How Many People Are There In The US With The Last Name English?

There are an estimated 2.3 million people in the United States with the last name English. That's a lot of people! But where did the name come from?The English surname is derived from the given name English, which was derived from the Old English name Englisc. Englisc was the name of the Old English language, which was spoken in England before the Norman Conquest. The name English was first used as a surname in the 12th century, when it was used by people who spoke English as their first language.

The English surname is extremely common in the United States. In fact, it is the 10th most common surname in the country. It is most common in the states of Texas, California, and New York.

So, how many people in the United States have the last name English? There are approximately 2.3 million people, making it the 10th most common surname in the country.

Which State In The US Has The Largest Population With The Last Name English?

There are a few different ways to answer this question, but we'll just focus on the states with the largest populations of people with the last name "English."According to the 2010 US Census, the state with the largest population of English-surnamed people is California, with over 278,000 people. Texas comes in second, with over 172,000 English-surnamed people, and Florida is in third place, with over 116,000.

So if you're looking to connect with other English-surnamed people, California, Texas, and Florida are the places to be!

What Are The Most Uncommon Names With The Last Name English?

There are many uncommon names with the last name English. But what are the most uncommon?Here are six of the most uncommon names with the last name English:

1. Grendel

This name is taken from the famous epic poem, Beowulf. Grendel was the monster who terrorized the people of the kingdom.

2. Puck

This is another name from Beowulf. Puck was a mischievous fairy who caused a lot of trouble for the people of the kingdom.

3. Thor

Thor was the Norse god of thunder.

4. Bodkin

This is an old English word meaning a dagger or a small sword.

5. Woden

Woden was the Norse god of the dead.

6. Merry

This is an old English word meaning happy or pleasing.

These are just a few of the most uncommon names with the last name English. If you are looking for an uncommon name, these might be a good place to start.

List of People with the Last Name English

L EnglishS EnglishJohn EnglishJ EnglishDon EnglishKim EnglishSteve EnglishBill EnglishTom EnglishAshley EnglishArthur EnglishElizabeth EnglishDeborah EnglishHeather EnglishA EnglishCindy EnglishJamie EnglishKevin EnglishNancy EnglishRuth EnglishTammy EnglishMichael EnglishDorothy EnglishSandra EnglishRobert EnglishJoyce EnglishChristine EnglishMichelle EnglishRichard EnglishJoseph EnglishMargaret EnglishJacqueline EnglishJanet EnglishJean EnglishSarah EnglishCarol EnglishDonald EnglishKathleen EnglishMary EnglishCarolyn EnglishAmanda EnglishPatricia EnglishGregory EnglishMegan EnglishTeresa EnglishAndrea EnglishMelissa EnglishChristina EnglishMarie EnglishJeffrey EnglishWilliam EnglishSamuel EnglishJanice EnglishBarbara EnglishR EnglishChristopher EnglishAnthony EnglishGary EnglishCharles EnglishJoan EnglishStephanie EnglishBrenda EnglishConnie EnglishDonna EnglishSally EnglishBetty EnglishLarry EnglishVirginia EnglishDiane EnglishPamela EnglishPatrick EnglishRyan EnglishJason EnglishJennifer EnglishDavid EnglishLaura EnglishSteven EnglishRonald EnglishJames EnglishAnn EnglishCatherine EnglishNicole EnglishJessica EnglishKaren EnglishShirley EnglishBrian EnglishRebecca EnglishAlice EnglishHelen EnglishFrank EnglishMark EnglishGeorge EnglishTheresa EnglishTerry EnglishEdward EnglishRose EnglishKathy EnglishJack EnglishStephen EnglishWillie EnglishTony EnglishAlbert EnglishAndrew EnglishAngela EnglishCheryl EnglishEric EnglishAdam EnglishLynn EnglishKatherine EnglishJoe EnglishLawrence EnglishJoshua EnglishFrances EnglishDenise EnglishThomas EnglishKelly EnglishChris EnglishShawn EnglishJerry EnglishAnna EnglishRaymond EnglishBobby EnglishMatthew EnglishLisa EnglishJudy EnglishKenneth EnglishCynthia EnglishPaula EnglishLinda EnglishPhillip EnglishJimmy EnglishTimothy EnglishKimberly EnglishJulie EnglishPaul EnglishMike EnglishDaniel EnglishAmy EnglishSusan EnglishScott EnglishSharon EnglishDebra EnglishWalter EnglishHenry EnglishHarold EnglishCourtney EnglishMartha EnglishDarlene EnglishTracy EnglishSara EnglishValerie EnglishDawn EnglishJohnny EnglishSamantha EnglishDanny EnglishRobin EnglishJane EnglishBeverly EnglishBrandon EnglishMarcus EnglishRay EnglishAnne EnglishDennis EnglishMildred EnglishJudith EnglishEllen EnglishJay EnglishRhonda EnglishShannon EnglishLori EnglishEvelyn EnglishMaria EnglishErin EnglishDanielle EnglishJonathan EnglishDoris EnglishLee EnglishTyler EnglishCrystal EnglishAnnie EnglishTina EnglishTiffany EnglishCharlotte EnglishEleanor EnglishCarl EnglishKeith EnglishIrene EnglishEmma EnglishBilly EnglishKathryn EnglishTonya EnglishVictoria EnglishEmily EnglishBonnie EnglishRuby EnglishRoy EnglishClarence EnglishDouglas EnglishCalvin EnglishJessie EnglishYolanda EnglishBernice EnglishLouise EnglishBrittany EnglishDale EnglishStacey EnglishMarjorie EnglishLeroy EnglishRachel EnglishCharlie EnglishSherry EnglishSean EnglishGrace EnglishSheila EnglishErnest EnglishClaude EnglishFred EnglishNathan EnglishHarry EnglishWayne EnglishChad EnglishEugene EnglishPeter EnglishJoel EnglishAlfred EnglishLauren EnglishAmber EnglishNicholas EnglishCarrie EnglishLois EnglishGloria EnglishRodney EnglishGerald EnglishLeslie EnglishAnnette EnglishMarvin EnglishBenjamin EnglishPhilip EnglishFrancis EnglishEddie EnglishJustin EnglishWanda EnglishEarl EnglishRussell EnglishWendy EnglishCurtis EnglishBernard EnglishAnita EnglishJesse EnglishGail EnglishDiana EnglishAlan EnglishMarilyn EnglishDana EnglishCraig EnglishElaine EnglishPeggy EnglishAllen EnglishRandy EnglishEdith EnglishNorma EnglishJulia EnglishTommy EnglishAaron EnglishRoger EnglishBruce EnglishJeremy EnglishBessie EnglishJune EnglishEdna EnglishKyle EnglishPhyllis EnglishGlenn EnglishAustin EnglishBryan EnglishEthel EnglishClifford EnglishMelanie EnglishMarion EnglishTaylor EnglishDerrick EnglishJacob EnglishWarren EnglishLloyd EnglishMelvin EnglishFlorence EnglishAlexander EnglishLouis EnglishFloyd EnglishBertha EnglishRalph EnglishEva EnglishHoward EnglishLillian EnglishTravis EnglishRicky EnglishJuanita EnglishTodd EnglishLucille EnglishNorman English