Historical Information About The Last Name Edward

The last name Edward has a long and interesting history. The name is derived from the Old English name Eadweard, which means "rich guard". The name was popularized by the English King Edward the Confessor, who ruled from 1042-1066. The name Edward was also popularized by the American president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was named after the English king.The name Edward is also associated with a number of notable historical figures. For example, Edward the Black Prince was a famous English military leader and Edward VIII was the King of England who abdicated the throne to marry Wallis Simpson.

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The Popularity Of Edward As The Last Name

Did you know that Edward is the most popular name in the world? It's true! In fact, the name Edward is so popular that it is often used as a last name as well. There are many famous people who have chosen Edward as their last name, including Edward Norton, Edward Snowden, and Edward Cullen.So why is the name Edward so popular? There are many theories floating around, but no one really knows for sure. Some people believe that the name Edward is popular because it is associated with royalty. After all, Edward the Confessor was a king in medieval England, and Edward VIII was the King of England who abdicated the throne in 1936. Other people believe that the name Edward is popular because it is a strong and masculine name.

Whatever the reason may be, there is no doubt that the name Edward is popular around the world. If you are looking for a strong and unique name for your child, then you should definitely consider naming them Edward.

Naming Ideas With Edward As The Last Name

With a last name like Edward, you can pretty much name your child anything you want and it will sound great. Here are a few names that you might want to consider if you are thinking about naming your child Edward.1. Edward

2. Edwin

3. Eliot

4. Emerson

5. Eric

6. Esme

7. Estelle

8. Everett

9. Evelyn

10. Ezra

List of People with the Last Name Edward

L EdwardW EdwardJones EdwardCharles EdwardRobert EdwardM EdwardWilliam EdwardEdward EdwardC EdwardF EdwardMary EdwardA EdwardJohn EdwardDavid EdwardJames EdwardMichael EdwardR EdwardJ EdwardThomas EdwardD EdwardH EdwardE EdwardG EdwardS EdwardJoseph EdwardP EdwardRichard EdwardT EdwardMark EdwardB EdwardGeorge EdwardPaul EdwardDonald EdwardLinda EdwardK EdwardPatricia EdwardWillie EdwardRonald EdwardKenneth EdwardAnthony EdwardLee EdwardChristopher EdwardScott EdwardLarry EdwardJason EdwardSusan EdwardDaniel EdwardElizabeth EdwardBrian EdwardFrank EdwardLisa EdwardBarbara EdwardGary EdwardSharon EdwardTiffany EdwardKevin EdwardJean EdwardMichelle EdwardJennifer EdwardKaren EdwardN EdwardSteven EdwardTerry EdwardO EdwardV EdwardBetty EdwardBruce EdwardCarl EdwardShirley EdwardKeith EdwardCarolyn EdwardTimothy EdwardKimberly EdwardAngela EdwardDebra EdwardSandra EdwardCynthia EdwardJoe EdwardChris EdwardBrenda EdwardDouglas EdwardEddie EdwardLawrence EdwardMarie EdwardNancy EdwardDonna EdwardDennis EdwardRaymond EdwardRose EdwardGloria EdwardStephen EdwardMargaret EdwardDeborah EdwardJoyce EdwardPamela EdwardCarol EdwardRalph EdwardDorothy EdwardWalter EdwardRoy EdwardEric EdwardJack EdwardRay EdwardHenry EdwardHarold EdwardKim EdwardPatrick EdwardAllen EdwardJerry EdwardWayne EdwardJacqueline EdwardRuth EdwardGregory EdwardDoris EdwardClarence EdwardJeffrey EdwardLouis EdwardDiane EdwardJanet EdwardKathy EdwardHoward EdwardJonathan EdwardBobby EdwardArthur EdwardMartha EdwardTina EdwardJanice EdwardTony EdwardNicole EdwardKelly EdwardAlbert EdwardGerald EdwardAnn EdwardPhillip EdwardJoan EdwardHelen EdwardTammy EdwardRebecca EdwardBilly EdwardJudy EdwardTracy EdwardStephanie EdwardSamuel EdwardAndrew EdwardBeverly EdwardDenise EdwardJessica EdwardMelvin EdwardLeroy EdwardJulie EdwardSteve EdwardRenee EdwardVincent EdwardAnnie EdwardEugene EdwardKathleen EdwardWilliams EdwardRuby EdwardCatherine EdwardLeslie EdwardHarry EdwardSarah EdwardErnest EdwardMaria EdwardJane EdwardAlice EdwardEarl EdwardAnna EdwardCurtis EdwardSherry EdwardKatherine EdwardMarcus EdwardPeter EdwardRobin EdwardChristine EdwardDon EdwardBill EdwardLewis EdwardGlenn EdwardDale EdwardI EdwardJustin EdwardMartin EdwardRandy EdwardCalvin EdwardRussell EdwardAlan EdwardMatthew EdwardFred EdwardStanley EdwardJudith EdwardAnne EdwardAlexander EdwardJerome EdwardBryan EdwardBarry EdwardMike EdwardCarrie EdwardRachel EdwardJessie EdwardRoger EdwardJeff EdwardEvelyn EdwardSmith EdwardValerie EdwardJohnson EdwardRicky EdwardRyan EdwardDean EdwardPaula EdwardCraig EdwardAnita EdwardJay EdwardJimmy EdwardJamie EdwardShawn EdwardAshley EdwardTheresa EdwardJesse EdwardAlfred EdwardChristina EdwardRon EdwardJim EdwardEthel EdwardFranklin EdwardVeronica EdwardGreg EdwardJoshua EdwardTom EdwardMarvin EdwardLeonard EdwardBen EdwardFrancis EdwardDana EdwardDarrell EdwardLeon EdwardNorman EdwardAlex EdwardCharlie EdwardVictoria EdwardPhilip EdwardJulia EdwardTommy EdwardDanny EdwardMattie EdwardLynn EdwardEva EdwardRegina EdwardJacob EdwardSam EdwardArnold EdwardLouise EdwardDwayne EdwardLeo EdwardBrown EdwardVictor EdwardBernard EdwardSean EdwardTyrone EdwardBradley EdwardMicheal EdwardPerry EdwardVan EdwardDavis EdwardPhil EdwardEsther EdwardNicholas EdwardRoss EdwardMc EdwardMilton EdwardOscar EdwardNatalie EdwardTaylor EdwardCarlton EdwardWilson EdwardIan EdwardBenjamin EdwardClark EdwardSamantha EdwardJackson EdwardRoland EdwardMorris EdwardZ EdwardNelson EdwardLucy EdwardVernon EdwardMonique EdwardVantrece EdwardGrant EdwardMiller EdwardOliver EdwardCarlos EdwardLuke EdwardMitchell EdwardMorgan EdwardColin EdwardConnor EdwardPrince EdwardWaters EdwardBrien Edward