What Is The History Of The Last Name Dale?

The last name Dale has a long and interesting history. The name is thought to have originated in England, and is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word "deall," meaning "valley." The name was given to someone who lived in or near a valley.Dale is also a place name, and is found in many parts of England. It is thought that the first people to bear the name Dale were those who lived in or near the dale, or valley, mentioned above.

Over the years, the name Dale has been spelled in many different ways. Some of the more common spellings include Dale, Dalle, Dall, and Dawle.

The history of the last name Dale is an interesting one, and is sure to be of interest to many people. If you are interested in learning more about the name Dale, or are looking for information on how to trace your Dale ancestry, be sure to check out the websites listed below.





Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Dale?

There are quite a few famous people in history with the last name Dale. Some of these notable people include the Dale Carnegie, the Dale Evans, and the Dale Chihuly.The Dale Carnegie was a renowned public speaker and author who wrote the best-selling book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People." He was born in 1888 and died in 1955.

The Dale Evans was an American actress, singer, and wife of Roy Rogers. She was born in 1912 and died in 2001.

The Dale Chihuly is a well-known glass artist who was born in 1941. He is recognized for his glass sculpture and has installed his art in major museums all over the world.

Where Does The Last Name Dale Rank In The Most Common US Names?

It may come as no surprise that the last name Dale is quite common in the United States. In fact, it ranks as the #7 most common US name. But where does it rank when compared to other popular last names?Coming in at #7, Dale is much more common than some other popular last names, such as Baker (#22), Stone (#306), or Harris (#556). However, it is much less common than other common US names, such as Smith, Johnson, or Williams.

So, if you are looking for a common US name, Dale is a great option. However, if you are looking for a name that is even more common, you may want to consider one of the other options on the list.

List of People with the Last Name Dale

E DaleA DaleJ DaleMary DaleJames DaleRobert DaleD DaleLinda DaleL DaleR DaleWilliam DaleThomas DaleJohn DaleElizabeth DaleDavid DaleM DaleCharles DaleJennifer DaleBarbara DaleC DaleS DaleMichael DaleRichard DalePatricia DaleChristopher DaleLisa DaleSusan DaleGeorge DaleJoseph DaleChris DaleW DaleKaren DaleK DaleMargaret DaleDonald DaleKenneth DaleRonald DaleSteven DaleKimberly DaleDeborah DaleDorothy DaleDaniel DaleT DaleJeffrey DaleMichelle DaleBetty DalePaul DaleCarol DaleLarry DaleKevin DaleLaura DaleSharon DaleCynthia DaleBrian DaleSandra DaleRoger DaleH DaleHelen DaleStephanie DaleDonna DaleSteve DaleMark DaleJerry DaleMatthew DalePamela DaleG DaleAnthony DaleAngela DaleStephen DaleTimothy DaleSarah DaleMelissa DaleDebra DaleNancy DaleJessica DaleJeff DaleEdward DaleJack DaleKatherine DaleKathleen DaleAndrew DaleAnn DaleTerry DaleAmy DaleRebecca DaleJason DaleRuth DaleCatherine DaleAmanda DaleBrenda DaleJulie DaleBill DaleKim DaleAshley DaleMike DaleChristine DaleAlan DaleLawrence DaleCarolyn DaleJoe DaleTeresa DaleFrank DaleJonathan DaleDiane DaleAnna DaleScott DaleKathy DaleKelly DaleHeather DaleJoshua DaleGregory DaleDebbie DaleJeffery DaleJim DaleEric DaleDouglas DaleRaymond DaleGary DaleHarold DaleWalter DaleRobin DaleWillie DaleJimmy DaleCindy DaleShirley DaleJoyce DaleMartha DaleJudy DaleJanet DaleAlice DaleVirginia DaleDennis DaleArthur DaleJean DaleBilly DaleCheryl DaleBobby DaleDenise DaleAllen DaleJanice DaleRyan DaleTammy DaleFrances DaleRose DaleFred DaleHenry DaleConnie DaleKathryn DaleEmily DaleMarie DaleNicole DaleChristina DaleLori DaleTina DaleJesse DaleAnne DaleJacqueline DaleTheresa DaleDoris DaleDiana DaleAlbert DaleBeverly DaleLeslie DaleJoan DaleHarry DaleSherry DaleLee DalePatrick DaleRoy DaleJamie DaleBrandon DaleShannon DaleRachel DaleSara DaleTracy DalePeter DaleJudith DaleAnnie DaleLouise DaleJulia DaleJane DaleAndrea DaleMarilyn DaleMildred DaleRandy DalePhyllis DaleDawn DaleEugene DaleLynn DaleJeremy DaleCarl DaleGlenn DaleCrystal DalePhillip DaleJustin DaleBrittany DaleJessie DaleJo DaleGerald DaleBenjamin DaleNicholas DalePeggy DaleSheila DaleWayne DaleFrederick DaleEllen DaleWendy DaleRalph DaleMarion DaleMaria DaleBonnie DaleJohnny DaleTiffany DaleAdam DaleCourtney DaleAlexander DaleApril DaleJacob DaleSamantha DaleWanda DaleJoanne DaleVictoria DaleEvelyn DaleLauren DaleMarvin DaleAaron DaleAmber DaleRodney DaleRandall DaleIrene DaleNathan DaleBruce DaleJordan DaleStacy DaleGladys DaleFrancis DaleRussell DaleDanny DaleDana DaleKeith DaleTodd DaleDanielle DaleErnest DaleEmma DaleCarrie DaleMegan DaleGrace DaleMartin DaleHoward DaleEdna DaleJill DaleStanley DaleHazel DaleMarjorie DaleEleanor DaleCharlotte DalePhilip DaleRuby DaleEarl DalePauline DaleClifford DaleAlicia DaleNorman DaleClarence DaleAllan DaleGloria DaleTravis DaleAnita DaleLeonard DaleMelvin DaleEthel DaleCurtis DaleJuanita DaleBradley DaleEva DaleFlorence DaleSamuel DaleShawn DaleAustin DaleBryan DaleVeronica DaleLorraine DaleLillian DaleClaude DaleClara DaleZachary DaleNorma DaleWarren DaleEdith DaleNellie DaleThelma DaleSean DaleTyler DaleLouis DaleGordon DaleElsie DaleGertrude DaleCecil DaleAgnes DaleIan Dale