How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Davidson?

There are approximately 176,000 people in the United States with the last name Davidson, making it the 9th most common last name in the country. Davidson is most commonly found in the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Davidson?

There are a few Davidson families in every state in the US, but the largest population of Davidsons can be found in Texas. According to recent Census data, there are over 18,000 people in Texas with the last name Davidson. Oklahoma comes in second, with just over 15,000 Davidsons, and California is third with just over 14,000.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Davidson?

There are many Davidson families in the world, but how many of them have an uncommon name? According to the Social Security Administration, there are only nine baby girls named "Zaniyah" in the US in 2016. There were also nine baby girls named "Xenia" and "Yaretzi". If you're looking for a unique name for your little girl, these might be good options. Davidson is a common name, but if you want to give your child a unique last name, these uncommon names are a good choice.

List of People with the Last Name Davidson

Carol DavidsonHelen DavidsonRaymond DavidsonDennis DavidsonVirginia DavidsonKathryn DavidsonLaura DavidsonJ DavidsonDonna DavidsonShirley DavidsonMichael DavidsonLarry DavidsonMarie DavidsonDiane DavidsonDavid DavidsonJoan DavidsonNancy DavidsonMartha DavidsonBrenda DavidsonFrances DavidsonKatherine DavidsonTerry DavidsonElizabeth DavidsonJoyce DavidsonBetty DavidsonAnna DavidsonJoe DavidsonRoy DavidsonBarbara DavidsonCatherine DavidsonMargaret DavidsonScott DavidsonAnn DavidsonR DavidsonLawrence DavidsonChristina DavidsonJim DavidsonRonald DavidsonJanet DavidsonChristine DavidsonM DavidsonAlice DavidsonJean DavidsonKenneth DavidsonBilly DavidsonAmy DavidsonKelly DavidsonJessica DavidsonKim DavidsonRuth DavidsonGeorge DavidsonKathleen DavidsonLinda DavidsonJane DavidsonJudy DavidsonRobin DavidsonJamie DavidsonWilliam DavidsonStephen DavidsonL DavidsonDaniel DavidsonBrian DavidsonAnthony DavidsonRichard DavidsonC DavidsonT DavidsonJames DavidsonTeresa DavidsonJoseph DavidsonDeborah DavidsonAngela DavidsonEdward DavidsonBill DavidsonKathy DavidsonPatricia DavidsonAshley DavidsonDorothy DavidsonCarolyn DavidsonGregory DavidsonDouglas DavidsonKimberly DavidsonAmanda DavidsonKaren DavidsonCharles DavidsonPaul DavidsonEmily DavidsonDon DavidsonSusan DavidsonJudith DavidsonChristopher DavidsonRachel DavidsonJeff DavidsonStephanie DavidsonJohn DavidsonDenise DavidsonDebra DavidsonLori DavidsonP DavidsonRebecca DavidsonLee DavidsonDawn DavidsonCheryl DavidsonChris DavidsonRobert DavidsonDonald DavidsonD DavidsonBruce DavidsonTimothy DavidsonJeffrey DavidsonMatthew DavidsonCindy DavidsonNicole DavidsonSharon DavidsonHarold DavidsonJoshua DavidsonKevin DavidsonMary DavidsonCynthia DavidsonHeather DavidsonSteven DavidsonRoger DavidsonThomas DavidsonSandra DavidsonMichelle DavidsonJack DavidsonAndrew DavidsonJanice DavidsonJennifer DavidsonLisa DavidsonPamela DavidsonMark DavidsonSamuel DavidsonJason DavidsonJerry DavidsonSteve DavidsonLeslie DavidsonSarah DavidsonBenjamin DavidsonJulie DavidsonMelissa DavidsonGary DavidsonWalter DavidsonEric DavidsonFrank DavidsonCarl DavidsonRyan DavidsonTammy DavidsonTracy DavidsonTheresa DavidsonJackie DavidsonBeverly DavidsonDiana DavidsonEvelyn DavidsonSara DavidsonRose DavidsonWayne DavidsonBobby DavidsonArthur DavidsonHenry DavidsonFred DavidsonGerald DavidsonHarry DavidsonKeith DavidsonAmber DavidsonDave DavidsonShannon DavidsonMildred DavidsonAndrea DavidsonJacqueline DavidsonRandy DavidsonAnne DavidsonAlan DavidsonPeter DavidsonWillie DavidsonPatrick DavidsonJustin DavidsonRhonda DavidsonVictoria DavidsonCrystal DavidsonJulia DavidsonTina DavidsonBrandon DavidsonJonathan DavidsonBonnie DavidsonPhillip DavidsonLynn DavidsonSherry DavidsonRalph DavidsonDoris DavidsonConnie DavidsonSheila DavidsonLauren DavidsonHarley DavidsonPeggy DavidsonJacob DavidsonSamantha DavidsonHoward DavidsonWanda DavidsonMarilyn DavidsonRay DavidsonMegan DavidsonJeremy DavidsonDale DavidsonPhyllis DavidsonPhilip DavidsonShawn DavidsonPaula DavidsonJill DavidsonRussell DavidsonWendy DavidsonJimmy DavidsonLouise DavidsonTodd DavidsonApril DavidsonMaria DavidsonDanielle DavidsonAaron DavidsonTiffany DavidsonAllen DavidsonEllen DavidsonGloria DavidsonIrene DavidsonStacy DavidsonJoanne DavidsonCraig DavidsonRandall DavidsonCharlotte DavidsonGail DavidsonMarion DavidsonGlenn DavidsonAnnie DavidsonTyler DavidsonJessie DavidsonBrittany DavidsonLillian DavidsonLois DavidsonDanny DavidsonDana DavidsonBradley DavidsonFlorence DavidsonEdith DavidsonAlbert DavidsonSean DavidsonJesse DavidsonNicholas DavidsonGrace DavidsonJon DavidsonAdam DavidsonCarrie DavidsonEarl DavidsonKyle DavidsonAnita DavidsonClarence DavidsonMarjorie DavidsonAlexander DavidsonTommy DavidsonTroy DavidsonEva DavidsonEugene DavidsonElaine DavidsonRuby DavidsonBryan DavidsonHazel DavidsonEmma DavidsonEthel DavidsonCourtney DavidsonGlen DavidsonErin DavidsonNorma DavidsonNathan DavidsonZachary DavidsonNorman DavidsonTaylor DavidsonJay DavidsonRita DavidsonEdna DavidsonRonnie DavidsonLeonard DavidsonRodney DavidsonLouis DavidsonJordan DavidsonTravis DavidsonErnest DavidsonSally DavidsonDean DavidsonJoel DavidsonClara DavidsonChad DavidsonHannah DavidsonEleanor DavidsonHerbert DavidsonAustin DavidsonStanley DavidsonPauline DavidsonLucille DavidsonGladys DavidsonMarvin DavidsonClifford DavidsonLloyd DavidsonCody Davidson