How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Dwyer?

There are an estimated 89,000 people in the US with the last name Dwyer. That's a pretty small number compared to some of the other more common surnames like Smith or Johnson. But if you're one of the Dwyers out there, you probably know how to stick out from the crowd!The Dwyer name has Irish roots, and it is believed to have originated in the County of Galway. There are a few different theories about how the name came to be. One popular story is that it was derived from an ancient Irish word meaning "blacksmith". Another theory suggests that it may have been derived from the Gaelic word "dubh", which means "dark".

So if you're a Dwyer, you can be proud of your Irish heritage. And you can also take comfort in the fact that you share your name with some pretty impressive company. Some of the most well-known Dwyers include Irish author James Joyce, American actor Tom Hanks, and English singer Dusty Springfield.

So if you're looking for a unique and interesting name, the Dwyer surname might be a good choice. And if you're ever in the US and meet someone with that name, you can be sure that they'll be a kindred spirit!

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Dwyer?

The largest population of people with the last name Dwyer in the United States is in California. There are over 9,000 people with the last name Dwyer in California. The next largest population is in New York with over 7,000 people. There are also large populations of Dwyers in Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Dwyer?

Asking what the most uncommon name with the last name Dwyer is may seem like a strange question, but there are actually quite a few people out there who share this name. In fact, according to the 2010 U.S. Census, there are 8,521 people in America with the last name Dwyer. This may seem like a lot, but it's actually not the most common name out there.So, what are some of the most uncommon names with the last name Dwyer? Here are just a few examples:

1. Aiden Dwyer

2. Brooke Dwyer

3. Cameron Dwyer

4. Chase Dwyer

5. David Dwyer

6. Emily Dwyer

7. Garrett Dwyer

8. Harper Dwyer

9. Howard Dwyer

10. India Dwyer

List of People with the Last Name Dwyer

Patricia DwyerThomas DwyerMichael DwyerMary DwyerTimothy DwyerMargaret DwyerDavid DwyerElizabeth DwyerWilliam DwyerRobert DwyerEdward DwyerJames DwyerPatrick DwyerKathleen DwyerJ DwyerJohn DwyerRichard DwyerDaniel DwyerJoseph DwyerKevin DwyerBarbara DwyerJennifer DwyerSusan DwyerCatherine DwyerK DwyerCharles DwyerPaul DwyerS DwyerDonald DwyerSean DwyerBrian DwyerP DwyerMatthew DwyerAnn DwyerLinda DwyerChristopher DwyerFrancis DwyerKaren DwyerPat DwyerKelly DwyerHelen DwyerDennis DwyerChris DwyerLisa DwyerNancy DwyerKatherine DwyerMark DwyerErin DwyerMike DwyerMichelle DwyerDeborah DwyerChristine DwyerDorothy DwyerCarol DwyerJoan DwyerGeorge DwyerFrank DwyerSharon DwyerDonna DwyerKimberly DwyerDiane DwyerMaureen DwyerJoe DwyerAnna DwyerSarah DwyerAnne DwyerTom DwyerLaura DwyerMarie DwyerSteven DwyerStephen DwyerJulie DwyerG DwyerKim DwyerAmy DwyerColleen DwyerAndrew DwyerCynthia DwyerJane DwyerRuth DwyerJessica DwyerLawrence DwyerPamela DwyerPeter DwyerHeather DwyerJack DwyerMelissa DwyerSandra DwyerFrances DwyerAlice DwyerJudith DwyerRyan DwyerRaymond DwyerDenise DwyerScott DwyerKathryn DwyerEileen DwyerTerry DwyerStephanie DwyerJean DwyerShannon DwyerSteve DwyerKathy DwyerJeffrey DwyerGerald DwyerEmily DwyerAmanda DwyerVirginia DwyerEllen DwyerCheryl DwyerDebra DwyerBetty DwyerKenneth DwyerMegan DwyerRose DwyerMartha DwyerTheresa DwyerJanet DwyerCarolyn DwyerAngela DwyerAshley DwyerRebecca DwyerTeresa DwyerLarry DwyerMaria DwyerKatie DwyerRonald DwyerGrace DwyerMartin DwyerLauren DwyerChristina DwyerCindy DwyerPhilip DwyerWalter DwyerNicole DwyerGary DwyerEvelyn DwyerRachel DwyerDouglas DwyerAnthony DwyerDawn DwyerJason DwyerJulia DwyerBrenda DwyerDanielle DwyerJacqueline DwyerJosephine DwyerJudy DwyerSuzanne DwyerDiana DwyerJoanne DwyerShawn DwyerMarilyn DwyerNicholas DwyerEleanor DwyerRita DwyerSheila DwyerGregory DwyerConnie DwyerShirley DwyerKeith DwyerVincent DwyerMeghan DwyerSara DwyerLynn DwyerMarion DwyerBeverly DwyerJonathan DwyerLillian DwyerLori DwyerFlorence DwyerEugene DwyerMichele DwyerLouise DwyerMarjorie DwyerBrendan DwyerTracy DwyerBridget DwyerJeanne DwyerIrene DwyerJustin DwyerPaula DwyerJoyce DwyerElaine DwyerMolly DwyerRobin DwyerGertrude DwyerKristin DwyerArthur DwyerJamie DwyerTammy DwyerWayne DwyerJanice DwyerJoshua DwyerPhyllis DwyerCaroline DwyerDoris DwyerAmber DwyerLoretta DwyerKristen DwyerCourtney DwyerEric DwyerAndrea DwyerJill DwyerAgnes DwyerSally DwyerMildred DwyerHarold DwyerGail DwyerLeo DwyerTina DwyerBonnie DwyerJerry DwyerTara DwyerRosemary DwyerVictoria DwyerCraig DwyerPauline DwyerClaire DwyerLaurie DwyerTodd DwyerSamantha DwyerLeslie DwyerCasey DwyerPeggy DwyerRenee DwyerJacob DwyerLorraine DwyerAlbert DwyerVeronica DwyerPhillip DwyerCarrie DwyerDolores DwyerDana DwyerEdna DwyerEmma DwyerWendy DwyerCaitlin DwyerJeremy DwyerLois DwyerRoy DwyerZachary DwyerKerry DwyerBenjamin DwyerBrittany DwyerYvonne DwyerAdam DwyerBernard DwyerRoberta DwyerCharlotte DwyerRoger DwyerAnita DwyerAudrey DwyerHarry DwyerHerbert DwyerHenry DwyerHolly DwyerBryan DwyerCrystal DwyerEthel DwyerBrandon DwyerEva DwyerDylan DwyerSamuel DwyerTerrence DwyerAustin DwyerDarlene DwyerRussell DwyerJune DwyerMaurice DwyerNora DwyerGloria DwyerEdmund DwyerNathan DwyerArlene DwyerShane DwyerGerard DwyerMarcia DwyerAlexander DwyerClarence DwyerBruce DwyerHannah DwyerBarry DwyerKyle DwyerNellie DwyerEsther DwyerMarguerite DwyerCarl DwyerNorma DwyerEdith DwyerRalph DwyerLeonard DwyerFrederick DwyerCornelius DwyerDerek DwyerTaylor DwyerAlan DwyerEdwin DwyerBeatrice DwyerEarl Dwyer