What Is The History Of The Last Name Donnelly?

If you're curious about the history of your last name, you're not alone. Donnelly is a popular name that appears in records all over the world. So where did it come from?The Donnelly surname is derived from two Gaelic words: "donn" meaning "brown" and "elaide" meaning "noble." Thus, the name Donnelly means "descendant of the brown-haired nobleman."

The Donnelly clan is believed to have originated in the province of Ulster in northern Ireland. They were one of the original Celtic clans and are thought to have come from Spain or Italy in the 5th century A.D. The Donnelly clan motto is "Forti et Fidei," which means "Strong and of Faith."

The Donnelly clan played a significant role in Irish history. They were among the first to rebel against British rule and were active in the fight for Irish independence. They were also known for their strong sense of family and community.

Today, the Donnelly name is found all over the world. There are Donnelly families in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. The Donnelly name is also common in Ireland, where there are many towns and villages named Donnelly.

So if you're a Donnelly, you can be proud of your Irish heritage and the long and noble history of your name.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Donnelly?

There are many Donnelly's throughout history that have made their mark. But are there any famous people in history with the last name Donnelly? Let's explore!The Donnelly name is associated with many accomplished people. For example, Donnelly Rhodes was a Canadian actor and director. He is best known for his roles on the television series "Soap" and "Beverly Hills, 90210". He also had a successful stage career.

Another notable Donnelly is Alice Donnelly Curry. She was the first woman to receive a law degree from the University of Nebraska. After graduating, she became a prominent lawyer and suffragette. She also worked to improve the education and living conditions of women and children in Nebraska.

There are many other Donnelly's who have made their mark in history. The Donnelly name is associated with strength, accomplishment, and determination. If you are a Donnelly, you can be proud of your heritage!

Where Does The Last Name Donnelly Rank In The Most Common US Names?

According to the Social Security Administration, the last name Donnelly ranks as the 9th most common US name. However, this ranking may vary depending on which part of the country you reside in. For example, the name Donnelly is more common in the Midwest and less common on the East and West Coasts.So where does the name Donnelly rank compared to other popular US names? Here is a list of the top 10 most common US names, based on data from the Social Security Administration:

