What Are The Most Popular Names With The Last Name Davis?

The name Davis is quite popular, both as a first name and as a last name. According to the Social Security Administration, Davis was the 107th most popular name in the United States in 2014. As a last name, it was the 1,477th most common name in the country in 2014. So what are the most popular names with the last name Davis?One popular name with the last name Davis is Jennifer. Jennifer was the 26th most popular name for girls in the United States in 2014. There have been many famous Jennifers over the years, including Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, and Jennifer Garner.

Another popular name with the last name Davis is Stephanie. Stephanie was the 97th most popular name for girls in the United States in 2014. There have been many famous Stephanie’s over the years, including Stephanie Meyer, Stephanie Tanner, and Stephanie McMahon.

There are many other popular names with the last name Davis, including but not limited to Christopher, David, Mary, and Sarah. So if you are looking for a name that is both unique and timeless, consider giving your child a name with the last name Davis.

Can I Look For People With The Last Name Davis For Free?

Yes, you can look for people with the last name Davis for free. You can use online directories or search engines to find people with this last name. You can also use social media platforms to locate people with this last name.

What Kind Of Information Can I Get From The List Of Names With The Last Name Davis?

When you're looking for information about someone, the best place to start is with their name. With the last name Davis, you can find a lot of information. You can find information about the person's family, their hometown, and more.One of the first places to look is the United States Census Bureau. The census bureau has information about where people were born, what their parents' names are, and more. You can also find information about where people have lived in the past.

If you're looking for information about the person's family, you can check out the Social Security Administration. The Social Security Administration has a database of all the people who have worked in the United States. You can find information about their parents and their children.

You can also find information about the person's hometown. The United States Geological Survey has a database of all the cities and towns in the United States. You can find information about the population, the elevation, and more.

The last name Davis can help you find a lot of information about the person. With a little bit of research, you can find out a lot about the person's family, their hometown, and more.

List of People with the Last Name Davis

Joyce DavisLillian DavisFloyd DavisGladys DavisMary DavisWanda DavisRuby DavisIrene DavisEvelyn DavisNorma DavisHoward DavisThomas DavisJ DavisRobert DavisClyde DavisSamuel DavisFlorence DavisAnnie DavisWillie DavisBertha DavisMarjorie DavisDebra DavisThelma DavisVirginia DavisScott DavisMarilyn DavisRose DavisPeggy DavisMelissa DavisLeroy DavisBessie DavisJulia DavisChristopher DavisMichael DavisJudy DavisJessica DavisEmma DavisMarie DavisDale DavisRuth DavisGeorge DavisMatthew DavisRoy DavisRandy DavisElla DavisJudith DavisHenry DavisLouise DavisCharles DavisLeslie DavisAmanda DavisHarold DavisMaria DavisJessie DavisTammy DavisCatherine DavisFred DavisNathan DavisBetty DavisJack DavisMildred DavisJean DavisRachel DavisConnie DavisCharlotte DavisMargaret DavisJohnny DavisLucille DavisSarah DavisMartha DavisBeverly DavisCharlie DavisJoseph DavisDanielle DavisTyler DavisGerald DavisChristina DavisSara DavisJoan DavisMark DavisEugene DavisPhyllis DavisJulie DavisJuanita DavisClara DavisHelen DavisJacqueline DavisFrank DavisJustin DavisDavid DavisDarlene DavisBilly DavisJoe DavisDon DavisStephen DavisLeonard DavisDonna DavisEdna DavisRonald DavisRonnie DavisGloria DavisAmy DavisRoger DavisPaula DavisMattie DavisSusan DavisLois DavisSharon DavisLee DavisJohn DavisTeresa DavisMarion DavisClarence DavisBarbara DavisLaura DavisAnn DavisAmber DavisTommy DavisRichard DavisDennis DavisBenjamin DavisEarl DavisWendy DavisMike DavisAndrew DavisJerry DavisJane DavisClifford DavisRicky DavisDenise DavisKimberly DavisGrace DavisTheresa DavisJerome DavisLarry DavisNathaniel DavisKaren DavisStephanie DavisAlfred DavisWalter DavisRita DavisAnna DavisCrystal DavisSean DavisWayne DavisJames DavisDaniel DavisFrances DavisSteve DavisJonathan DavisRebecca DavisChristine DavisDorothy DavisJeff DavisRhonda DavisCarolyn DavisDouglas DavisKathy DavisLinda DavisHazel DavisChris DavisMarvin DavisAlice DavisGary DavisShirley DavisBonnie DavisBobby DavisArthur DavisAshley DavisMelvin DavisRalph DavisEddie DavisLouis DavisBrittany DavisPaul DavisRaymond DavisElizabeth DavisEmily DavisTony DavisJanice DavisJohnnie DavisEdward DavisWilliam DavisPatrick DavisDoris DavisEdith DavisTerry DavisSandra DavisSherry DavisJeffery DavisDonald DavisMegan DavisAndrea DavisAnthony DavisKyle DavisLauren DavisKevin DavisCarl DavisRay DavisRodney DavisTaylor DavisCalvin DavisBruce DavisLisa DavisKathleen DavisDerrick DavisShawn DavisDiane DavisStanley DavisBradley DavisLawrence DavisHarry DavisNorman DavisLori DavisMonica DavisJeffrey DavisJacob DavisTina DavisJordan DavisJamie DavisKathryn DavisJesse DavisChad DavisCurtis DavisKelly DavisGregory DavisCindy DavisCraig DavisCarrie DavisDarrell DavisAlbert DavisGlenn DavisTonya DavisDana DavisSheila DavisCheryl DavisJoshua DavisFrederick DavisEric DavisJeremy DavisHerbert DavisBrian DavisZachary DavisBrenda DavisPamela DavisSylvia DavisAlan DavisTravis DavisTyrone DavisTracy DavisBryan DavisCynthia DavisSteven DavisRyan DavisAngela DavisNicole DavisShannon DavisKeith DavisNancy DavisJason DavisValerie DavisRussell DavisTimothy DavisReginald DavisJimmy DavisDawn DavisTiffany DavisCorey DavisJackie DavisRobin DavisApril DavisCarol DavisCourtney DavisTodd DavisMarcus DavisRegina DavisAaron DavisJennifer DavisKenneth DavisTroy DavisKatherine DavisHeather DavisJasmine DavisNicholas DavisPatricia DavisKim DavisVictoria DavisMichelle DavisSamantha DavisErica DavisPhillip DavisJanet DavisEthel DavisErnest DavisAdam DavisBrandon DavisDeborah DavisDanny DavisAllen DavisDiana Davis