What Is The History Of The Last Name Dobson?

The surname Dobson has been around for centuries. But what is the history of the name Dobson? Where did it come from? And why is it so popular?The name Dobson is thought to have originated in the County of Durham in England. It is believed to have derived from the Old English personal name 'Dobba' and the word 'tun', meaning settlement or farm. Thus, the name Dobson literally means 'Dobba's farm'.

The Dobson family was well-respected in the County of Durham and they were prominent landowners from the 12th century onwards. They were also involved in local politics and held many important positions in the community.

The Dobson name gradually spread throughout England and it became popular in other parts of the country. It is now one of the most common surnames in England and Wales.

So why is the name Dobson so popular? There are several theories. One theory is that the name was popularized by the Dobsons of Aske, who were a prominent and influential family in Yorkshire from the 16th century onwards. Another theory is that the name was adopted by many of the British soldiers who fought in the American Civil War (1861-1865). Many of these soldiers were from the north of England and they may have adopted the Dobson name after returning home.

Whatever the case may be, the name Dobson is definitely here to stay!

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Dobson?

Yes, there are quite a few famous people in history with the last name Dobson. For example, Charles Dobson was a British scientist who specialized in optics and microscopy. He was also one of the founders of the Royal Microscopical Society. Another famous Dobson is Ed Dobson, who is a Christian pastor and author. He is the former senior pastor of Calvary Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is currently the president of the United Davidic covenant. There are also a few notable athletes with the last name Dobson, including baseball pitcher Al Dobson and football player Dewayne Dobson.

Where Does The Last Name Dobson Rank In The Most Common US Names?

It's no secret that the United States is a melting pot of cultures and nationalities, and this is reflected in the vast array of surnames found throughout the country. But which surnames are the most common?One popular method of ranking the most common surnames in the US is to use the Social Security Administration's list of the most popular baby names. Using this list, we can see that the most common surname in the US is Smith, followed by Johnson, Williams, Jones, and Garcia.

But what about more uncommon surnames? How does the last name Dobson rank in terms of popularity?

Interestingly, the Dobson surname is not as common as some of the other surnames on the list. In fact, it ranks at number 6,878th in the US, with only 1,362 people in the country sharing this last name.

So if you're looking for a rare but interesting last name, Dobson might be a good option!

