How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Dukes?

The name Dukes is common in the United States, but how common is it? According to the last name frequency list, Dukes is the 5,819th most popular last name in America. This means that there are approximately 5,819 people in the US with the last name Dukes. This number is likely to be even higher, as not all states report their last name data to the government.The Dukes name has a few different origins. One theory is that it is derived from the Old English word duke, which means leader or commander. Another theory is that it is derived from the German word duch, which means duchy or fiefdom.

Whatever the origin of the name Dukes, it is clear that it is quite common in the United States. If you are looking for someone with the last name Dukes, you can likely find them in any of the fifty states.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Dukes?

The state with the largest population with the last name Dukes is Texas. According to the 2010 US Census, there are 9,463 people in Texas with the last name Dukes. This accounts for 0.3% of the population in Texas. The second most common state with the last name Dukes is North Carolina, with 5,521 people. This accounts for 0.2% of the population in North Carolina.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Dukes?

There are many people in the world with the last name Dukes. But, how many of those people have an uncommon name?There are many names that are considered to be uncommon. Some of those names are:











Out of all of those names, Wyatt is the most uncommon. There are only 7,816 people in the United States with the last name Wyatt. That is a very small number, when you compare it to the 307,222,471 people who live in the United States.

So, if you are looking for an uncommon name with the last name Dukes, Wyatt is your best bet!

List of People with the Last Name Dukes

Mary DukesJ DukesJames DukesRobert DukesMichael DukesCharles DukesWilliam DukesJohn DukesDavid DukesD DukesWillie DukesThomas DukesRichard DukesPatricia DukesJoseph DukesL DukesS DukesA DukesLinda DukesDorothy DukesGeorge DukesElizabeth DukesJennifer DukesDeborah DukesBarbara DukesAngela DukesAnthony DukesMichelle DukesKimberly DukesKenneth DukesChristopher DukesLisa DukesBetty DukesBrenda DukesKevin DukesDonald DukesSandra DukesChris DukesDaniel DukesLarry DukesSharon DukesCarolyn DukesE DukesMargaret DukesKaren DukesPamela DukesCynthia DukesEdward DukesWalter DukesSusan DukesDebra DukesSteven DukesMelissa DukesDonna DukesRonald DukesKim DukesHelen DukesJohnny DukesHenry DukesShirley DukesSarah DukesStephanie DukesTammy DukesAnnie DukesJessica DukesCarol DukesJoyce DukesTimothy DukesRaymond DukesDiane DukesJoe DukesTiffany DukesJeffrey DukesTeresa DukesGregory DukesEvelyn DukesAshley DukesAlice DukesCheryl DukesJanice DukesJonathan DukesChristine DukesJacqueline DukesJason DukesKathy DukesArthur DukesEric DukesMark DukesLawrence DukesNicole DukesCatherine DukesRebecca DukesMartha DukesKelly DukesKatherine DukesAndrew DukesPaul DukesJerry DukesDenise DukesBrandon DukesAmy DukesAmanda DukesLaura DukesSteve DukesSamuel DukesTerry DukesBrian DukesMarvin DukesRuth DukesBobby DukesJessie DukesCurtis DukesMarie DukesGary DukesJackie DukesNancy DukesJesse DukesGloria DukesErica DukesAnna DukesYolanda DukesLee DukesEugene DukesFrank DukesAlbert DukesMelvin DukesAnn DukesRuby DukesTina DukesJeffery DukesChristina DukesRodney DukesHarold DukesSherry DukesCrystal DukesCarl DukesFred DukesFrances DukesJimmy DukesClarence DukesDoris DukesHeather DukesTony DukesStephen DukesTheresa DukesJoshua DukesErnest DukesJack DukesRhonda DukesBilly DukesMatthew DukesRose DukesJanet DukesMarcus DukesEddie DukesWanda DukesDennis DukesLouise DukesMaria DukesJohnnie DukesShannon DukesGerald DukesWayne DukesAndrea DukesLeslie DukesRoy DukesBrittany DukesAllen DukesVirginia DukesCharlie DukesBeverly DukesApril DukesJamie DukesMarion DukesTonya DukesRalph DukesValerie DukesTracy DukesCourtney DukesEthel DukesDarrell DukesJuanita DukesDerrick DukesKathleen DukesLeroy DukesDarryl DukesPatrick DukesPhillip DukesConnie DukesEdna DukesRay DukesLois DukesKeith DukesRobin DukesFrederick DukesKathryn DukesRicky DukesDelores DukesSamantha DukesJudy DukesStacy DukesAnita DukesEmma DukesJean DukesAnnette DukesTommy DukesTerri DukesSheila DukesRonnie DukesLucille DukesAndre DukesCarla DukesCarrie DukesBenjamin DukesHarry DukesAmber DukesPhyllis DukesGladys DukesAlicia DukesJerome DukesGlenn DukesCharlotte DukesAaron DukesHoward DukesScott DukesReginald DukesRandy DukesJordan DukesWendy DukesGwendolyn DukesRachel DukesNathaniel DukesMildred DukesLeon DukesVanessa DukesCraig DukesDouglas DukesJeremy DukesDarlene DukesMaurice DukesLauren DukesJasmine DukesMarilyn DukesGeorgia DukesLeonard DukesEmily DukesDanielle DukesJulia DukesOscar DukesDemetrius DukesLillie DukesRosa DukesEarl DukesDionne DukesLouis DukesAlfred DukesCalvin DukesDanny DukesRussell DukesJustin DukesDerek DukesBertha DukesTyrone DukesHerbert DukesShawn DukesCharlene DukesVivian DukesAlexander DukesClifton DukesLewis DukesMattie DukesIrene DukesEva DukesTamara DukesTravis DukesRyan DukesLula DukesYvonne DukesBernice DukesBernard DukesFlorence DukesGene DukesDaisy DukesTroy DukesAlvin DukesCedric DukesMartin DukesAlexis DukesCorey DukesRandall DukesClara DukesRoger DukesFloyd DukesMinnie DukesDewayne DukesJanie DukesNorman DukesCecil DukesVictor DukesJacob Dukes