What Is The History Of The Last Name Douglas?

There are many different stories about the origin of the last name Douglas. One story says that the name is derived from the Gaelic "dubh glas", which means "dark stream". Another story says that the name is derived from the Old English "douglas", which means "black stream". The most likely explanation is that the name is derived from the combination of the Gaelic and Old English words.The Douglas family first appeared in Scotland in the early 1200s. The first Douglas to appear in record was Sir William de Douglas, who was born in 1249. Sir William was a knight who fought in the Battle of Falkirk. He was also a prominent landowner in the Douglas Valley in Lanarkshire.

The Douglas family was closely associated with the Stuart dynasty. Many members of the family served in the royal court and fought in the Wars of Scottish Independence. One of the most famous members of the Douglas family was James Douglas, who was known as the "Black Douglas". James Douglas was a Scottish knight who fought in the Crusades. He was also the founder of the Douglas Clan.

The Douglas family played a significant role in the history of Scotland. Many members of the family were famous warriors and statesmen. The Douglas family crest features a black lion rampant on a silver background. The motto of the Douglas family is "Nemo me impune lacessit" which means "No one attacks me with impunity".

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Douglas?

There are quite a few notable people with the last name Douglas, including several historical figures. One of the most famous people with the last name Douglas is William Douglas, who was the first Earl of Douglas and one of the most powerful Scottish nobles in the late 14th century.Another famous person with the last name Douglas is Gen. William O. Douglas, who was a highly decorated American general during World War II. He later served as the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe and became the first popularly elected U.S. senator from Oregon.

There are also several well-known actors with the last name Douglas, including Michael Douglas, Kirk Douglas, and Cameron Douglas.

So, are there any famous people in history with the last name Douglas? As you can see, the answer is yes!

Where Does The Last Name Douglas Rank In The Most Common US Names?

The name Douglas ranks 13th in the list of the most common surnames in the United States, according to the last census. Douglas is a Scottish name which means green river. It is also the name of a county in Scotland. The rank of Douglas in the most common US names list has fallen from 8th place in 1990. There are approximately 684,000 people in the US with the surname Douglas.

List of People with the Last Name Douglas

Mary DouglasRuth DouglasWillie DouglasSharon DouglasBarbara DouglasElizabeth DouglasBruce DouglasMarie DouglasDiane DouglasAlice DouglasChris DouglasDonna DouglasGloria DouglasAngela DouglasA DouglasRobin DouglasBetty DouglasFred DouglasDoris DouglasGeorge DouglasJerry DouglasDavid DouglasKatherine DouglasLaura DouglasAnn DouglasChristine DouglasJoe DouglasL DouglasTina DouglasCarol DouglasJanet DouglasJessica DouglasMargaret DouglasArthur DouglasKathleen DouglasJack DouglasSusan DouglasRaymond DouglasSteve DouglasAmy DouglasMichelle DouglasDorothy DouglasJean DouglasMark DouglasRobert DouglasLee DouglasM DouglasKathy DouglasChristopher DouglasScott DouglasJennifer DouglasP DouglasWalter DouglasSteven DouglasAnna DouglasDebra DouglasDon DouglasBrenda DouglasDebbie DouglasCarolyn DouglasEdward DouglasMichael DouglasThomas DouglasCheryl DouglasAndrew DouglasKaren DouglasJacqueline DouglasJ DouglasCarl DouglasE DouglasFrederick DouglasDaniel DouglasVirginia DouglasJeffrey DouglasTammy DouglasD DouglasJoyce DouglasPamela DouglasMelissa DouglasNancy DouglasCharles DouglasHelen DouglasR DouglasCynthia DouglasC DouglasShirley DouglasRebecca DouglasKelly DouglasDenise DouglasWayne DouglasStephen DouglasLinda DouglasCatherine DouglasHarold DouglasDonald DouglasPatricia DouglasRichard DouglasDeborah DouglasH DouglasEric DouglasTeresa DouglasJoseph DouglasJohn DouglasAmanda DouglasSarah DouglasRonald DouglasGregory DouglasBeverly DouglasStephanie DouglasAnthony DouglasAshley DouglasWilliam DouglasLisa DouglasTracy DouglasLawrence DouglasJames DouglasS DouglasJason DouglasMatthew DouglasW DouglasBrian DouglasJudy DouglasLarry DouglasSandra DouglasBrandon DouglasFrank DouglasJulie DouglasHeather DouglasKim DouglasKeith DouglasPaul DouglasTerry DouglasNicole DouglasGary DouglasKimberly DouglasTimothy DouglasG DouglasJoshua DouglasFrances DouglasKenneth DouglasRyan DouglasKevin DouglasJudith DouglasJanice DouglasLouise DouglasJamie DouglasDennis DouglasChristina DouglasRoy DouglasJonathan DouglasLeslie DouglasAndrea DouglasHenry DouglasMartha DouglasMelvin DouglasJeffery DouglasRose DouglasDiana DouglasSamuel DouglasRachel DouglasAlbert DouglasBobby DouglasLori DouglasTiffany DouglasAllen DouglasSheila DouglasJackie DouglasJoan DouglasDawn DouglasBilly DouglasShannon DouglasDanielle DouglasPatrick DouglasTheresa DouglasRay DouglasEarl DouglasPhillip DouglasKirk DouglasJustin DouglasAnnie DouglasKathryn DouglasVictoria DouglasCrystal DouglasBrittany DouglasSara DouglasRhonda DouglasConnie DouglasHarry DouglasShawn DouglasAmber DouglasMildred DouglasSherry DouglasRoger DouglasJulia DouglasMarilyn DouglasWendy DouglasWanda DouglasJohnny DouglasMaria DouglasEvelyn DouglasRalph DouglasPeggy DouglasLynn DouglasJane DouglasAlan DouglasClarence DouglasCraig DouglasGerald DouglasPeter DouglasHoward DouglasRenee DouglasJessie DouglasRuby DouglasBenjamin DouglasEmily DouglasGrace DouglasBonnie DouglasPaula DouglasEddie DouglasGladys DouglasEmma DouglasAnita DouglasSean DouglasPhyllis DouglasValerie DouglasDale DouglasEugene DouglasLauren DouglasAaron DouglasMarvin DouglasErnest DouglasLois DouglasMarion DouglasGail DouglasJimmy DouglasDana DouglasCarrie DouglasLeroy DouglasJuanita DouglasEdna DouglasGordon DouglasIrene DouglasRodney DouglasRussell DouglasCurtis DouglasMegan DouglasPhilip DouglasTony DouglasPauline DouglasBryan DouglasAdam DouglasSamantha DouglasJeremy DouglasMonica DouglasFlorence DouglasDerrick DouglasVeronica DouglasErica DouglasSylvia DouglasCalvin DouglasHerbert DouglasAlexander DouglasDarrell DouglasRandy DouglasJesse DouglasGwendolyn DouglasMarcus DouglasNicholas DouglasLillian DouglasTroy DouglasAndre DouglasGlenn DouglasJordan DouglasKyle DouglasCourtney DouglasHazel DouglasNathan DouglasLouis DouglasLloyd DouglasRita DouglasStanley DouglasNorma DouglasReginald DouglasElla DouglasJosephine DouglasClara DouglasTyler DouglasLucille DouglasNorman DouglasJasmine DouglasEdith DouglasMarjorie DouglasCorey DouglasBessie DouglasMartin DouglasThelma DouglasTaylor DouglasEthel DouglasClifford DouglasJacob Douglas