How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Diamond?

There are approximately 7,500 people in the United States with the last name Diamond. This figure seems surprisingly low, and there are several possible explanations.The first possibility is that many people with the last name Diamond either do not live in the United States, or they have changed their name and are no longer using Diamond as their last name. It is also possible that some people with the last name Diamond are not actually related to one another, and they simply share the same name.

Whatever the true explanation may be, it is interesting to note that the name Diamond is not nearly as common as one might expect. In fact, it is rarer than the names Smith, Johnson, and Williams combined. This makes the Diamond surname even more unique and special.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Diamond?

There are a few states in the US that have a larger population with the last name Diamond than others. But which one has the most people with that surname?The answer is California. According to the 2010 US Census, there were 8,531 people in California with the last name Diamond. That's more than any other state in the country.

Texas was in second place with 5,694 people, followed by New York with 4,746, and Florida with 4,564.

So if you're looking to meet someone with the last name Diamond, California is probably the best place to go. But be warned – it's also the most competitive state in the country when it comes to finding a job!

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Diamond?

There are a lot of uncommon names with the last name Diamond. But some of the most interesting ones are:1. Diamond Apple

2. Diamond Axe

3. Diamond Bell

4. Diamond Blaze

5. Diamond Blue

6. Diamond Bumblebee

7. Diamond Candi

8. Diamond Cassie

9. Diamond Chance

10. Diamond Charm

There are many more uncommon names with the last name Diamond. But these are some of the most interesting ones. Do you know of any others? If so, please share them in the comments below.

List of People with the Last Name Diamond

Mary DiamondWilliam DiamondRobert DiamondJohn DiamondJ DiamondS DiamondMichael DiamondRichard DiamondDavid DiamondM DiamondJames DiamondD DiamondJoseph DiamondR DiamondSusan DiamondElizabeth DiamondL DiamondJennifer DiamondPatricia DiamondCharles DiamondSteven DiamondC DiamondLinda DiamondThomas DiamondJack DiamondMark DiamondLisa DiamondBarbara DiamondDaniel DiamondPaul DiamondE DiamondSteve DiamondGeorge DiamondMichelle DiamondSarah DiamondMargaret DiamondDeborah DiamondHarry DiamondP DiamondEdward DiamondChris DiamondStephen DiamondMatthew DiamondSandra DiamondNancy DiamondJeffrey DiamondKaren DiamondHelen DiamondAnn DiamondKimberly DiamondChristopher DiamondLouis DiamondDonna DiamondRose DiamondPeter DiamondDonald DiamondDebra DiamondAnna DiamondJessica DiamondKathleen DiamondCarol DiamondLawrence DiamondAndrew DiamondKenneth DiamondSamuel DiamondDorothy DiamondJason DiamondBetty DiamondDiane DiamondRuth DiamondScott DiamondAmy DiamondDebbie DiamondHeather DiamondMelissa DiamondRonald DiamondLarry DiamondJoe DiamondLaura DiamondStephanie DiamondMike DiamondSharon DiamondGary DiamondEric DiamondJudith DiamondGregory DiamondBenjamin DiamondKelly DiamondCynthia DiamondPamela DiamondJean DiamondAngela DiamondLee DiamondKevin DiamondRebecca DiamondArthur DiamondJoan DiamondChristine DiamondBrian DiamondTimothy DiamondJim DiamondAlan DiamondRachel DiamondJoshua DiamondFrank DiamondHarold DiamondKim DiamondJulie DiamondMarie DiamondFrances DiamondJonathan DiamondLori DiamondNicole DiamondKatherine DiamondAmanda DiamondSara DiamondDouglas DiamondCheryl DiamondJamie DiamondAshley DiamondJerry DiamondShirley DiamondAnthony DiamondAnne DiamondMaria DiamondEsther DiamondTheresa DiamondSylvia DiamondCindy DiamondDennis DiamondPatrick DiamondLeonard DiamondCatherine DiamondMarilyn DiamondTerry DiamondJudy DiamondHoward DiamondRobin DiamondMartin DiamondDanielle DiamondStanley DiamondIrene DiamondHenry DiamondCarolyn DiamondJanet DiamondHerbert DiamondJane DiamondAndrea DiamondPaula DiamondNathan DiamondMartha DiamondSam DiamondNicholas DiamondChristina DiamondJacqueline DiamondEvelyn DiamondBruce DiamondBarry DiamondBonnie DiamondPhyllis DiamondCrystal DiamondGerald DiamondRaymond DiamondSherry DiamondTina DiamondTeresa DiamondJacob DiamondWendy DiamondLeslie DiamondLillian DiamondDawn DiamondKathryn DiamondJoyce DiamondCarrie DiamondMegan DiamondSue DiamondDon DiamondVictoria DiamondFred DiamondJay DiamondBeverly DiamondBernard DiamondElaine DiamondLynn DiamondPhilip DiamondTracy DiamondAaron DiamondSidney DiamondDiana DiamondEllen DiamondDenise DiamondAlice DiamondMitchell DiamondJill DiamondRita DiamondIrving DiamondEmily DiamondBeth DiamondMax DiamondVirginia DiamondFlorence DiamondCraig DiamondPhillip DiamondFrancis DiamondAlbert DiamondAllen DiamondSuzanne DiamondLauren DiamondRalph DiamondWalter DiamondJon DiamondMorris DiamondNorman DiamondMichele DiamondBeatrice DiamondKeith DiamondSamantha DiamondAllison DiamondJeremy DiamondDana DiamondStacey DiamondMarc DiamondShannon DiamondTiffany DiamondWayne DiamondGloria DiamondAlexander DiamondRoberta DiamondDoris DiamondAdam DiamondRay DiamondShawn DiamondNatalie DiamondZachary DiamondSean DiamondConnie DiamondMarvin DiamondBrandon DiamondTony DiamondEileen DiamondRoy DiamondLouise DiamondBrenda DiamondLorraine DiamondAnita DiamondJoel DiamondJulia DiamondMilton DiamondStuart DiamondEdith DiamondMarcia DiamondRenee DiamondAbraham DiamondSheila DiamondEva DiamondHarriet DiamondMiriam DiamondErin DiamondDale DiamondKatie DiamondIda DiamondGertrude DiamondJustin DiamondAmber DiamondBertha DiamondEthel DiamondEugene DiamondLois DiamondLeon DiamondHannah DiamondErnest DiamondGladys DiamondCharlotte DiamondPearl DiamondMarion DiamondInc DiamondTheodore DiamondHarvey DiamondNeil DiamondCourtney DiamondEleanor DiamondTaylor DiamondMelanie DiamondJordan DiamondBrett DiamondLeo DiamondEmma DiamondJesse DiamondArnold DiamondCarl DiamondSeth DiamondRyan DiamondGlenn DiamondDustin DiamondThelma DiamondJerome DiamondEarl DiamondAlexandra DiamondRidge DiamondPauline Diamond