What Is The History Of The Last Name Denton?

What is the history of the last name Denton?Denton is a name that has been around for centuries. It is thought to have originated in the county of Kent in England. There are many theories about how the name Denton came to be, but no one knows for sure. One theory is that the name is derived from the Old English word “dun”, which means “hill”. Another theory is that it comes from the Anglo-Saxon word “denu”, which means “valley”. It is also possible that the name is a combination of both “dun” and “denu”.

Whatever the true origin of the name Denton may be, it is clear that it has been around for a very long time. Denton is one of the most common surnames in the United States, and it is also found in other countries around the world. If you are interested in researching your family history, Denton is a name worth investigating. There may be many people with the Denton surname who can help you trace your ancestry back to the British Isles.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Denton?

There are a few famous people in history with the last name Denton. One example is Benjamin Denton, who was a signer of the United States Declaration of Independence. Another is James Denton, who was a general in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. Finally, there is Hiram Denton, who was a United States Senator from Alabama.

Where Does The Last Name Denton Rank In The Most Common US Names?

Denton is one of the most common US surnames, ranking in at number 98 on the list. But where does it rank when it comes to other countries?According to the most recent World Names Profiler from the University of Manitoba, Denton is the 283rd most common name in the world. It is most popular in the United States, England, and Australia.

Interestingly, the name Denton does not rank in the top 100 most common names in any other country. So if you're looking for a rare name, Denton may not be the best option!

List of People with the Last Name Denton

M DentonLinda DentonMary DentonDavid DentonRichard DentonRobert DentonR DentonJames DentonWilliam DentonThomas DentonCharles DentonC DentonJohn DentonMichael DentonJennifer DentonElizabeth DentonPatricia DentonS DentonSusan DentonJoseph DentonBarbara DentonDonald DentonT DentonGeorge DentonChris DentonChristopher DentonDeborah DentonLisa DentonKimberly DentonBetty DentonMargaret DentonDaniel DentonMark DentonKenneth DentonJessica DentonMichelle DentonPaul DentonDonna DentonSteven DentonEdward DentonLaura DentonDorothy DentonSarah DentonKaren DentonJoe DentonBill DentonAngela DentonLarry DentonSandra DentonMelissa DentonBrenda DentonSteve DentonJerry DentonJeffrey DentonRebecca DentonCarol DentonRonald DentonAmy DentonDebbie DentonTimothy DentonKim DentonBrian DentonVirginia DentonAshley DentonJack DentonJason DentonGary DentonCheryl DentonNancy DentonCynthia DentonStephanie DentonDebra DentonAmanda DentonJeff DentonJulie DentonTeresa DentonTammy DentonKatherine DentonMatthew DentonPamela DentonKathy DentonTerry DentonHelen DentonMike DentonSharon DentonJoshua DentonDon DentonShirley DentonBilly DentonAndrew DentonCarolyn DentonDiane DentonJanet DentonRuth DentonMartha DentonAnn DentonKathleen DentonFrank DentonScott DentonKevin DentonKelly DentonJean DentonTim DentonAnna DentonJoyce DentonHeather DentonChristine DentonChristina DentonHarold DentonStephen DentonCatherine DentonCarl DentonFrances DentonJamie DentonLawrence DentonWillie DentonRaymond DentonJudy DentonKeith DentonEric DentonSherry DentonTheresa DentonLori DentonDouglas DentonCindy DentonJonathan DentonCrystal DentonShannon DentonMarie DentonLee DentonBobby DentonJane DentonBeverly DentonDan DentonGregory DentonRobin DentonJeffery DentonJacqueline DentonAlice DentonEmily DentonRoy DentonJustin DentonPeggy DentonLeslie DentonSamuel DentonKathryn DentonDawn DentonRachel DentonTina DentonJimmy DentonWayne DentonJanice DentonJudith DentonSue DentonSheila DentonPhillip DentonAnthony DentonBrandon DentonTracy DentonDenise DentonConnie DentonWanda DentonNicole DentonDiana DentonAmber DentonPatrick DentonTiffany DentonRoger DentonDennis DentonDale DentonDoris DentonEvelyn DentonHenry DentonJoan DentonFred DentonAnita DentonRalph DentonWalter DentonBonnie DentonLynn DentonLouise DentonRuby DentonSamantha DentonTony DentonRandy DentonJesse DentonMaria DentonCarrie DentonArthur DentonMegan DentonSara DentonKatie DentonHoward DentonApril DentonBradley DentonClarence DentonDana DentonJeremy DentonRose DentonAlbert DentonJacob DentonDanny DentonAllen DentonRay DentonBrittany DentonJohnny DentonCraig DentonGrace DentonMildred DentonHolly DentonBruce DentonRyan DentonAdam DentonAndrea DentonChad DentonGerald DentonLauren DentonWendy DentonRussell DentonRhonda DentonJulia DentonStacy DentonEthel DentonPaula DentonEdna DentonAaron DentonJessie DentonJill DentonMarilyn DentonBenjamin DentonShawn DentonDanielle DentonGail DentonPhyllis DentonElaine DentonLeonard DentonZachary DentonNicholas DentonTerri DentonLois DentonKyle DentonRandall DentonHarry DentonAnne DentonEdith DentonMarion DentonGloria DentonBryan DentonLloyd DentonMelanie DentonHerbert DentonClyde DentonHazel DentonCody DentonCasey DentonRicky DentonDarlene DentonSean DentonRonnie DentonDarrell DentonDean DentonMarjorie DentonNathan DentonRodney DentonGlenda DentonGladys DentonJay DentonPauline DentonThelma DentonFlorence DentonRita DentonClaude DentonTyler DentonGlenn DentonTravis DentonEmma DentonErnest DentonEugene DentonFloyd DentonEva DentonEdgar DentonGeorgia DentonIrene DentonEarl DentonLillian DentonBessie DentonJohnnie DentonWesley DentonWarren DentonGeraldine DentonTodd DentonEleanor DentonBarry DentonClara DentonTaylor DentonPeter DentonCurtis DentonNellie DentonMarvin DentonWillard Denton