What Is The History Of The Last Name Deleon?

What is the history of the last name Deleon?The Deleon family name is thought to have originated from the Spanish region of Galicia. There are several possible explanations for how the name Deleon came to be. One theory suggests that the name is derived from the Latin word "deilenus," which means lion. Another theory suggests that the name is derived from the Celtic word "dolen," which means small. It is also possible that the name Deleon is a combination of the two words "de" and "leon." "De" is a prefix that means "from" or "of," while "leon" means lion.

The Deleon family name has been traced back to the 11th century, when a man named Diego Deleon was born in Galicia, Spain. Diego Deleon was a knight in the Spanish army and fought in the Battle of Clavijo. He was also a member of the Order of Santiago, a prestigious order of knights in Spain.

Today, the Deleon family name is found all over the world. There are Deleon families in Mexico, the United States, Argentina, and Spain, among other countries.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Deleon?

There are many famous people in history with the last name Deleon. However, the most famous Deleon is probably Rodrigo De Leon, who was a conquistador in the Americas. He was born in Spain in the late 15th century and sailed to the Americas with Christopher Columbus in 1492. He participated in many expeditions and conquests, and was eventually appointed governor of Darien, a region in Panama. He died in 1530.

Where Does The Last Name Deleon Rank In The Most Common US Names?

It's no surprise that the last name Deleon is among the most common US names. But what is interesting is exactly where it ranks. According to a recent study by the Social Security Administration, Deleon is the 7th most common last name in the US.There are many possible explanations for why the name Deleon is so common. It could be that the name is passed down from generation to generation, or it could be that it's simply a popular name. Whatever the case may be, the name Deleon is definitely one of the most common US names.

List of People with the Last Name Deleon

Linda DeleonLeticia DeleonRobert DeleonMary DeleonCynthia DeleonMartha DeleonJoe DeleonAnthony DeleonJoseph DeleonAlicia DeleonAnna DeleonIrma DeleonMichael DeleonDavid DeleonRichard DeleonPatricia DeleonSylvia DeleonJohn DeleonMaria DeleonJennifer DeleonJessica DeleonMonica DeleonGuadalupe DeleonMartin DeleonJ DeleonAlfredo DeleonJesus DeleonTeresa DeleonRicardo DeleonGloria DeleonAlberto DeleonLaura DeleonAntonio DeleonRosa DeleonMichelle DeleonDiana DeleonJesse DeleonElizabeth DeleonA DeleonRaul DeleonVeronica DeleonManuel DeleonYolanda DeleonAna DeleonRamon DeleonMiguel DeleonOscar DeleonAlex DeleonR DeleonClaudia DeleonJavier DeleonSandra DeleonMargarita DeleonSergio DeleonJorge DeleonMario DeleonDaniel DeleonMelissa DeleonFernando DeleonAngela DeleonJuana DeleonChristopher DeleonJuan DeleonRuben DeleonArmando DeleonJaime DeleonJose DeleonRoberto DeleonEdgar DeleonEduardo DeleonLuis DeleonHector DeleonCesar DeleonBlanca DeleonCarlos DeleonRafael DeleonL DeleonNorma DeleonChristina DeleonFrancisco DeleonSonia DeleonAlejandro DeleonVictoria DeleonVictor DeleonSilvia DeleonLisa DeleonNancy DeleonJulio DeleonPedro DeleonArturo DeleonJoel DeleonBrenda DeleonFrank DeleonStephanie DeleonAngel DeleonAngelica DeleonPablo DeleonCarmen DeleonJuanita DeleonEnrique DeleonLuz DeleonEdwin DeleonChris DeleonGeorge DeleonAndrea DeleonOlga DeleonJonathan DeleonRebecca DeleonWilliam DeleonFelix DeleonIsabel DeleonRaymond DeleonAlma DeleonMarco DeleonRene DeleonRodolfo DeleonVanessa DeleonRose DeleonEric DeleonEdward DeleonSamuel DeleonGilbert DeleonVirginia DeleonPaul DeleonJames DeleonRudy DeleonGabriel DeleonAmanda DeleonSarah DeleonDora DeleonRamiro DeleonKaren DeleonErnesto DeleonRolando DeleonMiriam DeleonJulia DeleonAlbert DeleonGustavo DeleonAshley DeleonSteven DeleonHenry DeleonMark DeleonMayra DeleonAndrew DeleonCristina DeleonIrene DeleonJoshua DeleonCecilia DeleonSara DeleonGerardo DeleonRaquel DeleonSusan DeleonFelipe DeleonChristian DeleonHugo DeleonJosefina DeleonAdrian DeleonAdriana DeleonAndres DeleonErika DeleonRachel DeleonDolores DeleonLydia DeleonSantos DeleonBarbara DeleonGuillermo DeleonLourdes DeleonMarta DeleonChristine DeleonFrancisca DeleonEvelyn DeleonReynaldo DeleonThomas DeleonAlexander DeleonIsrael DeleonJacqueline DeleonTony DeleonGilberto DeleonRuth DeleonRosario DeleonJohnny DeleonErica DeleonAbel DeleonIsmael DeleonKimberly DeleonCrystal DeleonRosalinda DeleonBenjamin DeleonRay DeleonLorena DeleonHilda DeleonMaribel DeleonEva DeleonCindy DeleonMarcos DeleonEsther DeleonCarolina DeleonEsmeralda DeleonOmar DeleonSamantha DeleonEddie DeleonDelia DeleonAlfonso DeleonGabriela DeleonOlivia DeleonJulie DeleonErick DeleonAlexis DeleonEsperanza DeleonDenise DeleonGraciela DeleonSteve DeleonSalvador DeleonDomingo DeleonFrances DeleonTomas DeleonRogelio DeleonAmy DeleonKarla DeleonGladys DeleonBertha DeleonKevin DeleonNelson DeleonValerie DeleonMercedes DeleonCarol DeleonMatthew DeleonLeonardo DeleonJason DeleonLeonel DeleonLorenzo DeleonIris DeleonElias DeleonAnita DeleonNicole DeleonAntonia DeleonSantiago DeleonRamona DeleonJulian DeleonLucia DeleonConsuelo DeleonElsa DeleonJosephine DeleonJosue DeleonNora DeleonEmma DeleonMarvin DeleonArthur DeleonAdam DeleonWalter DeleonMarisol DeleonCelia DeleonAurora DeleonKatherine DeleonOrlando DeleonPriscilla DeleonAlejandra DeleonHumberto DeleonMarina DeleonBeatriz DeleonNoe DeleonSusana DeleonMaritza DeleonWendy DeleonRonald DeleonRoger DeleonPaula DeleonAdolfo DeleonEmilio DeleonElvira DeleonAida DeleonEmily DeleonNatalie DeleonNoel DeleonAngelina DeleonRalph DeleonPetra DeleonJacob DeleonJudith DeleonAmelia DeleonAraceli DeleonEfrain DeleonVicente DeleonBrandon DeleonGregorio DeleonBrian DeleonIvan DeleonMoises DeleonRigoberto DeleonWilfredo DeleonJustin DeleonByron DeleonJimmy DeleonElmer DeleonIsaac DeleonRodrigo DeleonSaul DeleonAlexandra DeleonBenito DeleonEsteban Deleon