Historical Information About The Last Name Daley

There are many interesting facts about the last name Daley. For instance, it is one of the most common surnames in the United States. According to the 2000 Census, there were over 128,000 people in the US who were surnamed Daley. It is also interesting to note that the Daley name has been around for centuries. Some of the earliest recorded instances of the name appear in English documents from the late 12th century.There are several theories about the origin of the Daley surname. One popular theory is that the name is derived from the Irish Gaelic name O'Dalaigh. This theory is supported by the fact that there are many Daley families in Ireland. Another theory is that the name is derived from the Old Norse word dal, meaning "valley". This theory is supported by the fact that there are many Daley families in Scotland.

Whatever the true origin of the Daley name may be, there is no doubt that it is a proud and distinguished name. If you are lucky enough to bear the Daley name, you can be sure that you are part of a long and proud tradition.

The Popularity Of Daley As The Last Name

With over 36 million appearances in the United States phone book, Daley is one of the most popular last names in the country. The name is derived from the Gaelic word for “ Dell,” meaning “valley.” The Daley name has been associated with many famous people over the years, including former Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley, his father Richard J. Daley, and Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps.But why is the Daley name so popular? One reason could be that it is associated with success. The Daley name has been connected to many powerful and successful people over the years. Another reason could be that it is easy to pronounce and spell. Whatever the reason, the Daley name is here to stay!

Naming Ideas With Daley As The Last Name

Are you looking for a unique name for your baby? If you're considering a name that ends in "ley," you're in good company. Daley is a name that's gaining in popularity, and for good reason.Daley is a unisex name that can be used for either a boy or a girl. It's Irish in origin and means "ruler of the people." This name has a strong and confident sound to it, and it's perfect for a child who is destined to be a leader.

If you're looking for a name that's both unique and memorable, Daley is a great option. And with its rising popularity, your child will always stand out from the crowd.

List of People with the Last Name Daley

Vickie DaleyMary DaleyElizabeth DaleyPatricia DaleyRichard DaleyRobert DaleyDavid DaleyWilliam DaleyMichael DaleyJ DaleyJohn DaleyThomas DaleyMargaret DaleyJoseph DaleyJames DaleyDaniel DaleyEdward DaleyPatrick DaleyKevin DaleyJennifer DaleyKathleen DaleySusan DaleyBrian DaleyC DaleyCharles DaleyChristopher DaleyTimothy DaleyPaul DaleyKaren DaleyT DaleyChris DaleyK DaleyMichelle DaleyLinda DaleyL DaleyBarbara DaleyHelen DaleyMark DaleyMatthew DaleyDonald DaleyCatherine DaleyGeorge DaleyCarol DaleyLisa DaleyAnn DaleyDonna DaleyKatherine DaleyDan DaleyDorothy DaleySean DaleyPeter DaleyFrank DaleySandra DaleySharon DaleyDennis DaleyChristine DaleyNancy DaleyAnna DaleyMelissa DaleySteven DaleyKimberly DaleyDiane DaleyStephen DaleyMarie DaleyAngela DaleyRyan DaleyTim DaleyJessica DaleySarah DaleyDeborah DaleyFrancis DaleyMike DaleyKim DaleyLaura DaleyCynthia DaleyRaymond DaleyJoan DaleySteve DaleyKenneth DaleyMaureen DaleyLawrence DaleyJudith DaleyJoe DaleyMegan DaleyScott DaleyDenise DaleyKelly DaleyAmy DaleyBetty DaleyNicole DaleyJanet DaleyAmanda DaleyAnthony DaleyTom DaleyAndrew DaleyRebecca DaleyJean DaleyTheresa DaleyErin DaleyStephanie DaleyJeffrey DaleyRose DaleyColleen DaleyJack DaleyPamela DaleyRonald DaleyVirginia DaleyAnne DaleyCarolyn DaleyKathy DaleyJacqueline DaleyRuth DaleyJane DaleyShirley DaleyShannon DaleyJason DaleyEllen DaleyGerald DaleyShawn DaleyCheryl DaleyLauren DaleyHeather DaleyDawn DaleyLarry DaleyDebra DaleyEileen DaleyAndrea DaleyFrances DaleyAshley DaleyChristina DaleyAlice DaleyNicholas DaleyJoanne DaleyDiana DaleyMichele DaleyJudy DaleyDanielle DaleyLori DaleyFrederick DaleyArthur DaleyJoyce DaleyEugene DaleyJulie DaleyBeverly DaleyBrenda DaleyLynn DaleyKathryn DaleyJoshua DaleyTammy DaleyJustin DaleyVincent DaleyMarjorie DaleyGary DaleyMaria DaleyRachel DaleyVictoria DaleyPhilip DaleyTeresa DaleyEric DaleySamantha DaleyEvelyn DaleyMartin DaleySheila DaleyTerry DaleyFred DaleyGrace DaleyJamie DaleyMarcia DaleyRobin DaleyKatie DaleyLeo DaleyJulia DaleyHarold DaleyGregory DaleySuzanne DaleyKyle DaleyHenry DaleyWalter DaleyRoger DaleyPhyllis DaleyBernard DaleyFlorence DaleyLorraine DaleyMildred DaleyJanice DaleyMartha DaleyGloria DaleyDoris DaleyElaine DaleyEmily DaleyKristen DaleyWayne DaleyLouise DaleyIrene DaleyMarilyn DaleyDouglas DaleyEleanor DaleyPaula DaleyAgnes DaleyGreg DaleyYvonne DaleyBruce DaleyKeith DaleyPhillip DaleyTina DaleyValerie DaleyHarry DaleyLee DaleyLeslie DaleyWendy DaleyJeanne DaleyJerry DaleyJonathan DaleyPauline DaleyPeggy DaleyBenjamin DaleyCarl DaleyAdam DaleyRay DaleyJosephine DaleyAlan DaleyRoy DaleyBonnie DaleyGertrude DaleyKerry DaleyLois DaleySara DaleyAudrey DaleyJeremy DaleyNorman DaleyHugh DaleyAllison DaleyEdna DaleyMarion DaleyBrandon DaleyJoann DaleyMarcus DaleyVeronica DaleyJerome DaleyBridget DaleyAnita DaleyLillian DaleyDarlene DaleyLeroy DaleyCrystal DaleyMarlene DaleyNorma DaleyHolly DaleyRita DaleyBrittany DaleyDolores DaleyRenee DaleyApril DaleyBryan DaleyChad DaleyIan DaleyTara DaleyRalph DaleyCraig DaleyEdith DaleySally DaleyAlbert DaleyEarl DaleyRussell DaleyLeonard DaleyStacey DaleyCourtney DaleyShane DaleyJacob DaleyNatalie DaleyArlene DaleyMonica DaleyTodd DaleyAaron DaleyThelma DaleyNathan DaleySophia DaleyAlexandra DaleySamuel DaleyHazel DaleyLoretta DaleyCaitlin DaleyLloyd DaleyEmma DaleyHoward DaleyTrevor DaleyAlexander DaleyAlfred DaleyJordan DaleyWinston DaleyJune DaleyEthel DaleyKayla DaleyTheodore DaleyTyler DaleyNeville DaleyMonique DaleyClarence DaleyEsther DaleyGladys Daley