What Is The History Of The Last Name Duncan?

Around the world, there are many different last names that people use. In some cases, people may not even know where their last name came from. In other cases, people may have a very clear idea of where their last name came from. In the case of the last name Duncan, there is a clear and concise history of the name.The Duncan name has its origins in Scotland. Specifically, the Duncan name is derived from the Celtic word “dun”, which means “brown”. Thus, the Duncan name means “the brown one”. There are many different theories about how the Duncan name came to be. One theory is that the name was given to someone who was very dark-skinned, or who had dark hair. Another theory is that the Duncan name was given to someone who was very physically strong.

Whatever the origin of the Duncan name may be, there is no doubt that the Duncan name has a long and proud history. The Duncan name has been used in Scotland for centuries, and many Duncan families can trace their ancestry all the way back to Scotland. In addition, the Duncan name has been used in other parts of the world. For example, the Duncan name is also common in Canada and the United States.

So, what does the Duncan name mean? In short, the Duncan name means “the brown one”. The Duncan name is derived from the Celtic word “dun”, which means “brown”. Thus, the Duncan name is a name that is associated with brownness or darkness. The Duncan name is also associated with strength and robustness.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Duncan?

There are many famous people in history with the last name Duncan. One example is the legendary basketball player, Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Jr. Duncan is also the last name of the current United States Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. There are many other notable Duncan's as well, including the founder of the Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington.

Where Does The Last Name Duncan Rank In The Most Common US Names?

When it comes to the most common US names, Duncan doesn't even make the top 100. In fact, it comes in at #1121, with only 0.018% of the population having it as their last name. So how does this compare to the most common name in the US?Smith is the most common US name, with 2.5% of the population having it as their last name. This is followed by Johnson (1.9%), Williams (1.5%), and Brown (1.4%). These are the only names that are more common than Duncan.

So why is Duncan so uncommon? It's possible that it's simply because it's not a very common name. Or it could be that people with the name Duncan are more likely to move or change their last name. Whatever the case may be, it's interesting to take a look at the most common US names and see where Duncan ranks.

List of People with the Last Name Duncan

Steve DuncanKathy DuncanDonald DuncanHelen DuncanJames DuncanMary DuncanJudy DuncanMarie DuncanMartha DuncanRuby DuncanFrances DuncanFrank DuncanRichard DuncanDoris DuncanAlice DuncanDorothy DuncanJerry DuncanJeffrey DuncanBobby DuncanLaura DuncanJane DuncanJamie DuncanMildred DuncanJudith DuncanJean DuncanConnie DuncanSharon DuncanDiane DuncanCarol DuncanJanet DuncanChristine DuncanC DuncanPeggy DuncanGeorge DuncanEmily DuncanTina DuncanRuth DuncanBonnie DuncanGerald DuncanPatricia DuncanDonna DuncanJoyce DuncanJ DuncanBruce DuncanTracy DuncanBill DuncanBetty DuncanJoe DuncanJack DuncanJanice DuncanCharles DuncanKenneth DuncanCarl DuncanSheila DuncanGregory DuncanMargaret DuncanBarbara DuncanCindy DuncanLinda DuncanWillie DuncanAnn DuncanLeslie DuncanKathryn DuncanSusan DuncanStephen DuncanRachel DuncanRandy DuncanKim DuncanKathleen DuncanAmy DuncanShirley DuncanLee DuncanTerry DuncanSamantha DuncanJoan DuncanDennis DuncanEric DuncanCarolyn DuncanWilliam DuncanLarry DuncanMichelle DuncanLisa DuncanBrian DuncanKatherine DuncanCatherine DuncanCynthia DuncanWanda DuncanJohnny DuncanTeresa DuncanRaymond DuncanAnna DuncanElizabeth DuncanBeverly DuncanSarah DuncanJulie DuncanRonald DuncanMike DuncanThomas DuncanEdward DuncanKimberly DuncanTheresa DuncanRobert DuncanShannon DuncanWayne DuncanNicole DuncanSamuel DuncanAnthony DuncanNancy DuncanTammy DuncanJimmy DuncanJennifer DuncanTimothy DuncanAmber DuncanDavid DuncanHenry DuncanHarold DuncanSteven DuncanJohn DuncanLawrence DuncanRoy DuncanVirginia DuncanAngela DuncanRebecca DuncanJacqueline DuncanTiffany DuncanKaren DuncanAndrew DuncanPaul DuncanMatthew DuncanCrystal DuncanWalter DuncanChristopher DuncanDouglas DuncanPaula DuncanMark DuncanJoseph DuncanDaniel DuncanBrenda DuncanAshley DuncanAmanda DuncanStephanie DuncanKevin DuncanKelly DuncanKeith DuncanEvelyn DuncanJesse DuncanJackie DuncanJonathan DuncanDeborah DuncanDebra DuncanGary DuncanDenise DuncanPamela DuncanChristina DuncanBilly DuncanScott DuncanSherry DuncanBrittany DuncanLori DuncanHeather DuncanMichael DuncanJustin DuncanMelissa DuncanRoger DuncanChris DuncanBrandon DuncanJeremy DuncanLouise DuncanPhillip DuncanJoshua DuncanAnnie DuncanDon DuncanCheryl DuncanRyan DuncanClarence DuncanAndrea DuncanSara DuncanJulia DuncanFred DuncanRhonda DuncanJessica DuncanRobin DuncanJason DuncanDawn DuncanDiana DuncanSandra DuncanAaron DuncanDale DuncanDanielle DuncanDebbie DuncanM DuncanMaria DuncanRose DuncanHoward DuncanVictoria DuncanHarry DuncanMarilyn DuncanWendy DuncanRay DuncanJessie DuncanT DuncanRalph DuncanBenjamin DuncanGloria DuncanSue DuncanRussell DuncanDana DuncanAnne DuncanJeff DuncanDanny DuncanCarrie DuncanTony DuncanLois DuncanTyler DuncanShawn DuncanErnest DuncanArthur DuncanTommy DuncanRandall DuncanEarl DuncanCharlotte DuncanNicholas DuncanPhyllis DuncanAlan DuncanLillian DuncanMegan DuncanAlbert DuncanGladys DuncanDarlene DuncanGail DuncanCraig DuncanEdna DuncanAllen DuncanTaylor DuncanEmma DuncanTodd DuncanAdam DuncanCourtney DuncanRonnie DuncanApril DuncanKyle DuncanEugene DuncanBradley DuncanGrace DuncanElaine DuncanRita DuncanHazel DuncanIrene DuncanRicky DuncanAlexander DuncanSean DuncanTravis DuncanLoretta DuncanCurtis DuncanTroy DuncanFlorence DuncanJacob DuncanEddie DuncanJuanita DuncanEva DuncanLloyd DuncanGlenn DuncanPatrick DuncanLucille DuncanEdith DuncanNorman DuncanMarion DuncanAnita DuncanBryan DuncanRodney DuncanClyde DuncanEthel DuncanThelma DuncanMarjorie DuncanChad DuncanCalvin DuncanZachary DuncanClara DuncanNorma DuncanBessie DuncanMelvin DuncanShane DuncanMarvin DuncanCody DuncanAustin DuncanSylvia DuncanHerbert DuncanDarrell DuncanMyrtle DuncanPauline DuncanWesley DuncanFloyd DuncanStanley DuncanIan DuncanEllen DuncanBarry DuncanNathan DuncanBertha DuncanLeroy DuncanDerek Duncan