What Is The History Of The Last Name Dalton?

The origin of the last name Dalton is a mystery, but there are several theories about its possible origin. One theory is that the name is derived from the Gaelic word "daltain," which means "young servant." Another theory is that the name is derived from the Old English word "dal," which means "valley." The Dalton name may have originated in a valley in England, or it may have been given to someone who served as a young servant in a Gaelic household.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Dalton?

The Dalton name is a fairly common one, but are there any famous people in history with that last name? As it turns out, there are several!One of the most well-known Daltons is outlaw Jesse James. He was part of the infamous James-Younger gang, and was killed by Robert Ford in 1882.

Another famous Dalton is aviation pioneer John Dalton. He was the first person to make a successful powered flight in England, and is credited with inventing the parachute.

There are also several notable Daltons in the world of politics. For example, Canadian Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson was a Dalton, as was British Prime Minister H. H. Asquith.

So if you're ever stuck for a conversation starter, you can always ask someone if they're related to any famous Daltons!

Where Does The Last Name Dalton Rank In The Most Common US Names?

There are a lot of common last names in the United States, but which one is the most common? According to recent statistics, Dalton is ranked as the 9th most common last name in the US. This is probably due to the popularity of the Dalton family in Bonanza, a popular TV show from the 1960s.There are a lot of different theories about why certain last names are more common than others. Some people believe that it has to do with the occupation of the family patriarch, while others think that it has more to do with geography or ethnicity. Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that certain last names are more common than others.

If you are interested in finding out where your last name ranks among the most common US names, you can check out the website, surname.com. This website has a list of the most common US surnames, as well as information about where they rank in other countries.

List of People with the Last Name Dalton

William DaltonB DaltonEdward DaltonMargaret DaltonJames DaltonPatricia DaltonGeorge DaltonBarbara DaltonR DaltonRobert DaltonM DaltonJohn DaltonMary DaltonElizabeth DaltonDonald DaltonMichelle DaltonJessica DaltonThomas DaltonKenneth DaltonKaren DaltonDaniel DaltonMichael DaltonAmanda DaltonDeborah DaltonAngela DaltonChris DaltonKimberly DaltonLinda DaltonMark DaltonJennifer DaltonMelissa DaltonE DaltonLisa DaltonKathleen DaltonTimothy DaltonJoseph DaltonSusan DaltonJ DaltonSandra DaltonRichard DaltonMatthew DaltonC DaltonDavid DaltonHelen DaltonCharles DaltonBrian DaltonCarol DaltonDonna DaltonChristopher DaltonLarry DaltonSteven DaltonBetty DaltonJack DaltonSarah DaltonNancy DaltonDorothy DaltonPaul DaltonSteve DaltonAmy DaltonSharon DaltonLaura DaltonCynthia DaltonPamela DaltonAshley DaltonDebbie DaltonRonald DaltonBrenda DaltonRebecca DaltonGary DaltonKevin DaltonPatrick DaltonDebra DaltonMike DaltonKim DaltonAnn DaltonHeather DaltonJeffrey DaltonChristine DaltonDiane DaltonKelly DaltonKathy DaltonStephanie DaltonRaymond DaltonAndrew DaltonTerry DaltonAnna DaltonFrank DaltonDennis DaltonCatherine DaltonTammy DaltonKatherine DaltonLawrence DaltonJeff DaltonTeresa DaltonScott DaltonJoe DaltonVirginia DaltonTim DaltonJudy DaltonJason DaltonRuth DaltonJean DaltonJoyce DaltonStephen DaltonCarolyn DaltonJulie DaltonAnthony DaltonJanet DaltonJoshua DaltonShirley DaltonChristina DaltonShannon DaltonGregory DaltonJerry DaltonMarie DaltonJoan DaltonMartha DaltonRobin DaltonFrances DaltonNicole DaltonCindy DaltonJesse DaltonTina DaltonDouglas DaltonJudith DaltonDon DaltonLori DaltonRussell DaltonRoger DaltonCheryl DaltonEric DaltonDenise DaltonBilly DaltonRyan DaltonTheresa DaltonHarold DaltonGreg DaltonLeslie DaltonJamie DaltonEmily DaltonAnne DaltonJane DaltonBobby DaltonKathryn DaltonFred DaltonFrancis DaltonWalter DaltonTracy DaltonKeith DaltonDiana DaltonArthur DaltonSamantha DaltonWayne DaltonJustin DaltonRandy DaltonDoris DaltonMarilyn DaltonSara DaltonDanny DaltonRoy DaltonRay DaltonJonathan DaltonAlice DaltonSean DaltonRose DaltonJanice DaltonCrystal DaltonAmber DaltonSherry DaltonRachel DaltonGerald DaltonJacqueline DaltonPeggy DaltonCarl DaltonJacob DaltonSheila DaltonBeverly DaltonHarry DaltonConnie DaltonDawn DaltonLee DaltonMildred DaltonPhillip DaltonHenry DaltonJulia DaltonPeter DaltonWendy DaltonWanda DaltonCarrie DaltonDanielle DaltonBrandon DaltonLouise DaltonRhonda DaltonAndrea DaltonLois DaltonBrittany DaltonVictoria DaltonBonnie DaltonHoward DaltonNicholas DaltonMichele DaltonSamuel DaltonRalph DaltonEllen DaltonClarence DaltonShawn DaltonTiffany DaltonMaria DaltonPaula DaltonPhyllis DaltonEvelyn DaltonDana DaltonJessie DaltonStacy DaltonLauren DaltonJeremy DaltonLynn DaltonBenjamin DaltonTony DaltonErin DaltonAdam DaltonValerie DaltonGloria DaltonMegan DaltonTyler DaltonMelanie DaltonCurtis DaltonRicky DaltonKyle DaltonGrace DaltonDale DaltonJimmy DaltonAaron DaltonChad DaltonFlorence DaltonEddie DaltonWillie DaltonMaureen DaltonRuby DaltonAnnie DaltonGlenn DaltonErnest DaltonEugene DaltonEdna DaltonAlbert DaltonBryan DaltonIrene DaltonClyde DaltonLillian DaltonCraig DaltonElaine DaltonEdith DaltonAllen DaltonCody DaltonGail DaltonHazel DaltonEthel DaltonBradley DaltonDarrell DaltonLeonard DaltonPauline DaltonStanley DaltonEmma DaltonGladys DaltonAudrey DaltonTaylor DaltonBruce DaltonCourtney DaltonTroy DaltonEileen DaltonMarjorie DaltonEva DaltonNorma DaltonAnita DaltonRonnie DaltonRita DaltonJeanne DaltonMarion DaltonTodd DaltonTravis DaltonEarl DaltonEleanor DaltonZachary DaltonDustin DaltonJay DaltonMelvin DaltonJordan DaltonMarvin DaltonRodney DaltonLewis DaltonDerek DaltonRandall DaltonJohnny DaltonNathan DaltonMartin DaltonFloyd DaltonNorman DaltonHerbert DaltonLeo DaltonCharlie Dalton