What Is The History Of The Last Name Epps?

There are many different theories about the origin of the last name Epps. One theory is that the name is derived from the Old English word "eppe," which means "clearing in the forest." Another theory is that the name is derived from the French word "epes," which means "horse."The first known person with the last name Epps was Nicholas Epps, who was born in England in 1592. He immigrated to the United States in 1635 and settled in Virginia. Some of the earliest settlers in the United States with the last name Epps were Abraham Epps, who settled in Virginia in 1635, and John Epps, who settled in Virginia in 1638.

The Epps family played a significant role in the history of the United States. Several members of the family served in the military during the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. Others were involved in politics and government.

The Epps family has also produced many notable athletes, including Olympic gold medalists and professional athletes.

The history of the last name Epps is fascinating and full of interesting stories and characters. If you are interested in learning more about the Epps family, there are several books and websites that you can explore.

Are There Any Famous People In History With The Last Name Epps?

There are a number of famous people in history with the last name Epps. One such person is abolitionist and social reformer William Lloyd Garrison. Garrison was born in 1805 and became involved in the abolitionist movement in 1831. He founded the abolitionist journal The Liberator and is credited with helping to bring about the end of slavery in the United States.Another famous person with the last name Epps is jazz trumpeter, singer, and composer Louis Armstrong. Armstrong was born in 1901 and is considered one of the most influential figures in jazz history. He is credited with helping to popularize jazz music around the world and was inducted into the Jazz Hall of Fame in 1972.

There are also a number of notable athletes with the last name Epps. One such athlete is track and field star Allyson Felix. Felix is a six-time Olympic gold medalist and was the most decorated athlete at the 2016 Olympic Games. She is also the current world record holder in the 400-meter dash.

So what is the significance of the last name Epps? Why do so many famous people have it? The answer is not entirely clear, but it is likely that there are a number of factors at play. One possibility is that the name is relatively rare, which could make it more memorable or distinctive. It is also possible that the name has been passed down through generations of successful people, or that it is simply a coincidence.

Whatever the reason, the fact remains that there are a number of highly successful people with the last name Epps. If you are looking to follow in their footsteps, then start by doing your research and setting your goals high. The sky is the limit!

Where Does The Last Name Epps Rank In The Most Common US Names?

When it comes to the most common US names, the name Epps ranks pretty high up on the list. In fact, it is the 242nd most common name in the US. But where does the last name Epps rank when it comes to all the names in the US?Interestingly, the name Epps ranks as the 9,023rd most common name in the US. This means that out of the over 323 million people living in the US, there are only around 9,000 people who have the last name Epps. So if you are thinking about naming your child Epps, you can be pretty sure that your child won't be one of the most common names in the US.

But what about other countries? How does the name Epps rank in other parts of the world?

Interestingly, the name Epps ranks as the 5,822nd most common name in the UK. This means that out of the nearly 66 million people living in the UK, there are only around 5,800 people who have the last name Epps.

So if you are looking for a unique name for your child, the name Epps is a great option. And you can be sure that your child won't have to share their name with too many other people.

