How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Daniel?

There are about 5,000 people in the US with the last name Daniel. This name is derived from the Hebrew word "Daniel," which means "God is my judge." The name was popularized in the Bible, where Daniel was a prophet and a friend of King Nebuchadnezzar.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Daniel?

There are quite a few states in the US with a large population of people with the last name Daniel. But which one has the largest population? That would be California, with over 190,000 Daniel residents. In fact, California has more Daniels than any other state in the US.There are a few possible explanations for why California has such a high number of Daniels. One possibility is that the name is particularly popular in the state. Another explanation could be that California is a very diverse state, and that the Daniels population is reflective of that diversity. Whatever the reason, it's clear that California is home to a lot of people with the last name Daniel.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Daniel?

Are you looking for a unique baby name? If you are, you may want to consider one of the most uncommon names with the last name Daniel. Some of the most unique names with the last name Daniel include Aiden, Braxton, Kaiden, and Knox.Aiden is a unique name that is both Irish and Scottish. It is pronounced "eye-den." Braxton is a unisex name that is of English origin. It is pronounced "brawk-sten." Kaiden is a unisex name that is of American origin. It is pronounced "kigh-den." Knox is a unisex name that is of Scottish origin. It is pronounced "noks."

If you are looking for a more traditional name, you may want to consider one of the most common names with the last name Daniel. Some of the most common names with the last name Daniel include Alexander, David, Benjamin, and Hannah.

Alexander is a Hebrew name that means "defender of mankind." David is a Hebrew name that means "beloved." Benjamin is a Hebrew name that means "son of the right hand." Hannah is a Hebrew name that means "grace."

Choosing a unique baby name can be a fun and exciting experience. If you are looking for a name that is both unique and traditional, one of the most common names with the last name Daniel may be the perfect choice for you.

List of People with the Last Name Daniel

R DanielDorothy DanielHelen DanielBetty DanielMary DanielRichard DanielMartha DanielDonna DanielRuth DanielMargaret DanielNancy DanielKathy DanielShirley DanielChris DanielThomas DanielJohn DanielJames DanielGary DanielTeresa DanielA DanielFrank DanielChristina DanielSarah DanielC DanielJean DanielW DanielJ DanielRonald DanielBrenda DanielG DanielM DanielCynthia DanielRobert DanielJack DanielMarie DanielJoyce DanielBilly DanielAshley DanielJoe DanielCatherine DanielP DanielJessica DanielJoshua DanielAnn DanielAnthony DanielJerry DanielB DanielKenneth DanielWillie DanielGeorge DanielSharon DanielLinda DanielDebra DanielK DanielCarolyn DanielJennifer DanielHeather DanielCharles DanielKevin DanielSusan DanielMark DanielS DanielRebecca DanielKatherine DanielCarol DanielDeborah DanielDaniel DanielD DanielJeffrey DanielSandra DanielPamela DanielMaria DanielMelissa DanielScott DanielDonald DanielMatthew DanielStephanie DanielLisa DanielKimberly DanielJulie DanielMichelle DanielWalter DanielDavid DanielL DanielLawrence DanielPatricia DanielAmy DanielKaren DanielHenry DanielElizabeth DanielAmanda DanielBarbara DanielKim DanielTerry DanielE DanielWilliam DanielMichael DanielH DanielLaura DanielJason DanielPaul DanielTammy DanielAngela DanielChristopher DanielJoseph DanielLarry DanielT DanielF DanielRoy DanielBrian DanielStephen DanielEric DanielChristine DanielTimothy DanielBobby DanielVirginia DanielAnnie DanielDennis DanielDiane DanielSteven DanielSteve DanielRaymond DanielTracy DanielLee DanielKelly DanielJeff DanielDenise DanielAnna DanielKathleen DanielAndrew DanielFrances DanielDanny DanielCheryl DanielNicole DanielAlice DanielGregory DanielJanet DanielJanice DanielSheila DanielJonathan DanielRachel DanielJudy DanielBenjamin DanielCarl DanielJacqueline DanielDoris DanielJesse DanielPatrick DanielEdward DanielJimmy DanielWayne DanielEmily DanielGloria DanielJessie DanielSamuel DanielEddie DanielTiffany DanielTheresa DanielShannon DanielCrystal DanielAndrea DanielDan DanielJackie DanielRose DanielLouise DanielJamie DanielArthur DanielRoger DanielEvelyn DanielDouglas DanielBeverly DanielLeslie DanielTina DanielJustin DanielRuby DanielFred DanielPhillip DanielDana DanielHarold DanielKathryn DanielCharlie DanielLori DanielAlbert DanielRay DanielJane DanielKeith DanielSherry DanielRobin DanielSara DanielWanda DanielNathan DanielVictoria DanielJohnny DanielJoan DanielRandy DanielBrittany DanielJudith DanielTony DanielJulia DanielBrandon DanielDiana DanielMildred DanielGerald DanielConnie DanielAmber DanielMarilyn DanielCarrie DanielJose DanielAaron DanielJacob DanielRyan DanielLynn DanielPaula DanielErnest DanielO DanielHoward DanielAllen DanielHarry DanielCurtis DanielSam DanielPhyllis DanielEugene DanielJeremy DanielAlicia DanielRalph DanielGrace DanielPeggy DanielClarence DanielRhonda DanielBonnie DanielEmma DanielRonnie DanielRussell DanielEva DanielValerie DanielMonica DanielBryan DanielShawn DanielJuanita DanielLouis DanielMarcus DanielEthel DanielLillian DanielEarl DanielRegina DanielLauren DanielLois DanielMarvin DanielNicholas DanielAdam DanielDale DanielPeter DanielNorma DanielSamantha DanielRita DanielMegan DanielCharlotte DanielBruce DanielJoy DanielIrene DanielMattie DanielMarion DanielAlan DanielGladys DanielSean DanielEdna DanielCecil DanielLillie DanielRosa DanielTaylor DanielGlenn DanielTroy DanielTyler DanielEllen DanielCraig DanielHerbert DanielJohnnie DanielLeonard DanielRodney DanielSylvia DanielHazel DanielBessie DanielCalvin DanielEdith DanielAlfred DanielBertha DanielMelvin DanielJay DanielIsaac DanielMarc DanielBarry DanielTravis DanielThelma DanielZachary DanielHerman DanielReginald DanielVictor DanielAustin DanielStanley DanielWesley Daniel