranRuth CurranAngela CurranEllen CurranErin CurranEmily CurranAmanda CurranVirginia CurranBetty CurranJanet CurranChristina CurranJoanne CurranCheryl CurranPhilip CurranNicole CurranRebecca CurranRose CurranKathy CurranMaria CurranRonald CurranDenise CurranDawn CurranTeresa CurranHeather CurranKatie CurranJulia CurranAshley CurranAnthony CurranKenneth CurranLarry CurranRita CurranCathy CurranPeggy CurranNicholas CurranGrace CurranGary CurranWalter CurranBernard CurranCarolyn CurranSuzanne CurranJamie CurranLori CurranMartin CurranCaroline CurranMichele CurranShawn CurranKristen CurranTerry CurranCindy CurranJoyce CurranVictoria CurranTracy CurranShirley CurranJason CurranBrendan CurranFlorence CurranJoann CurranTina CurranEric CurranJosephine CurranAgnes CurranKris CurranGregory CurranIrene CurranJanice CurranJerry CurranLouise CurranMartha CurranDanielle CurranDiana CurranSamantha CurranVincent CurranLeo CurranEvelyn CurranRachel CurranLillian CurranPaula CurranEugene CurranLynn CurranJeanne CurranSara CurranHugh CurranAndrea CurranBonnie CurranSheila CurranPhillip CurranLeslie CurranJudy CurranLauren CurranMarilyn CurranBridget CurranConnie CurranTammy CurranConstance CurranWendy CurranEleanor CurranRoger CurranBrenda CurranJonathan CurranGail CurranDoris CurranKyle CurranCaitlin CurranJustin CurranMarjorie CurranMarion CurranLorraine CurranRobin CurranClaire CurranMildred CurranJoshua CurranDouglas CurranMarian CurranBenjamin CurranKeith CurranNora CurranJill CurranMeghan CurranJune CurranGeraldine CurranLaurie CurranArthur CurranTyler CurranCharlotte CurranAnita CurranMolly CurranRosemary CurranHenry CurranSally CurranMelanie CurranHannah CurranElaine CurranLoretta CurranEmma CurranAmber CurranGertrude CurranEsther CurranAllison CurranBrittany CurranNeil CurranMaurice CurranHarry CurranCarrie CurranSherry CurranBryan CurranLois CurranPauline CurranTaylor CurranJacob CurranGloria CurranAlbert CurranCourtney CurranBrandon CurranPhyllis CurranDolores CurranCraig CurranBruce CurranTara CurranNorman CurranDale CurranEdith CurranCasey CurranGerard CurranIan CurranMarguerite CurranEdna CurranLucy CurranAlexander CurranEarl CurranEthel CurranJeremy CurranKelsey CurranBeatrice CurranAudrey CurranHarold CurranGenevieve CurranCarole CurranVeronica CurranNellie CurranNorma CurranYvonne CurranShane CurranTiffany CurranCornelius CurranClifford CurranRoy CurranHoward CurranGladys CurranTodd CurranClara CurranMabel CurranLuke Curran