Historical Information About The Last Name Decker

Do you know someone with the last name Decker? If so, you may be interested in learning some of the interesting historical information about the name.The name Decker is derived from the German name Dietrich. It means "powerful leader." The name was first introduced to America by the Dutch settlers.

There are several notable people with the last name Decker. These include:

- Decker Van Dyke, an American actor

- Decker Bullock, a Canadian ice hockey player

- Decker Crouch, an American gymnast

The name Decker is also associated with several interesting historical events. For example, one of the first Decker's in America was a man named John Decker. He was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

The name Decker is also associated with the Battle of Bunker Hill. This was a key battle of the American Revolution.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of the name Decker, be sure to check out the surname database at Ancestry.com.

The Popularity Of Decker As The Last Name

There are many interesting and unique last names in the world, but one of the most popular last names is Decker. Decker is actually the 43rd most common last name in the United States, with over 156,000 people carrying the name. There are many different possible origins of the name Decker, but the most likely explanation is that it is a derivative of the German word Decken, which means to cover.There are many famous people with the last name Decker, including athletes, actors, and musicians. Some notable people with the last name Decker include NFL wide receiver Eric Decker, singer Tori Amos, and actor Timothy Decker. There are also many famous athletes with the last name Decker, including Olympic swimmer Summer Decker and NBA player Will Decker.

The Decker name is definitely a popular one, and it is likely to continue to be popular for many years to come.

Naming Ideas With Decker As The Last Name

When it comes to choosing a name for your baby, the options can seem endless. But what if you want to choose a name that's a little more unique? If you're looking for a name that's a little bit different, why not choose one with Decker as the last name?There are a number of names that would work perfectly with Decker as the last name, including:

• Aiden Decker

• Annabelle Decker

• Barrett Decker

• Brooke Decker

• Chase Decker

• Davis Decker

• Elliott Decker

• Harper Decker

• Holland Decker

• Josie Decker

• Knox Decker

There are endless possibilities when it comes to names that work with Decker as the last name. So if you're looking for a name that's unique and special, why not choose one with Decker as the last name?

List of People with the Last Name Decker

Elizabeth DeckerDorothy DeckerRuth DeckerDiane DeckerJoseph DeckerDeborah DeckerMary DeckerHelen DeckerDebra DeckerSteven DeckerRobert DeckerKathleen DeckerSandra DeckerNancy DeckerDonald DeckerMelissa DeckerBarbara DeckerPaul DeckerSteve DeckerSusan DeckerMichelle DeckerAmy DeckerDavid DeckerT DeckerJessica DeckerJohn DeckerJ DeckerLinda DeckerEdward DeckerDonna DeckerDaniel DeckerCarol DeckerKimberly DeckerWilliam DeckerLisa DeckerGeorge DeckerSarah DeckerA DeckerBrian DeckerTimothy DeckerMargaret DeckerSharon DeckerKenneth DeckerJennifer DeckerThomas DeckerPatricia DeckerLaura DeckerRichard DeckerScott DeckerMichael DeckerKaren DeckerAmanda DeckerMark DeckerMatthew DeckerJames DeckerCharles DeckerRebecca DeckerRonald DeckerBill DeckerGary DeckerBetty DeckerChris DeckerJeffrey DeckerJason DeckerChristopher DeckerAngela DeckerAnn DeckerRaymond DeckerKelly DeckerCynthia DeckerAnna DeckerStephen DeckerKathy DeckerFrank DeckerMike DeckerAndrew DeckerJulie DeckerLarry DeckerCatherine DeckerLawrence DeckerChristine DeckerJoe DeckerKatherine DeckerJeff DeckerKim DeckerBrenda DeckerTerry DeckerDennis DeckerKevin DeckerDouglas DeckerHarold DeckerJoshua DeckerStephanie DeckerPamela DeckerChristina DeckerEric DeckerJean DeckerRyan DeckerDon DeckerTammy DeckerShirley DeckerAshley DeckerLori DeckerJack DeckerNicole DeckerJudith DeckerHeather DeckerJoan DeckerCindy DeckerFred DeckerVirginia DeckerJanet DeckerArthur DeckerJudy DeckerMarie DeckerTeresa DeckerEmily DeckerHarry DeckerJerry DeckerCheryl DeckerCarl DeckerFrances DeckerDenise DeckerCarolyn DeckerDawn DeckerAlice DeckerRobin DeckerTheresa DeckerGerald DeckerGregory DeckerJamie DeckerShannon DeckerTina DeckerJoyce DeckerMartha DeckerRose DeckerBonnie DeckerWayne DeckerWalter DeckerJanice DeckerKathryn DeckerJustin DeckerJonathan DeckerMegan DeckerRalph DeckerRachel DeckerJane DeckerAnthony DeckerDiana DeckerCathy DeckerTracy DeckerPeter DeckerSara DeckerRoger DeckerAnne DeckerBrandon DeckerDale DeckerBeverly DeckerAmber DeckerWendy DeckerHenry DeckerMarilyn DeckerJacqueline DeckerRoy DeckerKeith DeckerRussell DeckerLeslie DeckerBeth DeckerMildred DeckerDanielle DeckerAlbert DeckerDoris DeckerAdam DeckerEarl DeckerJacob DeckerNicholas DeckerBruce DeckerSamantha DeckerFrederick DeckerFlorence DeckerAndrea DeckerVictoria DeckerKyle DeckerRay DeckerEvelyn DeckerLynn DeckerMichele DeckerLee DeckerLauren DeckerSherry DeckerCarrie DeckerLois DeckerConnie DeckerBrittany DeckerRandy DeckerJoanne DeckerClarence DeckerAlan DeckerKatie DeckerKristen DeckerPaula DeckerGrace DeckerMaria DeckerBenjamin DeckerJulia DeckerAaron DeckerPeggy DeckerHolly DeckerMarjorie DeckerErin DeckerDana DeckerLaurie DeckerPatrick DeckerHoward DeckerShawn DeckerSuzanne DeckerJeremy DeckerBilly DeckerEllen DeckerPhyllis DeckerLouise DeckerAllen DeckerGloria DeckerStacy DeckerRandall DeckerIrene DeckerMarion DeckerNorma DeckerGlenn DeckerPhillip DeckerEdna DeckerFrancis DeckerTheodore DeckerJay DeckerJill DeckerTiffany DeckerJesse DeckerAustin DeckerChad DeckerLouis DeckerDanny DeckerNathan DeckerTodd DeckerCraig DeckerSheila DeckerTyler DeckerDean DeckerLillian DeckerZachary DeckerLorraine DeckerPhilip DeckerGladys DeckerLeonard DeckerAnita DeckerBryan DeckerEugene DeckerEdith DeckerEleanor DeckerRita DeckerMartin DeckerEva DeckerCharlotte DeckerFloyd DeckerSamuel DeckerCourtney DeckerLloyd DeckerCody DeckerRodney DeckerElaine DeckerNorman DeckerTravis DeckerBradley DeckerHannah DeckerHerbert DeckerEmma DeckerClyde DeckerErnest DeckerTaylor DeckerDolores DeckerDustin DeckerLoretta DeckerStanley DeckerJune DeckerSean DeckerDarrell DeckerHazel DeckerDuane DeckerWarren DeckerAlfred DeckerThelma DeckerGertrude DeckerClifford DeckerElsie DeckerJared DeckerBrett DeckerAgnes DeckerTroy DeckerEdwin DeckerMelvin DeckerHarvey Decker