What Is The History Of The Last Name Dawson?

What is the history of the last name Dawson?The Dawson surname is thought to have originated in the Anglo-Saxon region of England. The name is derived from the first name "Daw" or "Daoi" which means "bold." The name was likely given to someone who was daring or fearless.

The Dawson surname first appeared in records in the early 1200s. One of the first recorded bearers of the name was Geoffrey Dawson who was listed in the Pipe Rolls of Essex in 1207. Over the centuries, the Dawson surname has been found in all parts of England.

The Dawson surname is also found in Scotland. One of the earliest recorded bearers of the name was Donald Dawson who was mentioned in the Ragman Rolls of 1296. The Dawson surname is also found in Ireland. One of the earliest recorded bearers of the name was John Dawson who was mentioned in the Fiants of 1598.

The Dawson surname has also been found in the United States. One of the earliest recorded bearers of the name was Richard Dawson who was mentioned in the 1600s.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Dawson?

There are a few famous people in history with the last name Dawson. One such person is Bill Dawson, who was a Canadian professional ice hockey player and coach. Another is Edmund Hillary Dawson, who was a British electrical engineer and inventor. Finally, there is also James Dawson, who was an American abolitionist and writer.

Where Does The Last Name Dawson Rank In The Most Common US Names?

It's no surprise that the last name Dawson ranks in the top 10 most common US names. After all, Dawson is a very popular name for both boys and girls. But what is the exact ranking for the name Dawson?According to the Social Security Administration, the name Dawson ranks as the 9th most common US name. There are nearly 84,000 people in the US with the last name Dawson.

While the name Dawson is quite common, it's not as popular as some of the other top US names. For example, the name James is the most common US name, with over 1 million people bearing the name. The name Michael is in second place, with close to 900,000 people named Michael.

So if you're looking for a relatively common US name, Dawson is a great option. And if you're looking for a unique name for your child, there are plenty of other great options as well.

List of People with the Last Name Dawson

Shirley DawsonPatricia DawsonEdward DawsonDonald DawsonAnna DawsonMargaret DawsonNancy DawsonWillie DawsonDiane DawsonSharon DawsonDorothy DawsonJack DawsonSandra DawsonRaymond DawsonBrenda DawsonHarold DawsonSteve DawsonJ DawsonRobert DawsonKathy DawsonM DawsonDavid DawsonLisa DawsonHelen DawsonLinda DawsonMichelle DawsonDonna DawsonLawrence DawsonRuth DawsonAshley DawsonTimothy DawsonKim DawsonKatherine DawsonMary DawsonRonald DawsonPaul DawsonCarolyn DawsonEric DawsonAnn DawsonFrank DawsonTerry DawsonRebecca DawsonCatherine DawsonDaniel DawsonElizabeth DawsonAmanda DawsonScott DawsonChristine DawsonJoseph DawsonSusan DawsonMichael DawsonChris DawsonCynthia DawsonThomas DawsonBetty DawsonStephanie DawsonJennifer DawsonKimberly DawsonChristopher DawsonJames DawsonLaura DawsonWilliam DawsonJoe DawsonMike DawsonJerry DawsonBarbara DawsonC DawsonJeffrey DawsonSteven DawsonB DawsonKenneth DawsonKevin DawsonVirginia DawsonMelissa DawsonS DawsonAnthony DawsonKelly DawsonJohn DawsonGary DawsonCharles DawsonPamela DawsonCarol DawsonNicole DawsonKathleen DawsonJessica DawsonAndrew DawsonGeorge DawsonDebra DawsonKaren DawsonLarry DawsonA DawsonD DawsonRichard DawsonR DawsonMark DawsonAngela DawsonGregory DawsonMatthew DawsonHeather DawsonAmy DawsonJanet DawsonDouglas DawsonDeborah DawsonSarah DawsonJoyce DawsonBrian DawsonBill DawsonStephen DawsonDenise DawsonL DawsonCheryl DawsonMartha DawsonJeff DawsonChristina DawsonJean DawsonJulie DawsonMarie DawsonTeresa DawsonDennis DawsonTammy DawsonFrances DawsonDiana DawsonPatrick DawsonJoshua DawsonAlice DawsonHarry DawsonBrandon DawsonTina DawsonRose DawsonRobin DawsonBeverly DawsonJudy DawsonEvelyn DawsonJason DawsonMildred DawsonJacqueline DawsonTheresa DawsonCindy DawsonKeith DawsonWalter DawsonDawn DawsonLori DawsonRoy DawsonTracy DawsonEmily DawsonWayne DawsonHenry DawsonRyan DawsonRachel DawsonRay DawsonBobby DawsonTiffany DawsonCarl DawsonJoan DawsonDoris DawsonAlbert DawsonAndrea DawsonLeslie DawsonDanielle DawsonJanice DawsonBilly DawsonShannon DawsonWanda DawsonKathryn DawsonConnie DawsonPeter DawsonAnnie DawsonLee DawsonJane DawsonJamie DawsonFred DawsonSheila DawsonJudith DawsonJustin DawsonClarence DawsonEthel DawsonArthur DawsonBenjamin DawsonSara DawsonJulia DawsonJonathan DawsonSamuel DawsonNicholas DawsonShawn DawsonMaria DawsonEarl DawsonGloria DawsonAnne DawsonBruce DawsonMarcus DawsonValerie DawsonDale DawsonPhyllis DawsonAmber DawsonCrystal DawsonVictoria DawsonBrittany DawsonSamantha DawsonJesse DawsonJohnny DawsonLillian DawsonHoward DawsonPaula DawsonRussell DawsonCarrie DawsonRalph DawsonDarlene DawsonPeggy DawsonBonnie DawsonLouise DawsonFlorence DawsonJeremy DawsonTyler DawsonEugene DawsonTony DawsonMarilyn DawsonFrancis DawsonRuby DawsonJessie DawsonEdna DawsonApril DawsonSherry DawsonRandy DawsonEmma DawsonGlenn DawsonPhillip DawsonGladys DawsonAaron DawsonGerald DawsonJacob DawsonLois DawsonMegan DawsonElaine DawsonTaylor DawsonErnest DawsonDanny DawsonCurtis DawsonRhonda DawsonGail DawsonAlan DawsonDana DawsonAllen DawsonRodney DawsonThelma DawsonEddie DawsonEdith DawsonJimmy DawsonMelvin DawsonFrederick DawsonDarrell DawsonMarion DawsonCourtney DawsonCraig DawsonIrene DawsonRoger DawsonRonnie DawsonRegina DawsonNorma DawsonEllen DawsonRandall DawsonSean DawsonLewis DawsonKyle DawsonTommy DawsonCharlotte DawsonLouis DawsonLauren DawsonAdam DawsonWendy DawsonLeonard DawsonClara DawsonMarvin DawsonMonica DawsonMarjorie DawsonDerrick DawsonGrace DawsonTodd DawsonHazel DawsonClifford DawsonTravis DawsonRicky DawsonMartin DawsonAudrey DawsonJay DawsonEva DawsonHerbert DawsonLucille DawsonBradley DawsonBryan DawsonAlexander DawsonLeroy DawsonDerek DawsonBernice DawsonGeraldine DawsonJordan DawsonMinnie DawsonCalvin DawsonClyde DawsonFloyd DawsonStanley Dawson