What Is The History Of The Last Name Duran?

The surname Duran is believed to have originated in the Basque Country region of Spain. The first recorded use of the name was in the year 1096, when a Pedro Duran was mentioned in a document from the monastery of San Pedro de Cardeña.The Duran family has a long and proud history, and many notable figures have borne the name. One of the most famous Durans was the painter Francisco Duran, who was born in Madrid in 1806. Francisco Duran is considered to be one of the pioneers of Spanish landscape painting.

Other notable Durans include the artist Manuel Duran, the writer Emilia Duran, and the architect Rafael Duran.

The Duran name has been spelt in many different ways over the years, including Duran, Duren, Durenne, and Duret. Today, the most common spelling is Duran.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Duran family history, there are several resources available online. One of the best places to start is the Duran surname history website, which contains detailed information about the origins of the name and the history of the Duran family.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Duran?

There are quite a few famous people with the last name Duran. Let's take a look at some of them.First and foremost, there is the world-famous boxer, Roberto Duran. Duran is a Hall of Famer who was known for his quick and powerful punches. He held titles in four different weight classes, and is considered one of the greatest boxers of all time.

There is also the Duran Duran band. This popular 80s group is still going strong today, and has sold over 100 million records worldwide.

And finally, there is the late, great boxer, Carlos Duran. Duran was a five-time world champion who was known for his incredibly fast hands. He was tragically killed in a car accident in 2009.

So, as you can see, there are quite a few famous people with the last name Duran. If you're ever wondering if there are any more, just do a quick Google search!

Where Does The Last Name Duran Rank In The Most Common US Names?

The name Duran is not one of the most common US names, but it does rank in the top 1000. In fact, it is the 993rd most common name in the US. So, what is the most common US name? The name Smith is the most common US name, with over 1.5 million people in the US with that name. The name Johnson is the second most common US name, with over 1 million people in the US with that name. The name Williams is the third most common US name, with over 900,000 people in the US with that name.

List of People with the Last Name Duran

Anna DuranMary DuranPaul DuranJoe DuranFrank DuranLinda DuranJohn DuranMichelle DuranEdward DuranSandra DuranAnthony DuranMichael DuranTeresa DuranRaymond DuranMartha DuranMonica DuranGloria DuranChristina DuranRichard DuranJavier DuranChristopher DuranDiana DuranJuana DuranClaudia DuranAlex DuranMelissa DuranVictor DuranNancy DuranRosa DuranVeronica DuranA DuranM DuranJennifer DuranAlicia DuranDavid DuranAngela DuranFernando DuranManuel DuranRafael DuranJaime DuranJessica DuranJoseph DuranNorma DuranMaria DuranRuben DuranPatricia DuranJ DuranYolanda DuranLaura DuranAntonio DuranRicardo DuranMiguel DuranGabriel DuranElizabeth DuranSergio DuranJesus DuranBlanca DuranJames DuranJuan DuranEduardo DuranCarlos DuranCarmen DuranAlberto DuranSalvador DuranBrenda DuranWilliam DuranRaul DuranJulio DuranPedro DuranJorge DuranOscar DuranLisa DuranChris DuranArturo DuranStephanie DuranAna DuranCynthia DuranAlejandro DuranJose DuranMartin DuranHector DuranAngelica DuranMargarita DuranGuadalupe DuranLeticia DuranRamon DuranArmando DuranLuis DuranDaniel DuranAngel DuranAlma DuranMario DuranThomas DuranAlfredo DuranEnrique DuranFrancisco DuranLuz DuranRobert DuranGeorge DuranGerardo DuranCesar DuranRebecca DuranSilvia DuranMarco DuranGilbert DuranAdriana DuranPablo DuranIsabel DuranVictoria DuranVanessa DuranJesse DuranSylvia DuranSteven DuranAndrea DuranSusan DuranAdrian DuranMike DuranIrma DuranDolores DuranErnesto DuranRose DuranTony DuranEric DuranAndres DuranFelipe DuranSonia DuranRoberto DuranLouis DuranSarah DuranSamuel DuranCecilia DuranAndrew DuranAmanda DuranJoel DuranVirginia DuranMark DuranEdgar DuranBarbara DuranEddie DuranChristine DuranJonathan DuranErika DuranJosefina DuranJoshua DuranJulia DuranJulian DuranMarcos DuranSara DuranAlfonso DuranMargaret DuranHenry DuranRay DuranAlbert DuranOlga DuranCindy DuranCristina DuranKimberly DuranMatthew DuranSteve DuranLupe DuranEva DuranDeborah DuranGabriela DuranLorena DuranKaren DuranGuillermo DuranPeter DuranIrene DuranDora DuranCrystal DuranRonald DuranJuanita DuranChristian DuranRene DuranBenjamin DuranFelix DuranMayra DuranRamona DuranTheresa DuranNicole DuranRodolfo DuranErnest DuranCarol DuranFrancisca DuranMaribel DuranDenise DuranMercedes DuranRachel DuranEsther DuranErica DuranCharles DuranDebra DuranOmar DuranRaquel DuranGustavo DuranJulie DuranRuth DuranRudy DuranAshley DuranSusana DuranBertha DuranJacqueline DuranKarina DuranFrances DuranGilberto DuranNicholas DuranAlejandra DuranElena DuranAlexander DuranCarolina DuranJason DuranJohnny DuranRosario DuranBeatriz DuranRogelio DuranMiriam DuranAnita DuranAntonia DuranPaula DuranKevin DuranAmy DuranSamantha DuranKarla DuranOrlando DuranArthur DuranRocio DuranEvelyn DuranIvan DuranAlfred DuranLarry DuranSantos DuranConsuelo DuranIsmael DuranWendy DuranLourdes DuranAgustin DuranEfrain DuranJanet DuranGraciela DuranIsrael DuranRalph DuranJacob DuranLucia DuranDelia DuranOlivia DuranSantiago DuranDanielle DuranRita DuranJerry DuranAbel DuranVicente DuranMarina DuranYvonne DuranDanny DuranMaricela DuranJosephine DuranEsperanza DuranHelen DuranHugo DuranAlexis DuranDonna DuranAlice DuranDiego DuranElias DuranIgnacio DuranEsteban DuranYesenia DuranSaul DuranEdwin DuranHumberto DuranFred DuranNicolas DuranBrian DuranAaron DuranRamiro DuranLorenzo DuranJudith DuranJimmy DuranElsa DuranAlvaro DuranAdam DuranEsmeralda DuranIsaac DuranLeonardo DuranPhillip DuranElisa DuranMauricio DuranEmilio DuranWalter DuranFidel DuranDennis DuranEmma DuranRolando DuranNoe DuranJustin DuranMoises DuranRodrigo DuranPatrick DuranGregorio DuranBrandon Duran