What Is The History Of The Last Name Elias?

The history of the last name Elias is a bit of a mystery. The first recorded instance of the name was in the United States in 1881. However, it is believed that the name is of Arabic origin, and may have been brought to the United States by immigrants from the Middle East.The name Elias is derived from the Arabic name Eliyya, which means "God is my helper." It is possible that the name was brought to the United States by immigrants from the Middle East, as the Arabic population in the United States has grown in recent years.

Whatever the origin of the name, it is clear that it is gaining in popularity. In the United States, the name was ranked the 1,358th most popular name in 2016. This is a significant jump from the rank of 4,714th in 1997.

If you are looking for a unique name for your child, Elias may be a good option. The name has a strong meaning, and is gaining in popularity.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Elias?

Are there any famous people in history with the last name Elias?Many people assume that there are no famous people with the last name Elias. However, this is not actually true. There are a few famous people with the last name Elias.

One famous person with the last name Elias is an American basketball coach. He is currently the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. He has previously coached the Atlanta Hawks, the Golden State Warriors, and the New Orleans Pelicans.

Another famous person with the last name Elias is an American businessman. He is the co-founder and CEO of the software company Salesforce. He is also the co-founder of the charity foundation the Giving Pledge.

There are also a few famous people with the last name Elias who are not American. One such person is a German author. She is the author of the book “The Diary of a Young Girl”, which is based on her experiences during the Holocaust.

So, yes, there are a few famous people with the last name Elias. If you are looking for someone with this last name, you can start your search with these individuals.

Where Does The Last Name Elias Rank In The Most Common US Names?

The last name Elias ranks as the 1,619th most common US name according to the Social Security Administration (SSA). In terms of popularity, it falls just below the name Bryant and just above the name Cameron.Interestingly, the name Elias has its roots in both Hebrew and Arabic. In Hebrew, the name means "My God is salvation," while in Arabic, it means "The Lord is my God."

What's even more interesting is that the name Elias is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. In fact, its popularity has increased by over 700% in the past decade!

So, where does the last name Elias rank in the most common US names? Well, it's not at the top, but it's definitely becoming more popular each and every year.

List of People with the Last Name Elias

John EliasMary EliasMaria EliasMichael EliasDavid EliasJose EliasGeorge EliasJoseph EliasJuan EliasRobert EliasJames EliasRichard EliasCarlos EliasAna EliasWilliam EliasElizabeth EliasDaniel EliasPatricia EliasLuis EliasJennifer EliasJorge EliasMiguel EliasJesus EliasManuel EliasA EliasAnthony EliasSandra EliasR EliasRosa EliasS EliasAntonio EliasFrancisco EliasAnna EliasThomas EliasEdward EliasVictor EliasSusan EliasLinda EliasL EliasMartha EliasJoe EliasCarmen EliasOscar EliasGloria EliasVeronica EliasCharles EliasLisa EliasMario EliasJessica EliasRicardo EliasLouis EliasLaura EliasPedro EliasMargaret EliasSteven EliasPaul EliasBarbara EliasRoberto EliasFrank EliasChris EliasRafael EliasNancy EliasCynthia EliasChristopher EliasMark EliasMelissa EliasMichelle EliasElias EliasKaren EliasSarah EliasTeresa EliasPeter EliasSteve EliasMike EliasClaudia EliasAndrew EliasChristina EliasMarie EliasChristine EliasGuadalupe EliasJavier EliasJonathan EliasStephanie EliasRamon EliasMonica EliasMartin EliasDeborah EliasRebecca EliasRose EliasDiana EliasAlbert EliasEric EliasJacqueline EliasGabriel EliasAnn EliasHector EliasEduardo EliasCarol EliasSamuel EliasJaime EliasRaymond EliasSergio EliasAlma EliasRuth EliasMatthew EliasSam EliasBenjamin EliasAlejandro EliasAlex EliasNorma EliasStephen EliasAngela EliasMargarita EliasBrenda EliasSara EliasBetty EliasArmando EliasJulio EliasH EliasVictoria EliasLeticia EliasBlanca EliasJason EliasKimberly EliasAlicia EliasAmy EliasJanet EliasArturo EliasMarco EliasSonia EliasRachel EliasFred EliasRuben EliasAlfredo EliasAlberto EliasIrene EliasKatherine EliasSharon EliasJuana EliasEsther EliasFernando EliasAngel EliasHelen EliasRaul EliasHenry EliasCecilia EliasBrian EliasNicholas EliasJulie EliasVirginia EliasBrandon EliasSilvia EliasJack EliasJudith EliasDenise EliasKathleen EliasAlexander EliasSylvia EliasAngelica EliasAndrea EliasCesar EliasGabriela EliasSalvador EliasKenneth EliasEva EliasJacob EliasVanessa EliasCatherine EliasNicole EliasDonald EliasDolores EliasGuillermo EliasKarla EliasDorothy EliasJeffrey EliasAmanda EliasTony EliasYolanda EliasIsabel EliasEnrique EliasErika EliasDonna EliasJoan EliasJulia EliasOlga EliasJosephine EliasBertha EliasDiane EliasErnesto EliasFrances EliasArthur EliasAshley EliasRonald EliasSantiago EliasSamantha EliasMiriam EliasGary EliasAbraham EliasKathy EliasAlice EliasHugo EliasErica EliasWalter EliasChristian EliasEdgar EliasHeather EliasLillian EliasCarolyn EliasFrancisca EliasPablo EliasPamela EliasAnne EliasGerardo EliasJoshua EliasIrma EliasAdam EliasRita EliasTheresa EliasEdwin EliasDebra EliasKevin EliasElsa EliasJean EliasMarta EliasEmily EliasLourdes EliasRene EliasLuz EliasFelipe EliasMayra EliasRodolfo EliasJoel EliasRenee EliasKathryn EliasJulian EliasBeatriz EliasMohammed EliasPaula EliasFelix EliasAndres EliasAdriana EliasScott EliasJane EliasKelly EliasHarry EliasElisa EliasMercedes EliasDora EliasEvelyn EliasDanielle EliasDoris EliasNatalie EliasRudy EliasNora EliasAlexandra EliasJanice EliasMarilyn EliasJohnny EliasFrederick EliasEliseo EliasSamir EliasAlexis EliasPatrick EliasAlvaro EliasEdith EliasLauren EliasOmar EliasRaquel EliasValerie EliasGilbert EliasMarlene EliasIvan EliasGustavo EliasNathan EliasAlfred EliasPhilip EliasAdrian EliasRyan EliasIsaac EliasErnest EliasTimothy EliasMarcus EliasJoyce EliasEllen EliasMarc EliasMarcos EliasRogelio EliasJesse EliasAlan EliasSimon EliasGregory EliasEleanor EliasVicente EliasTheodore EliasDennis EliasLeonardo EliasNelson EliasEfrain EliasJustin EliasAaron Elias