List of People with the Last Name Dobson

Robert DobsonDavid DobsonMary DobsonJames DobsonJohn DobsonJ DobsonMichael DobsonRichard DobsonWilliam DobsonThomas DobsonCharles DobsonC DobsonPatricia DobsonJoseph DobsonLinda DobsonElizabeth DobsonJennifer DobsonL DobsonBarbara DobsonSusan DobsonGeorge DobsonLisa DobsonDaniel DobsonDonald DobsonChristopher DobsonChris DobsonKenneth DobsonLarry DobsonKaren DobsonEdward DobsonT DobsonKimberly DobsonAngela DobsonKevin DobsonPaul DobsonMichelle DobsonMargaret DobsonDonna DobsonMark DobsonCarol DobsonDeborah DobsonBrian DobsonBetty DobsonSarah DobsonSteven DobsonE DobsonDorothy DobsonW DobsonSharon DobsonPamela DobsonSandra DobsonKelly DobsonRonald DobsonRuth DobsonCynthia DobsonJoe DobsonRebecca DobsonAmy DobsonJessica DobsonKim DobsonG DobsonSteve DobsonScott DobsonHelen DobsonNancy DobsonMike DobsonMatthew DobsonLaura DobsonLawrence DobsonNicole DobsonGary DobsonTerry DobsonDennis DobsonDebra DobsonDiane DobsonKathleen DobsonJeffrey DobsonMelissa DobsonTimothy DobsonAmanda DobsonJason DobsonKatherine DobsonStephanie DobsonKathy DobsonAshley DobsonJulie DobsonAnthony DobsonTeresa DobsonAndrew DobsonCatherine DobsonDebbie DobsonMarie DobsonJeff DobsonJanet DobsonEric DobsonAnna DobsonDouglas DobsonCheryl DobsonStephen DobsonHeather DobsonFrank DobsonBrenda DobsonShirley DobsonJacqueline DobsonTammy DobsonChristine DobsonCarolyn DobsonWayne DobsonAnn DobsonVirginia DobsonJerry DobsonMartha DobsonHarold DobsonJudith DobsonRaymond DobsonJean DobsonJudy DobsonShannon DobsonWalter DobsonDiana DobsonJonathan DobsonGerald DobsonDenise DobsonCindy DobsonJoyce DobsonEvelyn DobsonJoan DobsonFrances DobsonBeverly DobsonTina DobsonEmily DobsonBenjamin DobsonJack DobsonSheila DobsonJoshua DobsonTracy DobsonPatrick DobsonJustin DobsonAnne DobsonWillie DobsonDoris DobsonHenry DobsonGregory DobsonLee DobsonChristina DobsonJanice DobsonJamie DobsonCrystal DobsonJane DobsonRachel DobsonHarry DobsonGlenn DobsonLeslie DobsonLois DobsonBobby DobsonRhonda DobsonFred DobsonDale DobsonDawn DobsonHoward DobsonLori DobsonSamuel DobsonLouise DobsonGrace DobsonPhyllis DobsonDana DobsonMarilyn DobsonRoger DobsonSherry DobsonGloria DobsonRodney DobsonAnnie DobsonVictoria DobsonTheresa DobsonRick DobsonJessie DobsonArthur DobsonSara DobsonAnita DobsonBilly DobsonTiffany DobsonRose DobsonIrene DobsonCarl DobsonKathryn DobsonJesse DobsonFrederick DobsonBrandon DobsonNicholas DobsonAndrea DobsonRyan DobsonRussell DobsonPeter DobsonMelvin DobsonCathy DobsonWendy DobsonRay DobsonRandy DobsonEarl DobsonBrittany DobsonAmber DobsonRoy DobsonKatie DobsonClarence DobsonCraig DobsonRobin DobsonBruce DobsonRuby DobsonRalph DobsonEddie DobsonMarion DobsonCharlotte DobsonAlice DobsonJon DobsonBryan DobsonMisty DobsonConnie DobsonJoanne DobsonLeonard DobsonKeith DobsonAlbert DobsonTyler DobsonMegan DobsonTamara DobsonTerri DobsonKyle DobsonMaria DobsonApril DobsonRita DobsonHerbert DobsonCarrie DobsonSamantha DobsonLillian DobsonEdna DobsonShawn DobsonErin DobsonAaron DobsonSally DobsonDanielle DobsonNorman DobsonFrancis DobsonWanda DobsonEdith DobsonAllen DobsonSean DobsonJulia DobsonMildred DobsonErnest DobsonAlan DobsonPhillip DobsonZachary DobsonPaula DobsonEugene DobsonJeremy DobsonJacob DobsonJimmy DobsonTravis DobsonPauline DobsonJuanita DobsonElaine DobsonCurtis DobsonEleanor DobsonSylvia DobsonFlorence DobsonRicky DobsonMarvin DobsonTodd DobsonClara DobsonBertha DobsonGladys DobsonAdam DobsonJohnny DobsonSheri DobsonDarrell DobsonLeroy DobsonVincent DobsonTheodore DobsonDerek DobsonEmma DobsonBarry DobsonPearl DobsonThelma DobsonAlfred DobsonWesley DobsonStanley DobsonDean DobsonTaylor DobsonGwendolyn DobsonElmer DobsonMyrtle DobsonJordan DobsonBradley DobsonNathan DobsonEva DobsonAustin DobsonFloyd DobsonDustin DobsonJoel DobsonClinton DobsonNeil Dobson