How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name Egan?

The name "Egan" appears quite infrequently in the United States, with only 7,250 people sharing this last name. This means that if you are one of the lucky few with the last name Egan, you are part of an exclusive group!Interestingly, the name Egan appears to be more common in Ireland than it is in the United States. This may be due, in part, to the fact that Egan is the anglicized form of the Irish name "O'Eagain," which means "descendant of Egan."

If you are one of the 7,250 people in the United States with the last name Egan, you are in good company! This name has been shared by a number of notable Americans, including:

-Ed Egan, a Broadway and television actor

-Mike Egan, a professional poker player

-Tom Egan, a Canadian journalist and writer

-John Egan, an American football player

So what does it mean to have the last name Egan? If you are wondering this, you are not alone! In fact, there is no one definitive answer to this question. Some people believe that the name Egan is derived from the Gaelic word "eag" meaning "hawk," while others believe that it is derived from the Welsh word "egain" meaning "young."

Whatever the case may be, the last name Egan is definitely unique and has a lot of history behind it! If you are curious to learn more about this name, be sure to check out the websites for the Surname Database and the Egan Clan.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name Egan?

The United States is a country with over 300 million people and over 2,000 surnames. So it's no surprise that one of those surnames appears more often than others. But which state has the largest population of people with the last name Egan?According to the 2000 Census, the state with the largest population of people with the last name Egan is California. There were over 16,000 people in California with the last name Egan. The second most Egan-dense state was New York, with over 9,000 people with the last name Egan.

So if you're looking to meet people with the last name Egan, California or New York are the states to head to!

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name Egan?

Uncommon names are always a point of interest, and when one of those names is combined with the last name Egan, it becomes even more fascinating. So, what are the most uncommon names with the last name Egan?There are actually quite a few interesting names that fall into this category. For example, there is Adalyn, which is quite rare as a first name. Aderyn is another uncommon name that is similar. Both of these names are Welsh in origin.

Another uncommon name with the last name Egan is Maddalyn. This name is of Italian origin. It is a variant of the name Maddalena. There is also the name Jadyn, which is of English origin. This name is a variant of the name Jade.

There are also some names that are more common, but are still uncommon when combined with the last name Egan. For example, the name McKenna is quite popular, but is still not as common as some of the other names on this list.

So, if you are looking for an interesting and unique name for your child, why not consider one of the names on this list? They are all beautiful and uncommon, and they will definitely stand out from the crowd.

List of People with the Last Name Egan

Kathleen EganMargaret EganMary EganPatricia EganWilliam EganThomas EganJames EganElizabeth EganEdward EganJoseph EganPatrick EganJohn EganRobert EganMichael EganRichard EganM EganJ EganDaniel EganDavid EganD EganSusan EganBrian EganR EganTimothy EganCatherine EganKevin EganJennifer EganAnn EganK EganChristopher EganS EganBarbara EganSean EganHelen EganCharles EganMatthew EganKaren EganKelly EganChris EganMichelle EganLisa EganPat EganLinda EganKatherine EganE EganPaul EganFrancis EganGeorge EganCarol EganNancy EganChristine EganMark EganDonald EganB EganTim EganDorothy EganMike EganLaura EganFrank EganAnne EganDeborah EganMaureen EganJoe EganDennis EganKimberly EganPeter EganErin EganJanet EganRyan EganDonna EganSarah EganJoan EganMartin EganAnna EganDan EganMarie EganRose EganKathryn EganEileen EganAndrew EganRaymond EganMelissa EganTheresa EganColleen EganJessica EganDiane EganPamela EganVirginia EganJack EganSharon EganEmily EganKathy EganShannon EganJulie EganKenneth EganCynthia EganSandra EganJudith EganTom EganJean EganKim EganAlice EganStephanie EganChristina EganJane EganFrances EganAmanda EganBetty EganRuth EganAmy EganLawrence EganDebra EganSteven EganCarolyn EganAshley EganTeresa EganGerald EganScott EganHeather EganRebecca EganJacqueline EganTerry EganDenise EganEllen EganLori EganCheryl EganJeffrey EganGary EganStephen EganSara EganMartha EganSuzanne EganNicole EganFlorence EganLynn EganBrendan EganJulia EganAngela EganMichele EganAnthony EganBeth EganEleanor EganRonald EganTracy EganEugene EganMaria EganCathy EganNicholas EganEric EganJoyce EganGregory EganJason EganKatie EganLouise EganShirley EganLauren EganIrene EganRita EganJudy EganJoanne EganWalter EganEvelyn EganLeo EganHenry EganRachel EganCindy EganBernard EganHarold EganJoshua EganVincent EganJanice EganDanielle EganVictoria EganHarry EganKristen EganGerard EganMarion EganJamie EganTammy EganKristin EganKyle EganMolly EganBrenda EganAndrea EganJeanne EganTara EganGrace EganBridget EganPeggy EganDoris EganMarilyn EganRosemary EganSheila EganJill EganGail EganArthur EganBonnie EganDouglas EganShawn EganPhyllis EganJonathan EganJosephine EganCaroline EganGloria EganLillian EganDawn EganPhilip EganJustin EganAllison EganKeith EganRoger EganLoretta EganPaula EganMaurice EganGeraldine EganMegan EganJoann EganElaine EganClaire EganSally EganLeslie EganMarjorie EganJeanette EganLorraine EganLois EganAgnes EganConnie EganSamantha EganRobin EganBryan EganBenjamin EganShane EganDiana EganMildred EganCasey EganGertrude EganBrittany EganPhillip EganAlbert EganEthel EganJerry EganAlexander EganJay EganAmber EganKerry EganBrandon EganLee EganJune EganDolores EganMonica EganNora EganEdna EganTiffany EganVeronica EganBeverly EganLaurie EganPauline EganMarianne EganHolly EganZachary EganLucille EganCaitlin EganCraig EganEdith EganRussell EganDarlene EganEsther EganFrederick EganEmma EganHoward EganMadeline EganJordan EganNeil EganMaura EganJacob EganLiam EganCourtney EganTyler EganBeatrice EganEarl EganValerie EganConnor EganJeremy EganGladys EganElsie EganArlene EganCody EganNorma EganAudrey EganJesse EganRoy EganTodd EganClara EganColin EganTerence EganHazel EganJerome EganBruce EganMarguerite EganLeonard Egan