List of People with the Last Name Epps

Robert EppsJohn EppsMary EppsWilliam EppsJames EppsMichael EppsCharles EppsJ EppsDavid EppsRichard EppsC EppsM EppsThomas EppsWillie EppsBarbara EppsPatricia EppsS EppsGeorge EppsLinda EppsR EppsJoseph EppsElizabeth EppsChristopher EppsAnthony EppsMichelle EppsRonald EppsA EppsSandra EppsEdward EppsSharon EppsDonna EppsKenneth EppsKevin EppsDorothy EppsLisa EppsKimberly EppsDonald EppsLarry EppsB EppsCynthia EppsAngela EppsJennifer EppsSteven EppsDaniel EppsBrenda EppsPamela EppsShirley EppsBetty EppsChris EppsW EppsDeborah EppsAnnie EppsSamuel EppsCarolyn EppsStephanie EppsMargaret EppsDenise EppsSusan EppsAshley EppsDebra EppsCheryl EppsJoe EppsBrian EppsKaren EppsHelen EppsJoyce EppsNicole EppsTeresa EppsLawrence EppsTerry EppsDiane EppsG EppsHenry EppsJessica EppsSarah EppsVirginia EppsEric EppsCatherine EppsMelissa EppsJoshua EppsJacqueline EppsMark EppsWayne EppsRaymond EppsGregory EppsRuth EppsJason EppsTiffany EppsGloria EppsKim EppsLee EppsClarence EppsPaul EppsAndrea EppsFrances EppsDoris EppsTracy EppsFrank EppsMarie EppsTimothy EppsWanda EppsJanice EppsEvelyn EppsTony EppsTina EppsEddie EppsCarol EppsCrystal EppsKatherine EppsCarl EppsBrittany EppsAmanda EppsNancy EppsLaura EppsWalter EppsArthur EppsReginald EppsAndre EppsChristine EppsJonathan EppsDennis EppsJean EppsMatthew EppsJessie EppsLouise EppsBeverly EppsGary EppsErica EppsHarold EppsCurtis EppsJeffrey EppsSheila EppsJohnny EppsRobin EppsShannon EppsRebecca EppsAndrew EppsErnest EppsBilly EppsRuby EppsBrandon EppsValerie EppsStephen EppsRoy EppsTonya EppsKeith EppsAlice EppsTheresa EppsJimmy EppsKelly EppsCalvin EppsRachel EppsLillie EppsMartha EppsCourtney EppsLeslie EppsRegina EppsRose EppsAnn EppsRodney EppsTammy EppsJulie EppsAlbert EppsBobby EppsHarry EppsAmy EppsRoger EppsKathy EppsThelma EppsAaron EppsYolanda EppsRenee EppsLillian EppsMaria EppsVictoria EppsShawn EppsYvonne EppsJustin EppsAnna EppsSherry EppsRicky EppsTanya EppsGwendolyn EppsJudy EppsChristina EppsJesse EppsLouis EppsRosa EppsPhyllis EppsMarvin EppsJerry EppsEmma EppsJuanita EppsStacy EppsAntonio EppsRhonda EppsJasmine EppsMichele EppsMildred EppsJohnnie EppsSam EppsJanet EppsLois EppsDouglas EppsCharlie EppsCarrie EppsMarion EppsEarl EppsAlicia EppsClara EppsCharlene EppsScott EppsDanielle EppsMarcus EppsDelores EppsDarlene EppsLeroy EppsRonnie EppsGladys EppsDawn EppsMelvin EppsNathaniel EppsMonica EppsPhillip EppsFred EppsLeonard EppsTerri EppsAlfred EppsBryan EppsJerome EppsTravis EppsJulia EppsEugene EppsVanessa EppsBonnie EppsLeon EppsAllen EppsGeraldine EppsAlexis EppsDanny EppsConnie EppsIda EppsKatie EppsLucille EppsDarryl EppsHoward EppsAmber EppsEdith EppsFloyd EppsJeremy EppsKathryn EppsHeather EppsDerrick EppsEthel EppsBruce EppsDana EppsFlorence EppsMattie EppsBertha EppsPatrick EppsGerald EppsPearl EppsMaggie EppsMaurice EppsBernice EppsSean EppsHazel EppsBessie EppsMarjorie EppsBernard EppsMarilyn EppsVivian EppsVictor EppsDarrell EppsAdrian EppsClyde EppsBenjamin EppsEva EppsSterling EppsIsaac EppsRussell EppsCorey EppsElla EppsRyan EppsMonique EppsZachary EppsSylvia EppsLorenzo EppsWesley EppsAlma EppsHerbert EppsJimmie EppsElijah EppsEdna EppsFreddie EppsAlvin EppsDarnell EppsHerman EppsHattie EppsApril Epps