How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Daniels?

The name Daniels is not as popular as Smith or Johnson, but it is still common enough that there are plenty of people in the US with that last name. According to the 2010 census, there are almost 86,000 people living in the US with the last name Daniels. That's not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but it's still a sizable number. So, what are the origins of the name Daniels?There are a few different theories about the origins of the name Daniels. One theory is that it is derived from the Hebrew word "dan" meaning "judge". Another theory is that it is derived from the Welsh word "danniel" meaning "God is my judge". Yet another theory is that it is derived from the Irish word "donnchadh" meaning "brown warrior".

No one really knows for sure where the name Daniels comes from, but it is most likely derived from one of these three sources. It is also possible that it is a combination of two or more of these sources. Whatever the case may be, the name is definitely unique and interesting. If you are named Daniels, you can be proud of your unique name and all of its historical origins.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Daniels?

The state with the largest population of Daniels is Georgia, according to the 2000 US Census. There were 5,615 people in Georgia with the last name Daniels, accounting for 0.1% of the population. The next most populous state with Daniels as the last name was Texas, with 3,846 people. This was followed by California (3,305), North Carolina (3,043), and Florida (2,712).

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Daniels?

There are many Daniels families around the world, but only a few of them have unusual names. Here are some of the most uncommon Daniels names:1. Arsenio

2. Crispin

3. Euphemia

4. Godiva

5. Himalaya

6. Jericho

7. Knightley

8. Mystic

9. Oona

10. Quixote

These are just a few of the most unique Daniels names out there. If you are looking for an uncommon name for your child, one of these might be a good option.

List of People with the Last Name Daniels

Judith DanielsWillie DanielsMildred DanielsPamela DanielsLawrence DanielsDoris DanielsD DanielsSherry DanielsJean DanielsChris DanielsJudy DanielsFrank DanielsDiane DanielsValerie DanielsRay DanielsL DanielsGloria DanielsCarol DanielsShirley DanielsHarold DanielsMargaret DanielsCrystal DanielsLouise DanielsLee DanielsJesse DanielsJeffrey DanielsMaria DanielsJanice DanielsAnn DanielsConnie DanielsBetty DanielsEddie DanielsRaymond DanielsBenjamin DanielsEugene DanielsJoyce DanielsKim DanielsTony DanielsJacqueline DanielsBilly DanielsLori DanielsBeverly DanielsHelen DanielsSheila DanielsVictoria DanielsBobby DanielsWanda DanielsJessie DanielsCharlie DanielsAnnie DanielsMike DanielsRose DanielsJamie DanielsJohnny DanielsHarry DanielsTerry DanielsCarl DanielsJoe DanielsChristina DanielsKeith DanielsElizabeth DanielsRobin DanielsJanet DanielsJ DanielsFrances DanielsAnna DanielsDennis DanielsDavid DanielsJeffery DanielsCarrie DanielsKevin DanielsTracy DanielsRichard DanielsGerald DanielsKathy DanielsTammy DanielsRenee DanielsRebecca DanielsHenry DanielsStephanie DanielsEdward DanielsBrittany DanielsJonathan DanielsMarie DanielsTheresa DanielsTina DanielsSarah DanielsEvelyn DanielsErnest DanielsDerrick DanielsKathryn DanielsCarolyn DanielsTeresa DanielsDan DanielsErica DanielsNancy DanielsM DanielsJeff DanielsMichael DanielsMelissa DanielsBrian DanielsJason DanielsDonna DanielsMartha DanielsAmy DanielsAaron DanielsEric DanielsPaula DanielsJulie DanielsRandy DanielsRuby DanielsCurtis DanielsLeslie DanielsAndrew DanielsPatrick DanielsCheryl DanielsStephen DanielsRyan DanielsArthur DanielsScott DanielsCharles DanielsApril DanielsKathleen DanielsPhillip DanielsLaura DanielsFrederick DanielsWayne DanielsJack DanielsHeather DanielsFred DanielsAndrea DanielsKatherine DanielsRegina DanielsGregory DanielsShawn DanielsKaren DanielsDanny DanielsDanielle DanielsSamuel DanielsSteve DanielsDaniel DanielsRachel DanielsAmber DanielsTimothy DanielsRoger DanielsAlice DanielsAmanda DanielsDawn DanielsMelvin DanielsRobert DanielsDenise DanielsAshley DanielsJoan DanielsDiana DanielsDana DanielsWalter DanielsShannon DanielsTiffany DanielsKenneth DanielsJoshua DanielsNicole DanielsAlbert DanielsJerry DanielsSharon DanielsMarilyn DanielsVirginia DanielsEmma DanielsJimmy DanielsRuth DanielsGary DanielsBrenda DanielsEmily DanielsPhyllis DanielsChristine DanielsCatherine DanielsDorothy DanielsWilliam DanielsDonald DanielsMichelle DanielsJames DanielsSandra DanielsThomas DanielsJessica DanielsLisa DanielsDebra DanielsRoy DanielsMatthew DanielsDeborah DanielsRhonda DanielsLinda DanielsKimberly DanielsBrandon DanielsEarl DanielsBarbara DanielsMarcus DanielsKelly DanielsPaul DanielsKatie DanielsJulia DanielsJoseph DanielsMary DanielsJennifer DanielsJeremy DanielsTonya DanielsCynthia DanielsChristopher DanielsAnthony DanielsSusan DanielsMonica DanielsJohn DanielsGail DanielsMark DanielsRonald DanielsJustin DanielsCalvin DanielsHoward DanielsAnita DanielsStacy DanielsJane DanielsCourtney DanielsAngela DanielsAllen DanielsBruce DanielsSteven DanielsClarence DanielsRicky DanielsPeggy DanielsDouglas DanielsGeorge DanielsMarvin DanielsYolanda DanielsRodney DanielsRita DanielsNathan DanielsSamantha DanielsBonnie DanielsLillian DanielsNicholas DanielsDarlene DanielsRalph DanielsCraig DanielsJacob DanielsLeroy DanielsRussell DanielsYvonne DanielsJohnnie DanielsIrene DanielsJerome DanielsPeter DanielsPatricia DanielsLarry DanielsMarion DanielsGeraldine DanielsGladys DanielsLois DanielsSylvia DanielsCharlotte DanielsRonnie DanielsJuanita DanielsCarla DanielsDale DanielsEdna DanielsLouis DanielsGrace DanielsAlfred DanielsLeonard DanielsMegan DanielsEthel DanielsClifford DanielsSean DanielsTravis DanielsMaurice DanielsClara DanielsDarrell DanielsJordan DanielsTheodore DanielsAdam DanielsLeon DanielsReginald DanielsTodd DanielsNorma DanielsThelma DanielsFloyd DanielsLillie DanielsFlorence DanielsBryan DanielsTroy DanielsBertha DanielsJasmine DanielsHerbert DanielsAlvin DanielsLloyd DanielsCorey DanielsGlenn DanielsNorman DanielsAntonio DanielsTyler DanielsKyle DanielsEdith DanielsStanley Daniels