1. Smith

2. Johnson

3. Williams

4. Jones

5. Brown

6. Davis

7. Robinson

8. Martinez

9. Donnelly

10. Hernandez

List of People with the Last Name Donnelly

Joseph DonnellyRichard DonnellyPatricia DonnellyCatherine DonnellyEdward DonnellyJames DonnellyMichael DonnellyKathleen DonnellyJohn DonnellyBrian DonnellyRobert DonnellyKevin DonnellyThomas DonnellyK DonnellyPatrick DonnellyElizabeth DonnellyDaniel DonnellyMargaret DonnellyS DonnellySean DonnellyDavid DonnellyCharles DonnellyJennifer DonnellyR DonnellyPaul DonnellyD DonnellySusan DonnellyJ DonnellyM DonnellyWilliam DonnellyMary DonnellyBarbara DonnellyFrancis DonnellyLinda DonnellyTimothy DonnellyChristopher DonnellyCarol DonnellyKaren DonnellyL DonnellyMark DonnellyAnn DonnellyChris DonnellyPat DonnellyHelen DonnellyMichelle DonnellyA DonnellyDorothy DonnellyJoan DonnellyLisa DonnellyMatthew DonnellyMike DonnellyFrank DonnellyAnna DonnellyAnne DonnellyErin DonnellyGeorge DonnellyPeter DonnellyJoe DonnellyStephen DonnellyRyan DonnellyNancy DonnellyChristine DonnellyLaura DonnellyKelly DonnellyKatherine DonnellyDeborah DonnellyMarie DonnellySarah DonnellyTheresa DonnellyDonna DonnellyDiane DonnellySteven DonnellyJean DonnellyKathryn DonnellyMaureen DonnellyDennis DonnellyTim DonnellyAmy DonnellyG DonnellyMegan DonnellyTom DonnellyJessica DonnellyKimberly DonnellyRaymond DonnellyMelissa DonnellyJane DonnellySteve DonnellySharon DonnellyFrances DonnellyRuth DonnellyShannon DonnellyAndrew DonnellyW DonnellyRose DonnellyKenneth DonnellyJack DonnellyColleen DonnellyDebra DonnellySandra DonnellyDenise DonnellyEileen DonnellyVirginia DonnellyCynthia DonnellyAmanda DonnellyPamela DonnellyAlice DonnellyJanet DonnellyNicole DonnellyJudith DonnellyDonald DonnellyScott DonnellyKim DonnellyHeather DonnellyKathy DonnellyEllen DonnellyJulie DonnellyRebecca DonnellyShawn DonnellyLawrence DonnellyGerald DonnellyJeffrey DonnellyJason DonnellyBetty DonnellyArthur DonnellyLauren DonnellyMaria DonnellyTeresa DonnellyEleanor DonnellyTerry DonnellyKatie DonnellyHarold DonnellyWalter DonnellyAshley DonnellyGrace DonnellyLori DonnellyBernard DonnellyFlorence DonnellyJacqueline DonnellyChristina DonnellyMarion DonnellyDiana DonnellySara DonnellyJulia DonnellyAngela DonnellyJoanne DonnellyJudy DonnellyMartin DonnellyStephanie DonnellyCheryl DonnellyGary DonnellyBeth DonnellyJamie DonnellySheila DonnellyDanielle DonnellyCarolyn DonnellyRita DonnellyAgnes DonnellyKristen DonnellyShirley DonnellySuzanne DonnellyKate DonnellyRachel DonnellyMichele DonnellyJeanne DonnellyDawn DonnellyJanice DonnellyMildred DonnellyMeghan DonnellyCindy DonnellyElaine DonnellyJoyce DonnellyVincent DonnellyRonald DonnellyMartha DonnellyEugene DonnellyBridget DonnellyVictoria DonnellyRobin DonnellyLynn DonnellyKeith DonnellyBruce DonnellyEmma DonnellyMarjorie DonnellyJill DonnellyLeslie DonnellyTara DonnellyEvelyn DonnellyBrendan DonnellyAnthony DonnellyNicholas DonnellyMarilyn DonnellyHarry DonnellyDoris DonnellyGloria DonnellyHugh DonnellyLarry DonnellyJonathan DonnellyDolores DonnellyLillian DonnellyJerry DonnellyEmily DonnellyRosemary DonnellyAndrea DonnellyTracy DonnellyJosephine DonnellyKristin DonnellyPatric DonnellyGertrude DonnellyPaula DonnellyLorraine DonnellyClaire DonnellyKyle DonnellyIrene DonnellyBrenda DonnellyJustin DonnellyCaitlin DonnellyEric DonnellyAllison DonnellyTerrence DonnellyHenry DonnellyTina DonnellyCraig DonnellyPhilip DonnellyGeraldine DonnellyAmber DonnellyLois DonnellySamuel DonnellyWendy DonnellyJoann DonnellyTammy DonnellyGregory DonnellyStacey DonnellyStacy DonnellyGail DonnellyGina DonnellyLeo DonnellyGerard DonnellyBeverly DonnellySally DonnellyRalph DonnellyPhyllis DonnellyDouglas DonnellyShane DonnellyMelanie DonnellyLouise DonnellyTiffany DonnellyJoshua DonnellyRegina DonnellyFrederick DonnellyNeil DonnellyRussell DonnellySamantha DonnellyKerry DonnellyJune DonnellyJerome DonnellyBonnie DonnellyAaron DonnellyLoretta DonnellyBryan DonnellyBrandon DonnellyLeonard DonnellyJacob DonnellyCharlotte DonnellyTyler DonnellyIan DonnellyBenjamin DonnellyAdam DonnellyColin DonnellyEdna DonnellyTaylor DonnellyEdwin DonnellyShaun DonnellyHoward DonnellyEdith DonnellyDarlene DonnellyAlbert DonnellyMonica DonnellyBrittany DonnellyTerence DonnellyWayne DonnellyAlan DonnellyRoger DonnellyHannah DonnellyMarguerite DonnellyVeronica DonnellyGladys DonnellyLucille DonnellyNora DonnellyElsie DonnellyEsther DonnellyCasey DonnellyNathan DonnellyRoy DonnellyConnor DonnellyBeatrice DonnellyBertha DonnellyTravis DonnellyTodd DonnellyJordan DonnellyClarence Donnelly